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Enrique by Enrique Iglesias [1999] [album editions]

Enrique (Enrique Iglesias)

Track listing

1Rhythm Divine
2Be With You
3I Have Always Loved You
4Sad Eyes
5I'm Your Man
7Could I Have This Kiss Forever
8You're My #1

Enrique Iglesias albums

1Enrique[ 1999 ]
2Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos[ 2008 ]
3Escape[ 2002 ]
4Euphoria[ 2010 ]
5Insomniac[ 2007 ]
6Seven[ 2003 ]
1Enrique (Enrique Iglesias)
2Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos (Enrique Iglesias)
3Escape (Enrique Iglesias)
4Euphoria (Enrique Iglesias)
5Insomniac (Enrique Iglesias)
6Seven (Enrique Iglesias)

Enrique Iglesias songs

1Addicted [from the "Seven"]05:00
2Adicto [from the "Seven"] 
3Alabao [from the "Enrique"]04:00
4Alguien Soy Yo [from the "Insomniac"]04:00
5Amigo Vulnerable [from the "Insomniac"]04:01
6Ayer [from the "Euphoria"]03:32
7Bailamos [from the "Enrique"]03:33
8Bailamos [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]03:32
9Be With You [from the "Enrique"]03:39
10Be Yourself [from the "Seven"]04:38
11Break Me, Shake Me [from the "Seven"]03:38
12California Callin' [from the "Seven"]03:49
13Coming Home [from the "Euphoria"]03:58
14Could I Have This Kiss Forever [from the "Enrique"]04:21
15Cuando Me Enamoro (ft. Juan Luis Guerra) [from the "Euphoria"]03:19
16Dile Que [from the "Euphoria"]03:40
17Dimelo [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]03:37
18Dirty Dancer (ft. Usher) [from the "Euphoria"]03:33
19Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) [from the "Insomniac"]03:40
20Donde Estan Corazon [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]04:17
21Don't Turn Off the Lights [from the "Escape"]03:47
22Don't You Forget About Me [from the "Insomniac"]03:12
23Dнmelo [from the "Insomniac"]03:40
24Enamorado Por Primera Vez [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]04:25
25Escapar [from the "Escape"]03:28
26Escape [from the "Escape"]03:28
27Esperanza [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]03:09
28Everything's Gonna Be Alright [from the "Euphoria"]03:46
29Experiencia Religiosa [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]05:28
30Free [from the "Seven"]03:35
31Heartbeat (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) [from the "Euphoria"]04:15
32Heartbreaker [from the "Euphoria"]04:04
33Hero [from the "Escape"]04:24
34Hero (Metro Mix) [from the "Escape"]04:17
35Heroe [from the "Escape"]04:24
36Heroe [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]04:23
37I Have Always Loved You [from the "Enrique"]04:23
38I Like It (ft. Pitbull) [from the "Euphoria"]03:49
39I Will Survive [from the "Escape"]03:43
40If The World Crashes Down [from the "Escape"]04:45
41I'm Your Man [from the "Enrique"]04:42
42Little Girl [from the "Insomniac"]03:48
43Live It Up Tonight [from the "Seven"]04:11
44Lloro Por Ti [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]04:06
45Love 4 Fun [from the "Escape"]03:14
46Love To See You Cry [from the "Escape"]04:07
47Maybe [from the "Escape"]03:15
48Maybe (Mark Taylor Mix) [from the "Escape"]03:10
49Mentiroso [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]03:54
50Miente [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]03:33
51Miss You [from the "Insomniac"]03:23
52No Apagues La Luz [from the "Escape"]03:48
53No Llores Por Mi [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]04:07
54No Me Digas Que No [from the "Euphoria"]04:06
55No Me Digas Que No (ft. Wisin & Yandel) [from the "Euphoria"]04:29
56Not in Love [from the "Seven"]03:42
57Nunca Te Olvidare [from the "Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos"]04:21
58On Top Of You [from the "Insomniac"]03:41
59One Day At A Time (ft. Akon) [from the "Euphoria"]04:05
60One Night Stand [from the "Escape"]04:11

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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, simply known as Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish singer, songwriter and actor. []


  • Latin rock,
  • Latin pop,
  • Dance-pop,
  • Electropop,
  • Soft rock
  • Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias

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