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True Self by Soil [2006] [album editions]

True Self (Soil)

Track listing

1Fight For Life
2Give It Up
3Pick Me Up
4The Last Chance
5True Self
6Hear Me
7Forever Dead
8Let Go
9Until It's Over
11Threw It Away
12One Last Song

Soil albums

1El Chupacabra![ 1998 ]
2Pride (EP)[ 2003 ]
3Redefine[ 2004 ]
4Scars[ 2001 ]
5Soil (EP)[ 1997 ]
6Throttle Junkies[ 2007 ]
7True Self[ 2006 ]
1El Chupacabra! (Soil)
2Pride (EP) (Soil)
3Redefine (Soil)
4Scars (Soil)
5Soil (EP) (Soil)
6Throttle Junkies (Soil)
7True Self (Soil)

Soil songs

1Black 7 [from the "Scars"] 
2Black Betty (Cover) [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:41
3Breaking Me Down [from the "Scars"] 
4Broken Wings [from the "El Chupacabra!"]04:15
5Broken Wings [from the "Soil (EP)"]04:21
6Butterfly [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:05
7Can You Heal Me [from the "Redefine"]03:33
8Concrete Slave [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:44
9Cross My Heart [from the "Pride (EP)"]03:15
10Cross My Heart [from the "Redefine"]03:16
11Crucified [from the "El Chupacabra!"]04:31
12Crucified [from the "Throttle Junkies"]04:31
13Damning Eden [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:02
14Damning Eden (Acoustic) [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:16
15Deny Me [from the "Redefine"]03:35
16Everything [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:59
17F-Hole [from the "El Chupacabra!"]02:55
18F-Hole [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:56
19Fight For Life [from the "True Self"]04:10
20Forever Dead [from the "True Self"]03:12
21Give It Up [from the "True Self"]03:00
22Growing Ways [from the "Throttle Junkies"]04:10
23Halo [from the "Scars"] 
24Halo (UK Remix) [from the "Pride (EP)"]03:22
25Hear Me [from the "True Self"]03:57
26Hello Again [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:21
27Inside [from the "Scars"] 
28Jaded [from the "True Self"]02:37
29Let Go [from the "True Self"]03:49
30Love Hate Game [from the "Redefine"]03:18
31Man I Am [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:50
32My Own [from the "Scars"] 
33Need To Feel [from the "Scars"]03:38
34New Faith [from the "Scars"] 
35No More, No Less [from the "Soil (EP)"]03:09
36Obsession [from the "Redefine"]05:07
37One Last Song [from the "True Self"]05:28
38Pick Me Up [from the "True Self"]03:12
39Pride [from the "Pride (EP)"]02:44
40Pride [from the "Redefine"]02:44
41Redefine [from the "Redefine"]03:34
42Remember [from the "Redefine"]03:39
43Road To Ruin [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:39
44Same Ol' Trip [from the "Soil (EP)"]03:56
45Say You Will [from the "Redefine"]03:06
46She [from the "El Chupacabra!"]03:28
47She [from the "Soil (EP)"]03:31
48She [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:28
49Shining Man [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:53
50Something Real [from the "Redefine"]03:07
51Stand To Fall [from the "Throttle Junkies"]04:10
52Suffering [from the "Redefine"]03:18
53The Last Chance [from the "True Self"]04:17
54The One [from the "Scars"] 
55Threw It Away [from the "True Self"]03:28
56Triple 6's [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:56
57True Self [from the "True Self"]03:18
58Two Cent Friend [from the "El Chupacabra!"]03:53
59Two Cent Friend [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:53
60Two Skins [from the "Scars"] 



Soil is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1997.


  • Alternative metal,
  • Hard rock,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Nu metal
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