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Jeff Carson by Jeff Carson [1995] [album editions]

Jeff Carson (Jeff Carson)

Track listing

1Yeah Buddy
2Not on Your Love
3Get a Guitar
4Definite Possibilities
5The Car
6Betty's Takin' Judo
7Preachin' to the Choir
8Me Too
9If I Ain't Got You
10That Last Mile
11Holdin' on to Something

Jeff Carson albums

1Butterfly Kisses[ 1997 ]
2Jeff Carson[ 1995 ]
3Real Life[ 2001 ]
1Butterfly Kisses (Jeff Carson)
2Jeff Carson (Jeff Carson)
3Real Life (Jeff Carson)

Jeff Carson songs

1As One As Two Can Get [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:13
2Betty's Takin' Judo [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:59
3Butterfly Kisses [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:59
4Butterfly Kisses , Daddy's Little Girl (ft. Kippi Brannon) [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]04:19
5Cheatin' On Her Heart [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:17
6Definite Possibilities [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:47
7Divine Intervention [from the "Real Life"]03:19
8Do It Again [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:41
9Get a Guitar [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:46
10Hangin' By A Thread [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:14
11Here's the Deal [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:55
12Holdin' on to Something [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:51
13I Almost Never Loved You [from the "Real Life"]03:48
14If I Ain't Got You [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:51
15If You Wanna Get To Heaven [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:12
16It Wouldn't Kill Me [from the "Real Life"]03:15
17Me Too [from the "Jeff Carson"]03:11
18Not on Your Love [from the "Jeff Carson"]03:21
19Preachin' to the Choir [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:43
20Real Life (I Never Was the Same Again) [from the "Real Life"]04:24
21Scars and All [from the "Real Life"]03:52
22She's The One [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:09
23Shine On [from the "Real Life"]03:32
24That Last Mile [from the "Jeff Carson"]03:15
25The Car [from the "Jeff Carson"]03:32
26The Stone [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:35
27Today I Started Loving You Again (ft. Merle Haggard) [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:45
28Try Bein' Me [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]04:00
29Until We Fall Back in Love Again [from the "Real Life"]03:52
30What's Not to Love [from the "Real Life"]03:03
31Where Did I Go So Right [from the "Real Life"]03:39
32Yeah Buddy [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:26
33You're My One And Only Love [from the "Real Life"]04:21

Jeff Carson

Jeff Carson

Jeffrey Lee Herndon, known as Jeff Carson, is a retired American country music artist. []


  • Country
  • Not on Your Love by Jeff Carson

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