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Open Our Eyes by Earth, Wind & Fire [1974] [album editions]

Open Our Eyes (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Track listing

1Mighty Mighty
3Fair But So Uncool
4Feelin' Blue
5Kalimba Story
6Drum Song
7Tee Nine Chee Bit
8Spasmodic Movements
10Open Our Eyes

Earth, Wind & Fire albums

1All 'n All[ 1977 ]
2Earth, Wind & Fire[ 1971 ]
3Electric Universe[ 1983 ]
4Faces[ 1980 ]
5Head to the Sky[ 1973 ]
6Heritage[ 1990 ]
7Hitch (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
8I Am[ 1977 ]
9Illumination[ 2005 ]
10Last Days and Time[ 1972 ]
11Millenium[ 1993 ]
12Now, Then & Forever[ 2013 ]
13Open Our Eyes[ 1974 ]
14Powerlight[ 1983 ]
15Raise![ 1981 ]
16Spirit[ 1976 ]
17That's the Way of the World[ 1975 ]
18The Need of Love[ 1971 ]
19The Promise[ 2003 ]
20Touch the World[ 1987 ]
1All 'n All (Earth, Wind & Fire)
2Earth, Wind & Fire (Earth, Wind & Fire)
3Electric Universe (Earth, Wind & Fire)
4Faces (Earth, Wind & Fire)
5Head to the Sky (Earth, Wind & Fire)
6Heritage (Earth, Wind & Fire)
7Hitch (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8I Am (Earth, Wind & Fire)
9Illumination (Earth, Wind & Fire)
10Last Days and Time (Earth, Wind & Fire)
11Millenium (Earth, Wind & Fire)
12Now, Then & Forever (Earth, Wind & Fire)
13Open Our Eyes (Earth, Wind & Fire)
14Powerlight (Earth, Wind & Fire)
15Raise! (Earth, Wind & Fire)
16Spirit (Earth, Wind & Fire)
17That's the Way of the World (Earth, Wind & Fire)
18The Need of Love (Earth, Wind & Fire)
19The Promise (Earth, Wind & Fire)
20Touch the World (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Earth, Wind & Fire songs

1A Talking Voice Interlude [from the "Illumination"]00:19
2Africano [from the "That's the Way of the World"]05:09
3After the Love Has Gone [from the "I Am"]04:27
4All About Love [from the "That's the Way of the World"]06:35
5All About Love [from the "The Promise"]04:24
6All About Love (First Impression) [from the "That's the Way of the World"]05:30
7All In The Way [from the "The Promise"]04:28
8And Love Goes On [from the "Faces"]04:05
9Anything You Want [from the "Heritage"]04:46
10Back On The Road [from the "Faces"]03:33
11Bad Tune [from the "Earth, Wind & Fire"]05:22
12Be Ever Wonderful [from the "All 'n All"]05:09
13Beauty [from the "The Need of Love"]04:15
14Belo Horizonte [from the "Now, Then & Forever"]01:51
15Betcha [from the "The Promise"]03:42
16Biyo [from the "Spirit"]03:37
17Blood Brothers [from the "Millenium"]05:22
18Boogie Wonderland [from the "I Am"]04:48
19Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo) [from the "All 'n All"]01:23
20Brazilian Rhyme (Ponta de Areia) [from the "All 'n All"]00:53
21Build Your Nest [from the "Head to the Sky"]03:17
22Burnin' Bush [from the "Spirit"]06:46
23Can't Let Go [from the "I Am"]03:29
24Caribou [from the "Open Our Eyes"]03:58
25Caribou Chaser (Jazzy Jam) [from the "That's the Way of the World"]01:39
26Chicago (Chi-Town) Blues [from the "Millenium"]04:57
27Clover [from the "Head to the Sky"]05:27
28C'Mon Children [from the "Earth, Wind & Fire"]03:21
29Could It Be Right [from the "Electric Universe"]05:14
30Dance Floor [from the "Now, Then & Forever"]04:59
31Daydreamin' [from the "Heritage"]04:03
32Departure [from the "Spirit"]00:27
33Devotion [from the "Open Our Eyes"]04:50
34Dirty [from the "The Promise"]03:46
35Divine [from the "Millenium"]04:32
36Drum Song [from the "Open Our Eyes"]05:11
37Earth, Wind & Fire [from the "Spirit"]04:42
38Electric Nation [from the "Electric Universe"]04:34
39Elevated feat. Floetry [from the "Illumination"]04:37
40Energy [from the "The Need of Love"]09:40
41Even If You Wonder [from the "Millenium"]04:37
42Every Now And Then [from the "Touch the World"]04:22
43Everything Is Everything [from the "The Need of Love"]06:46
44Evil [from the "Head to the Sky"]05:00
45Evil Roy [from the "Touch the World"]04:52
46Evolution Orange [from the "Raise!"]04:37
47Faces [from the "Faces"]08:02
48Fair But So Uncool [from the "Open Our Eyes"]03:40
49Fall In Love With Me [from the "Powerlight"]05:55
50Fan The Fire [from the "Earth, Wind & Fire"]05:16
51Fantasy [from the "All 'n All"]04:37
52Feelin' Blue [from the "Open Our Eyes"]04:30
53For The Love Of You [from the "Heritage"]04:27
54Freedom [from the "The Promise"]00:42
55Freedom Of Choice [from the "Powerlight"]04:10
56GetaWay [from the "Spirit"]03:48
57Good Time [from the "Heritage"]04:05
58Got To Be Love [from the "Now, Then & Forever"]03:41
59Guiding Lights [from the "Now, Then & Forever"]06:24
60Happy Feelin' [from the "That's the Way of the World"]03:35

Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire is an American band that has spanned the musical genres of R&B, soul, jazz, pop, rock, funk, disco, latin, African and gospel.

They are one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands of the twentieth century. []


  • R&B,
  • Soul,
  • Jazz,
  • Pop,
  • Rock,
  • Funk,
  • Disco,
  • Gospel
  • Devotion by Earth, Wind & Fire

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