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Believer by Chic [1984] [album editions]

Believer (Chic)

Track listing

2You Are Beautiful (Album & Single Version)
3Take A Closer Look
4Give Me The Lovin' (Album & 12'' Version)
5Show Me Your Light
6You Got Some Love For Me
7In Love With Music
8Party Everybody (Album & 12'' Version)
9Give Me The Lovin' (7'' Version)
10Party Everybody (7'' Version)

Chic albums

1Believer[ 1984 ]
2C'est Chic[ 1978 ]
3Chic[ 1977 ]
4Chic-ism[ 1992 ]
5Real People[ 1980 ]
6Risque[ 1979 ]
7Soup for One (Soundtrack)[ 1982 ]
8Take It Off[ 1981 ]
9Tongue in Chic[ 1982 ]
1Believer (Chic)
2C'est Chic (Chic)
3Chic (Chic)
4Chic-ism (Chic)
5Real People (Chic)
6Risque (Chic)
7Soup for One (Soundtrack) (Chic)
8Take It Off (Chic)
9Tongue in Chic (Chic)

Chic songs

1(Funny) Bone [from the "C'est Chic"]03:42
226 (Album & Single Version) [from the "Real People"]04:00
3A Warm Summer Night [from the "Risque"]06:10
4At Last I Am Free [from the "C'est Chic"]07:11
5Baby Doll [from the "Take It Off"]03:07
6Believer [from the "Believer"]05:06
7Burn Hard [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]05:14
8Burn Hard (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Take It Off"]05:13
9Burn Hard (7'' Version) [from the "Take It Off"]03:34
10Can't Stand to Love You [from the "Risque"]02:56
11Chic (Everybody Say) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]04:46
12Chic Cheer [from the "C'est Chic"]04:44
13Chic Mystique [from the "Chic-ism"]06:39
14Chic Mystique (Reprise) [from the "Chic-ism"]04:05
15Chicism [from the "Chic-ism"]04:06
16Chip Off The Old Block [from the "Real People"]05:00
17City Lights [from the "Tongue in Chic"]04:27
18Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) [from the "Chic"]08:22
19Doin' That Thing To Me [from the "Chic-ism"]04:07
20Dream Girl - Teddy Pendergrass [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]04:09
21Est-Ce Que C'est Chic [from the "Chic"]03:53
22Everybody Dance [from the "Chic"]06:41
23Falling In Love With You [from the "Chic"]04:29
24Flash Back [from the "Take It Off"]04:25
25Give Me The Lovin' (7'' Version) [from the "Believer"]03:32
26Give Me The Lovin' (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Believer"]04:40
27Good Times [from the "Risque"]08:08
28Hangin' (7'' Version) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]03:38
29Hangin' (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]05:11
30Happy Man [from the "C'est Chic"]04:26
31Hey Fool [from the "Tongue in Chic"]02:58
32High [from the "Chic-ism"]04:29
33I Feel Your Love Comin' On (7'' Version) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]03:42
34I Feel Your Love Comin' On (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]06:52
35I Got Protection [from the "Real People"]06:26
36I Loved You More [from the "Real People"]03:08
37I Want Your Love [from the "C'est Chic"]06:57
38I Want Your Love [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]06:56
39I Work For A Livin' - Fonzi Thornton [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]03:28
40In It To Win It [from the "Chic-ism"]05:30
41In Love With Music [from the "Believer"]03:50
42Jump Jump - Debbie Harry [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]04:02
43Jusagroove [from the "Chic-ism"]03:42
44Just Out Of Reach [from the "Take It Off"]03:45
45Le Freak [from the "C'est Chic"]05:31
46Let's Go On Vacation - Sister Sledge [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]05:09
47M.M.F.T.C.F. (Make My Funk The Chic Funk) [from the "Chic-ism"]04:37
48My Feet Keep Dancing [from the "Risque"]06:38
49My Forbidden Lover [from the "Risque"]04:39
50My Love's For Real [from the "Chic-ism"]04:52
51One And Only One [from the "Chic-ism"]04:29
52Open Up [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]03:53
53Open Up [from the "Real People"]03:53
54Party Everybody (7'' Version) [from the "Believer"]03:28
55Party Everybody (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Believer"]04:57
56Real People (7'' Version) [from the "Real People"]03:45
57Real People (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Real People"]05:23
58Rebels Are We (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Real People"]04:54
59Rebels We Are (7'' Version) [from the "Real People"]03:21
60Sao Paulo [from the "Chic"]05:01

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Chic was an African American disco and R&B band that was organized during 1976.

The group regarded themselves as a rock band for the disco movement "that made good on hippie peace, love and freedom".


  • Disco,
  • Soul,
  • R&B,
  • Funk
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