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In A Perfect World by Keri Hilson [2009] [album editions]

In A Perfect World (Keri Hilson)

Track listing

2Turning Me On (ft. Lil Wayne)
3Get Your Money Up (ft. Keyshia, Trina)
4Return The Favor (ft. Timbaland)
5Knock You Down (ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo)
6Slow Dance
7Make Love
9How Does It Feel
11Tell Him The Truth
12Change Me (ft. Akon)
14Where Did He Go

Keri Hilson albums

1In A Perfect World[ 2009 ]
2Ms. Keri[ 2009 ]
3No Boys Allowed[ 2010 ]
4Return The Favor[ 2009 ]
1In A Perfect World (Keri Hilson)
2Ms. Keri (Keri Hilson)
3No Boys Allowed (Keri Hilson)
4Return The Favor (Keri Hilson)

Keri Hilson songs

1Alienated [from the "In A Perfect World"]04:34
2Alienated [from the "Ms. Keri"]04:11
3All The Boys [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:12
4Bahm Bahm (Do It Once Again I Want You) [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:47
5Beautiful Mistake [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:13
6Breaking Point [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:14
7Buyou (ft. J. Cole) [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:19
8Change Me (ft. Akon) [from the "In A Perfect World"]04:53
9Control Me [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:37
10Do It (ft.Tank) [from the "Ms. Keri"]04:01
11Energy [from the "In A Perfect World"]03:29
12Energy [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:20
13Get It Girl [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:06
14Get Your Money Up (ft. Keyshia, Trina) [from the "In A Perfect World"]03:17
15Gimme What I Want [from the "No Boys Allowed"]02:59
16Hands-Feet [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:45
17Happy Juice (ft. Snoop Dogg & Stat Quo) [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:30
18High Heels [from the "Ms. Keri"]02:21
19How Does It Feel [from the "In A Perfect World"]03:58
20Intro [from the "In A Perfect World"]01:29
21Intuition [from the "In A Perfect World"]04:11
22Knock You Down (ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo) [from the "In A Perfect World"]05:26
23Knock You Down (ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo) [from the "Ms. Keri"]05:22
24Lose Control (Let Me Down) (ft. Nelly) [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:49
25Luv Ya [from the "Ms. Keri"]04:02
26Make Love [from the "In A Perfect World"]05:22
27Mic Check (ft. Akon) [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:47
28Ms. Keri [from the "Ms. Keri"]04:31
29One Night Stand (ft. Chris Brown) [from the "No Boys Allowed"]03:52
30Pretty Girl Rock [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:03
31Pretty Girl Rock (Remix) (ft. Kanye West) [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:16
32Promise In The Dark [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:55
33Return The Favor (ft. Timbaland) [from the "In A Perfect World"]05:27
34Return The Favor (ft. Timbaland) [from the "Ms. Keri"]04:05
35Return The Favor (Radio Edit) [from the "Return The Favor"]03:39
36Return The Favor (Remix) [from the "Return The Favor"]04:39
37Shake It Like A Dawg (ft. R. Kelly) [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:17
38Slow Dance [from the "In A Perfect World"]04:22
39Slow Dance [from the "Ms. Keri"]04:20
40Tell Him The Truth [from the "In A Perfect World"]04:47
41The Way You Love Me (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:39
42Toy Soldier [from the "No Boys Allowed"]04:01
43Turning Me On (ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "In A Perfect World"]04:04
44Turning Me On (Remix) (ft. T-Pain, Lil Wayne & T.I.) [from the "Ms. Keri"]05:50
45What Channel [from the "Ms. Keri"]03:18
46Where Did He Go [from the "In A Perfect World"]04:55
47Where Did He Go [from the "Ms. Keri"]04:50
48Wrong When Your Gone [from the "Ms. Keri"]01:34

Keri Hilson - top artists list [#383]

Keri Hilson

Keri Lynn Hilson was born in 1982 in Decatur, Georgia. During her adolescence, Hilson studied piano and singing, and she joined the girl group D'Signe when she was 14. She became a songwriter and backing vocalist while in high school, and she attended Emory University.


  • R&B,
  • Hip hop
  • Turning Me On (ft. Lil Wayne) - one of the best Keri Hilson songs, top songs list [#1021]

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