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Ultimate Collection by Rihanna [2009] [album editions]

Ultimate Collection (Rihanna)

Track listing

1Don't Stop The Music
4Shut Up and Drive
5We Ride
6Take a Bow
7Break It Off (ft. Sean Paul)
9Pon de Replay
10Umbrella (ft. Jay-Z)
12Hate That I Love You ft. David Bisbal (Spanglish)
13Rihanna - Disturbia
14If It's Lovin' That You
15Let Me
16Good Girl Gone Bad (Live)
17Hate That I Love You (Ft. Ne-Yo)
18If I Never See Your face again (Ft. Maroon 5)
19Take A Bow (Acoustic)
20Umbrella (ft. Jay-Z & Chris Brown) (Cinderella Remix)
21Is This Love (Cover Bob Marley)

Rihanna albums

1A Girl Like Me[ 2006 ]
2Anti[ 2016 ]
3Good Girl Gone Bad[ 2007 ]
4Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes[ 2009 ]
5Loud[ 2010 ]
6Music of the Sun[ 2005 ]
7Rated R[ 2009 ]
8Talk That Talk[ 2011 ]
9The Singles Collection[ 2008 ]
10Ultimate Collection[ 2009 ]
11Unapologetic[ 2012 ]
1A Girl Like Me (Rihanna)
2Anti (Rihanna)
3Good Girl Gone Bad (Rihanna)
4Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes (Rihanna)
5Loud (Rihanna)
6Music of the Sun (Rihanna)
7Rated R (Rihanna)
8Talk That Talk (Rihanna)
9The Singles Collection (Rihanna)
10Ultimate Collection (Rihanna)
11Unapologetic (Rihanna)

Rihanna songs

61Kisses Don't Lie [from the "A Girl Like Me"]03:52
62La That la, La [from the "Music of the Sun"]03:45
63Lemme Get That [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad"]03:41
64Let Me [from the "Ultimate Collection"]03:56
65Let Me [from the "The Singles Collection"]03:56
66Let Me [from the "Music of the Sun"]03:56
67Lost in Paradise [from the "Unapologetic"]03:35
68Love on the Brain [from the "Anti"]03:44
69Love the Way You Lie, Part II (ft. Eminem) [from the "Loud"]04:56
70Love Without Tragedy-Mother Mary [from the "Unapologetic"]06:59
71Loveeeee Song (ft. Future) [from the "Unapologetic"]04:16
72Mad House [from the "Rated R"]01:34
73Man Down [from the "Loud"]04:27
74Music of the Sun [from the "Music of the Sun"]03:56
75Needed Me [from the "Anti"]03:11
76Never Ending [from the "Anti"]03:22
77No Love Allowed [from the "Unapologetic"]04:09
78Nobodys Business (ft. Chris Brown) [from the "Unapologetic"]03:36
79Now I Know [from the "Music of the Sun"]05:02
80Numb (ft. Eminem) [from the "Unapologetic"]03:25
81Only Girl (In The World) [from the "Loud"]03:55
82P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You) [from the "A Girl Like Me"]04:11
83Photographs (ft. Will.I.Am) [from the "Rated R"]04:46
84Pon de (Replay Mix, ft. Elephant Man) [from the "Music of the Sun"]03:37
85Pon de Replay [from the "Ultimate Collection"]04:07
86Pon de Replay [from the "The Singles Collection"]04:17
87Pon de Replay [from the "Music of the Sun"]04:07
88Pon de Replay (Full Phatt remix) [from the "A Girl Like Me"]03:23
89Pose [from the "Anti"]02:24
90Pour It Up [from the "Unapologetic"]02:41
91Push Up On Me [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad"]03:15
92Push Up On Me (Moto Blanco Remix) [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes"]06:37
93Question Existing [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad"]04:08
94Question Existing (The Wideboys Remix) [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes"]06:12
95Raining Men (ft. Nicki Minaj) [from the "Loud"]03:44
96Red Lipstick [from the "Talk That Talk"]03:37
97Rehab [from the "Ultimate Collection"]04:54
98Rehab [from the "The Singles Collection"]04:54
99Rehab [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad"]04:54
100Right Now (ft. David Guetta) [from the "Unapologetic"]03:01
101Rihanna - Disturbia [from the "Ultimate Collection"]04:36
102Roc Me Out [from the "Talk That Talk"]03:29
103Rockstar 101 (ft. Slash) [from the "Rated R"]03:58
104Rude Boy [from the "Rated R"]03:42
105Rush [from the "Music of the Sun"]03:09
106Russian Roulette [from the "Rated R"]03:47
107S&M [from the "Loud"]04:03
108Same Ol’ Mistakes [from the "Anti"]06:37
109Say It [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad"]04:10
110Say It (Soul Seekerz Remix) [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes"]05:48
111Selfish Girl [from the "A Girl Like Me"]03:38
112Sell Me Candy [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad"]02:45
113Sex with Me [from the "Anti"]03:26
114Shut Up and Drive [from the "Ultimate Collection"]03:33
115Shut Up and Drive [from the "The Singles Collection"]03:33
116Shut Up and Drive [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad"]03:33
117Shut Up and Drive (The Wideboys Remix) [from the "Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes"]06:36
118Skin [from the "Loud"]05:03
119SOS [from the "Ultimate Collection"]03:59
120SOS [from the "The Singles Collection"]03:59

Rihanna - top artists list [#19]


Robyn Rihanna Fenty who performs under the mononym Rihanna, is a Barbadian singer, model, and beauty queen. []


  • R&B,
  • Reggae,
  • Pop
  • Pon de Replay - one of the best Rihanna songs, top songs list [#1082]

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