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Daylight by Duncan Sheik [2002] [album editions]

Daylight (Duncan Sheik)

Track listing

2Half Life
3Start Again
4On Her Mind
5Such Reveries
6On a High
8For You
9Good Morning!
11Shine Inside

Duncan Sheik albums

1Daylight[ 2002 ]
2Duncan Sheik[ 1996 ]
3Humming[ 1998 ]
4The Saint (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
5White Limousine[ 2006 ]
1Daylight (Duncan Sheik)
2Duncan Sheik (Duncan Sheik)
3Humming (Duncan Sheik)
4The Saint (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5White Limousine (Duncan Sheik)

Duncan Sheik songs

1A Body Goes Down [from the "Humming"]06:08
2Alibi [from the "Humming"]04:10
3Barely Breathing [from the "Duncan Sheik"]04:15
4Bite Your Tongue [from the "Humming"]03:58
5Days Go By [from the "Duncan Sheik"]04:48
6Everyone, Everywhere [from the "Humming"]03:32
7Fantastic Toys And Corduroys [from the "White Limousine"]04:54
8For You [from the "Daylight"]02:07
9Genius [from the "Daylight"]03:39
10Good Morning! [from the "Daylight"]04:08
11Half Life [from the "Daylight"]03:52
12Hey Casanova [from the "White Limousine"]05:12
13Home [from the "Duncan Sheik"]04:48
14House Full Of Riches [from the "Humming"]05:40
15Hymn [from the "White Limousine"]06:04
16I Dont Believe In Ghosts [from the "White Limousine"]04:25
17I Wouldnt Mind [from the "White Limousine"]04:55
18In Between [from the "Humming"]04:34
19In The Absence Of Sun [from the "Duncan Sheik"]05:05
20In The Absence Of Sun - Duncan Sheik [from the "The Saint (Soundtrack)"] 
21Land [from the "White Limousine"]03:44
22Little Hands [from the "Duncan Sheik"]06:04
23Magazines [from the "Daylight"]03:45
24Memento [from the "Daylight"]03:46
25Nichiren [from the "Humming"]14:49
26Nothing Fades [from the "White Limousine"]03:47
27Nothing Special [from the "Humming"]03:31
28November [from the "Duncan Sheik"]04:56
29On a High [from the "Daylight"]03:38
30On Her Mind [from the "Daylight"]04:07
31Out Of Order [from the "Duncan Sheik"]04:30
32Reasons For Living [from the "Duncan Sheik"]04:31
33Rubbed Out [from the "Humming"]05:10
34Serena [from the "Duncan Sheik"]04:43
35She Runs Away [from the "Duncan Sheik"]03:43
36Shine Inside [from the "Daylight"]04:56
37Shopping [from the "White Limousine"]05:07
38So Gone [from the "White Limousine"]03:35
39Star-Field On Red Lines [from the "White Limousine"]03:30
40Start Again [from the "Daylight"]03:57
41Such Reveries [from the "Daylight"]04:59
42That Says It All [from the "Humming"]04:19
43The Dawns Request [from the "White Limousine"]05:27
44The End Of Outside [from the "Duncan Sheik"]04:45
45Varying Degrees of Con-Artistry [from the "Humming"]06:57
46White Limousine [from the "White Limousine"]04:38

Duncan Sheik

Duncan Sheik

Duncan Sheik) is an American singer-songwriter and composer. []


  • Rock,
  • Pop,
  • Alternative Rock,
  • Acoustic Rock
  • Half Life by Duncan Sheik

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