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Star Trek by Michael Giacchino [2009] [album editions]

Star Trek (Michael Giacchino)

Track listing

1Star Trek
2Nailin' The Kelvin
3Labor Of Love
4Hella Bar Talk
5Enterprising Young Men
6Nero Sighted
7Nice To Meld You
8Run And Shoot Offense
9Does It Still Mcfly
10Nero Death Experience
11Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns
12Back From Black
13That New Cat Smell
14To Boldly Go
15End Credits

Michael Giacchino albums

1Speed Racer[ 2008 ]
2Star Trek[ 2009 ]
3Up[ 2009 ]
1Speed Racer (Michael Giacchino)
2Star Trek (Michael Giacchino)
3Up (Michael Giacchino)

Michael Giacchino songs

132 Hours [from the "Speed Racer"]03:49
252 Chachki Pickup [from the "Up"]01:14
3Back From Black [from the "Star Trek"]00:59
4Bumper To Bumper, Rail To Rail [from the "Speed Racer"]03:05
5Canine Conundrum [from the "Up"]02:03
6Carl Goes Up [from the "Up"]03:33
7Carl's Maiden Voyage [from the "Up"]00:52
8Casa Cristo [from the "Speed Racer"]04:04
9Does It Still Mcfly [from the "Star Trek"]02:03
10End Credits [from the "Star Trek"]09:11
11End Of The First Leg [from the "Speed Racer"]02:18
12Enterprising Young Men [from the "Star Trek"]02:39
13Escape From Muntz Mountain [from the "Up"]02:43
14Giving Muntz The Bird [from the "Up"]01:57
15Go Speed, Go! [from the "Speed Racer"]01:25
16Grand Ol' Prix [from the "Speed Racer"]06:11
17He Ain't Heavy [from the "Speed Racer"]01:45
18Hella Bar Talk [from the "Star Trek"]01:55
19He's Got The Bird [from the "Up"]00:29
20I Am Speed [from the "Speed Racer"]00:37
21It's Just A House [from the "Up"]01:59
22Kevin Beak'n [from the "Up"]01:14
23Labor Of Love [from the "Star Trek"]02:51
24Let Us Drink Milk [from the "Speed Racer"]04:31
25Married Life [from the "Up"]04:10
26Meet Kevin In The Jungle [from the "Up"]01:32
27Memories Can Weigh You Down [from the "Up"]01:22
28Muntz's Dark Reverie [from the "Up"]00:52
29Nailin' The Kelvin [from the "Star Trek"]02:09
30Nero Death Experience [from the "Star Trek"]05:38
31Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns [from the "Star Trek"]02:34
32Nero Sighted [from the "Star Trek"]03:23
33Nice To Meld You [from the "Star Trek"]03:13
34Paradise Found [from the "Up"]01:03
35Racing's In Our Blood [from the "Speed Racer"]01:52
36Reboot [from the "Speed Racer"]03:08
37Run And Shoot Offense [from the "Star Trek"]02:04
38Seizing The Spirit Of Adventure [from the "Up"]05:19
39Speed Racer [from the "Speed Racer"]04:20
40Star Trek [from the "Star Trek"]01:01
41Stuff We Did [from the "Up"]02:13
42Taejo Turns Trixie [from the "Speed Racer"]01:36
43That New Cat Smell [from the "Star Trek"]04:46
44The Ellie Badge [from the "Up"]01:30
45The Explorer Motel [from the "Up"]01:26
46The Maltese Ice Cave [from the "Speed Racer"]02:03
47The Nickel Tour [from the "Up"]00:52
48The Small Mailman Returns [from the "Up"]03:11
49The Spirit Of Adventure [from the "Up"]02:30
50Three Dog Dash [from the "Up"]00:51
51Thunderhead [from the "Speed Racer"]03:06
52To Boldly Go [from the "Star Trek"]00:26
53Tragic Story Of Rex Racer [from the "Speed Racer"]04:48
54True Heart Of Racing [from the "Speed Racer"]04:04
55Up With End Credits [from the "Up"]07:38
56Up With Titles [from the "Up"]00:53
57Vroom And Board [from the "Speed Racer"]03:38
58Walkin' The House [from the "Up"]01:03
59We're In The Club Now [from the "Up"]00:43
60World's Best Autopia [from the "Speed Racer"]01:14
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