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El Chupacabra! by Soil [1998]

El Chupacabra! (Soil)

Track listing

2Broken Wings
5Two Cent Friend

Soil albums

1El Chupacabra![ 1998 ]
2Pride (EP)[ 2003 ]
3Redefine[ 2004 ]
4Scars[ 2001 ]
5Soil (EP)[ 1997 ]
6Throttle Junkies[ 2007 ]
7True Self[ 2006 ]
1El Chupacabra! (Soil)
2Pride (EP) (Soil)
3Redefine (Soil)
4Scars (Soil)
5Soil (EP) (Soil)
6Throttle Junkies (Soil)
7True Self (Soil)

Soil songs

1Black 7 [from the "Scars"] 
2Black Betty (Cover) [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:41
3Breaking Me Down [from the "Scars"] 
4Broken Wings [from the "El Chupacabra!"]04:15
5Broken Wings [from the "Soil (EP)"]04:21
6Butterfly [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:05
7Can You Heal Me [from the "Redefine"]03:33
8Concrete Slave [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:44
9Cross My Heart [from the "Pride (EP)"]03:15
10Cross My Heart [from the "Redefine"]03:16
11Crucified [from the "El Chupacabra!"]04:31
12Crucified [from the "Throttle Junkies"]04:31
13Damning Eden [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:02
14Damning Eden (Acoustic) [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:16
15Deny Me [from the "Redefine"]03:35
16Everything [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:59
17F-Hole [from the "El Chupacabra!"]02:55
18F-Hole [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:56
19Fight For Life [from the "True Self"]04:10
20Forever Dead [from the "True Self"]03:12
21Give It Up [from the "True Self"]03:00
22Growing Ways [from the "Throttle Junkies"]04:10
23Halo [from the "Scars"] 
24Halo (UK Remix) [from the "Pride (EP)"]03:22
25Hear Me [from the "True Self"]03:57
26Hello Again [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:21
27Inside [from the "Scars"] 
28Jaded [from the "True Self"]02:37
29Let Go [from the "True Self"]03:49
30Love Hate Game [from the "Redefine"]03:18
31Man I Am [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:50
32My Own [from the "Scars"] 
33Need To Feel [from the "Scars"]03:38
34New Faith [from the "Scars"] 
35No More, No Less [from the "Soil (EP)"]03:09
36Obsession [from the "Redefine"]05:07
37One Last Song [from the "True Self"]05:28
38Pick Me Up [from the "True Self"]03:12
39Pride [from the "Pride (EP)"]02:44
40Pride [from the "Redefine"]02:44
41Redefine [from the "Redefine"]03:34
42Remember [from the "Redefine"]03:39
43Road To Ruin [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:39
44Same Ol' Trip [from the "Soil (EP)"]03:56
45Say You Will [from the "Redefine"]03:06
46She [from the "El Chupacabra!"]03:28
47She [from the "Soil (EP)"]03:31
48She [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:28
49Shining Man [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:53
50Something Real [from the "Redefine"]03:07
51Stand To Fall [from the "Throttle Junkies"]04:10
52Suffering [from the "Redefine"]03:18
53The Last Chance [from the "True Self"]04:17
54The One [from the "Scars"] 
55Threw It Away [from the "True Self"]03:28
56Triple 6's [from the "Throttle Junkies"]02:56
57True Self [from the "True Self"]03:18
58Two Cent Friend [from the "El Chupacabra!"]03:53
59Two Cent Friend [from the "Throttle Junkies"]03:53
60Two Skins [from the "Scars"] 



Soil is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1997.


  • Alternative metal,
  • Hard rock,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Nu metal
  • Broken Wings by Soil

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