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Octane by Spock's Beard [2005] [album editions]

Octane (Spock's Beard)

Track listing

1The Ballet Of Impact
2I Wouldn't Let It Go
3Surfing Down the Avalanche
4She Is Everything
5Climbing Up That Hill
6Letting Go
7Of The Beauty Of It All
9There Was a Time
10The Planet's Hum
11Watching The Tide
12As Long as We Ride
13When She's Gone
14Follow Me To Sleep
15Game Face
16Broken Promise Land
17Listening To The Sky
18Someday I'll Be Found
19I Was Never Lost
20Paint Me A Picture

Spock's Beard albums

1Beware of Darkness[ 1996 ]
2Day for Night[ 1999 ]
3Don't Try This at Home: Live[ 2000 ]
4Feel Euphoria[ 2003 ]
5Gluttons for Punishment[ 2005 ]
6Octane[ 2005 ]
7Snow[ 2002 ]
8Spock's Beard[ 2006 ]
9The Kindness of Strangers[ 1998 ]
10The Light[ 1995 ]
1Beware of Darkness (Spock's Beard)
2Day for Night (Spock's Beard)
3Don't Try This at Home: Live (Spock's Beard)
4Feel Euphoria (Spock's Beard)
5Gluttons for Punishment (Spock's Beard)
6Octane (Spock's Beard)
7Snow (Spock's Beard)
8Spock's Beard (Spock's Beard)
9The Kindness of Strangers (Spock's Beard)
10The Light (Spock's Beard)

Spock's Beard songs

61Looking For Answers [from the "Snow"]05:17
62Love Beyond Words [from the "Snow"]03:24
63Made Alive / Overture [from the "Snow"]05:32
64Made Alive Again / Wind At My Back [from the "Snow"]08:27
65Mommy Comes Back [from the "Day for Night"]04:51
66Mouth of Madness [from the "Don't Try This at Home: Live"]05:07
67My Shoes [from the "Day for Night"]04:17
68My Shoes (Revisited) [from the "Day for Night"]03:59
69NWC [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]09:58
70NWC [from the "Octane"]04:20
71Of The Beauty Of It All [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]04:56
72Of The Beauty Of It All [from the "Octane"]04:49
73On A Perfect Day [from the "Spock's Beard"]07:45
74On The Edge [from the "The Light"]06:11
75Onomatopoeia [from the "Feel Euphoria"]05:16
76Open the Gates Part 2 [from the "Snow"]03:02
77Open Wide the Flood Gates [from the "Snow"]06:14
78Paint Me A Picture [from the "Octane"]01:30
79Rearranged [from the "Spock's Beard"]06:07
80Reflection [from the "Snow"]02:49
81Ryo's Solo [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]05:57
82She Is Everything [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]07:06
83She Is Everything [from the "Octane"]06:46
84Shining Star [from the "Feel Euphoria"]04:04
85Skeletons At The Feast [from the "Spock's Beard"]06:33
86Skin [from the "Day for Night"]04:01
87Skin [from the "Don't Try This at Home: Live"]03:55
88Snow's Night Out [from the "Snow"]02:04
89Solitary Soul [from the "Snow"]07:33
90Someday I'll Be Found [from the "Octane"]01:04
91Sometimes They Stay [from the "Spock's Beard"]04:31
92Spock's Beard / Second Overture [from the "Snow"]03:47
93Strange World [from the "The Kindness of Strangers"]04:20
94Stranger in a Strange Land [from the "Snow"]04:29
95Stream Of Unconsciousness [from the "Spock's Beard"]05:22
96Surfing Down The Avalanche [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]03:53
97Surfing Down the Avalanche [from the "Octane"]03:43
98The 39th Street Blues (I'm Sick) [from the "Snow"]04:05
99The Ballet Of Impact [from the "Octane"]05:34
100The Ballet Of The Impact [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]05:50
101The Bottom Line [from the "Feel Euphoria"]07:33
102The Bottom Line [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]07:40
103The Distance to the Sun [from the "Day for Night"]05:13
104The Doorway [from the "Beware of Darkness"]11:35
105The Good Don't Last (I-Introduction, II-The Good Don't Last, III-The Radiant Is) [from the "The Kindness of Strangers"]10:05
106The Gypsy [from the "Day for Night"]07:29
107The Healing Colors of Sound [from the "Don't Try This at Home: Live"]21:01
108The Healing Colors of Sound Pt. 1 [from the "Day for Night"]02:22
109The Healing Sounds of Colors Pt. 2 [from the "Day for Night"]03:17
110The Light [from the "The Light"]15:32
111The Light [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]19:07
112The Planet's Hum [from the "Octane"]04:39
113The Slow Crash Landing Man [from the "Spock's Beard"]05:47
114The Water [from the "The Light"]23:10
115There Was a Time [from the "Octane"]04:58
116They Know We Know [from the "Spock's Beard"]03:15
117Thoughts [from the "Beware of Darkness"]07:10
118Time Has Come [from the "Beware of Darkness"]16:22
119Walking On The Wind [from the "Beware of Darkness"]09:09
120Waste Away [from the "Beware of Darkness"]05:21

Spock's Beard

Spock's Beard

Spock's Beard is a progressive rock band formed in 1992 in Los Angeles by brothers Neal and Alan Morse.

The band plays a brand of progressive rock with pop music leanings (drawing much influence from Genesis). The band is also well known for their intricate multi-part vocal harmonies []


  • Progressive rock
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