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Ceremony by The Cult [1991] [album editions]

Ceremony (The Cult)

Track listing

2Wild Hearted Son
3Earth Mofo
6Full Tilt
7Heart Of Soul
8Bangkok Rain
10Sweet Salvation

The Cult albums

1Beyond Good and Evil[ 2001 ]
2Born into This[ 2007 ]
3Ceremony[ 1991 ]
4Choice of Weapon[ 2012 ]
5Dreamtime[ 1984 ]
6Electric[ 1987 ]
7Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
8Hidden City[ 2016 ]
9Love[ 1985 ]
10Small Soldiers (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
11Sonic Temple[ 1989 ]
12The Cult[ 1994 ]
1Beyond Good and Evil (The Cult)
2Born into This (The Cult)
3Ceremony (The Cult)
4Choice of Weapon (The Cult)
5Dreamtime (The Cult)
6Electric (The Cult)
7Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Hidden City (The Cult)
9Love (The Cult)
10Small Soldiers (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
11Sonic Temple (The Cult)
12The Cult (The Cult)

The Cult songs

1(Here Comes The) Rain [from the "Love"]06:19
283rd Dream [from the "Dreamtime"]03:38
3A Flower In the Desert [from the "Dreamtime"]03:43
4A Pale Horse [from the "Choice of Weapon"]03:14
5American Gothic [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]03:56
6American Horse [from the "Sonic Temple"]05:19
7Amnesia [from the "Choice of Weapon"]03:02
8Aphrodisiac Jacket [from the "Electric"]04:11
9Ashes and Ghosts [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]05:00
10Automatic Blues [from the "Sonic Temple"]03:51
11Avalanche of Light [from the "Hidden City"]04:31
12Bad Fun [from the "Electric"]03:34
13Bad Medicine Waltz [from the "Dreamtime"]05:56
14Bangkok Rain [from the "Ceremony"]05:47
15Be Free [from the "The Cult"]03:48
16Big Neon Glitter [from the "Love"]04:52
17Birds of Paradise [from the "Hidden City"]06:26
18Black Angel [from the "Love"]05:32
19Black Sun [from the "The Cult"]06:23
20Born Into This [from the "Born into This"]04:04
21Born To Be Wild [from the "Electric"]03:55
22Breathe [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]04:59
23Brother Wolf, Sister Moon [from the "Love"]06:47
24Butterflies [from the "Dreamtime"]03:00
25Ceremony [from the "Ceremony"]06:27
26Citizens [from the "Born into This"]04:32
27Coming Down (Drug Tongue) [from the "The Cult"]06:36
28Dance the Night [from the "Hidden City"]04:15
29Dark Energy [from the "Hidden City"]04:28
30Deeply Ordered Chaos [from the "Hidden City"]04:32
31Diamonds [from the "Born into This"]04:06
32Dirty Little Rockstar [from the "Born into This"]03:40
33Dreamtime [from the "Dreamtime"]02:48
34Earth Mofo [from the "Ceremony"]04:42
35Edie (Ciao Baby) [from the "Sonic Temple"]04:46
36Electric Jacket [from the "Electric"]02:49
37Elemental Light [from the "Choice of Weapon"]04:45
38Embers [from the "Choice of Weapon"]05:01
39Emperor's New Horse [from the "The Cult"]04:22
40Every Man and Woman Is a Star [from the "Choice of Weapon"]03:26
41Fire Woman [from the "Sonic Temple"]05:11
42For the Animals [from the "Choice of Weapon"]04:28
43Full Tilt [from the "Ceremony"]04:51
44Gimmick [from the "Dreamtime"]03:33
45Go West [from the "Dreamtime"]03:59
46Goat [from the "Hidden City"]03:18
47Gone [from the "The Cult"]03:51
48Heart Of Soul [from the "Ceremony"]05:55
49Heathens [from the "Hidden City"]03:39
50Here Comes the Rain [from the "Love"]06:19
51Hinterland [from the "Hidden City"]05:06
52Hollow Man [from the "Love"]04:45
53Holy Mountain [from the "Born into This"]03:42
54Honey From a Knife [from the "Choice of Weapon"]03:06
55Horse Nation [from the "Dreamtime"]03:46
56I Assassin [from the "Born into This"]04:13
57I Assassin (Demo) [from the "Born into This"]04:36
58If [from the "Ceremony"]05:24
59Illuminated [from the "Born into This"]04:07
60In Blood [from the "Hidden City"]04:48

The Cult

The Cult

The Cult are a British rock band formed in 1983. []


  • Post-punk,
  • Gothic rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal
  • Ceremony by The Cult

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