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Honor Among Thieves by Edwin McCain [1995] [album editions]

Honor Among Thieves (Edwin McCain)

Track listing

3Jesters, Dreams & Thieves
5Sorry To A Friend
6America Street
7Don't Bring Me Down
8Bitter Chill
9Kitchen Song
10Thirty Pieces
113 a.m.

Edwin Mccain albums

1Far From Over[ 2001 ]
2Honor Among Thieves[ 1995 ]
3Lost in America[ 2006 ]
4Misguided Roses[ 1997 ]
5Scream & Wispers[ 2004 ]
6Stop Handgun Violence[ 2000 ]
7Tinsel & Tap Shoes[ 2004 ]
1Far From Over (Edwin Mccain)
2Honor Among Thieves (Edwin Mccain)
3Lost in America (Edwin Mccain)
4Misguided Roses (Edwin Mccain)
5Scream & Wispers (Edwin Mccain)
6Stop Handgun Violence (Various artists)
7Tinsel & Tap Shoes (Edwin Mccain)

Edwin Mccain songs

1(I've Got To) Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That [from the "Misguided Roses"]03:52
23 a.m. [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]04:25
3Alive [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]04:04
4America Street [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]04:42
5Babylon [from the "Lost in America"]03:24
6Beautiful Life [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]07:28
7Bitter And Twisted [from the "Lost in America"]03:37
8Bitter Chill [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]04:24
9Black And Blue [from the "Lost in America"]03:21
10Cleveland Park [from the "Misguided Roses"]04:30
11Coming Down [from the "Scream & Wispers"]03:33
12Coming Down [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]05:30
13Couldn't Love You More [from the "Scream & Wispers"]04:18
14Couldn't Love You More [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]04:43
15Darwin's Children [from the "Misguided Roses"]04:17
16Darwin's Children [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]07:31
17Day Will Never Come [from the "Scream & Wispers"]04:27
18Don't Bring Me Down [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]03:04
19Dragons [from the "Far From Over"]04:00
20Far From Over [from the "Far From Over"]04:17
21Farewell to Tinkerbell [from the "Scream & Wispers"]02:59
22Get Out Of This Town [from the "Far From Over"]03:38
23Good Enough [from the "Scream & Wispers"]04:04
24Gramercy park hotel [from the "Lost in America"]04:14
25Gramercy Park Hotel [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]04:57
26Grind Me In The Gears [from the "Misguided Roses"]04:23
27Guinevere [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]03:32
28Hearts Fall [from the "Far From Over"]04:33
29Holy City [from the "Misguided Roses"]11:56
30How Can You Say That to Me [from the "Scream & Wispers"]04:08
31How Strange It Seems [from the "Misguided Roses"]04:16
32I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin McCain [from the "Stop Handgun Violence"] 
33I'll Be [from the "Misguided Roses"]05:29
34I'll Be [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]08:17
35I've Seen A Love [from the "Far From Over"]04:41
36Jesters, Dreamers, And Thieves [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]07:30
37Jesters, Dreams & Thieves [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]04:23
38Jesus, He Loves Me [from the "Far From Over"]05:27
39Kentucky [from the "Far From Over"]02:57
40Kitchen Song [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]04:23
41Letter To My Mother [from the "Far From Over"]03:33
42Losing Tonight [from the "Lost in America"]04:55
43Lost In America [from the "Lost in America"]03:19
44Maggie May [from the "Scream & Wispers"]05:05
45Maggie May [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]06:39
46My Mystery [from the "Lost in America"]03:54
47My Mystery [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]07:56
48One Thing Left To Do [from the "Far From Over"]06:38
49Radio Star [from the "Far From Over"]03:01
50Save the Rain [from the "Scream & Wispers"]03:38
51Say Anything [from the "Scream & Wispers"]03:44
52Say Anything [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]03:53
53See The Sky Again [from the "Misguided Roses"]04:12
54Shooting Stars [from the "Scream & Wispers"]03:37
55Shooting Stars [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]06:15
56Sign on the Door [from the "Tinsel & Tap Shoes"]09:21
57Solitude [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]04:33
58Sorry To A Friend [from the "Honor Among Thieves"]03:57
59Sun Will Rise [from the "Far From Over"]04:16
60Take Me [from the "Misguided Roses"]04:17

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Edwin Mccain

Edwin McCain (born January 20, 1970 in Greenville, South Carolina) is an American alternative rock singer-songwriter and musician. []


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