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Day for Night by Spock's Beard [1999] [album editions]

Day for Night (Spock's Beard)

Track listing

1Day for Night
4The Distance to the Sun
5Crack the Big Sky
6The Gypsy
7Can't Get It Wrong
8The Healing Colors of Sound Pt. 1
9My Shoes
10Mommy Comes Back
11Lay It Down
12The Healing Sounds of Colors Pt. 2
13My Shoes (Revisited)

Spock's Beard albums

1Beware of Darkness[ 1996 ]
2Day for Night[ 1999 ]
3Don't Try This at Home: Live[ 2000 ]
4Feel Euphoria[ 2003 ]
5Gluttons for Punishment[ 2005 ]
6Octane[ 2005 ]
7Snow[ 2002 ]
8Spock's Beard[ 2006 ]
9The Kindness of Strangers[ 1998 ]
10The Light[ 1995 ]
1Beware of Darkness (Spock's Beard)
2Day for Night (Spock's Beard)
3Don't Try This at Home: Live (Spock's Beard)
4Feel Euphoria (Spock's Beard)
5Gluttons for Punishment (Spock's Beard)
6Octane (Spock's Beard)
7Snow (Spock's Beard)
8Spock's Beard (Spock's Beard)
9The Kindness of Strangers (Spock's Beard)
10The Light (Spock's Beard)

Spock's Beard songs

14th Of July [from the "Snow"]03:11
2A Guy Named Sid pt. I - Intro [from the "Feel Euphoria"]03:00
3A Guy Named Sid pt. II - Same Old Story [from the "Feel Euphoria"]04:25
4A Guy Named Sid pt. III - You Don't Know [from the "Feel Euphoria"]03:11
5A Guy Named Sid pt. IV - Judge [from the "Feel Euphoria"]03:20
6A Guy Named Sid pt. V - Sid's Boys Choir [from the "Feel Euphoria"]01:09
7A Guy Named Sid pt. VI - Change [from the "Feel Euphoria"]05:18
8All Is Vanity [from the "Snow"]04:35
9All That's Left [from the "Spock's Beard"]04:45
10As Long As We Ride [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]08:26
11As Long as We Ride [from the "Octane"]05:35
12At The End Of The Day [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]16:33
13Beware Of Darkness [from the "Beware of Darkness"]05:42
14Broken Promise Land [from the "Octane"]04:45
15Cakewalk On Easy Street [from the "The Kindness of Strangers"]05:01
16Can't Get It Wrong [from the "Day for Night"]04:14
17Carie [from the "Snow"]03:06
18Carry O [from the "Feel Euphoria"]05:17
19Chatauqua [from the "Beware of Darkness"]02:50
20Climbing Up That Hill [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]03:34
21Climbing Up That Hill [from the "Octane"]03:32
22Crack the Big Sky [from the "Day for Night"]09:51
23Day for Night [from the "Day for Night"]07:34
24Day for Night [from the "Don't Try This at Home: Live"]08:01
25Devil's Got My Throat [from the "Snow"]07:17
26Devil's Got My Throat Revisited [from the "Snow"]01:55
27Dreaming In The Age Of Answers [from the "Spock's Beard"]04:44
28East Of Eden, West Of Memphis [from the "Feel Euphoria"]07:05
29Feel Euphoria [from the "Feel Euphoria"]07:20
30Flow (I-True Believer, II-A Constant Flow Of Sound, III-Into The Source) [from the "The Kindness of Strangers"]15:49
31Follow Me To Sleep [from the "Octane"]05:39
32Freak Boy [from the "Snow"]02:12
33Freak Boy (Part Two) [from the "Snow"]03:01
34Game Face [from the "Octane"]04:10
35Ghosts Of Autumn [from the "Feel Euphoria"]06:55
36Ghosts Of Autumn [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]06:49
37Gibberish [from the "Day for Night"]04:19
38Gibberish [from the "Don't Try This at Home: Live"]04:41
39Go The Way You Go [from the "The Light"]12:07
40Harm's Way [from the "The Kindness of Strangers"]11:05
41Harm's Way [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]11:17
42Hereafter [from the "Spock's Beard"]05:01
43Here's a Man [from the "Spock's Beard"]03:28
44I Was Never Lost [from the "Octane"]01:09
45I Will Go [from the "Snow"]05:08
46I Wouldn't Let It Go [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]04:47
47I Wouldn't Let It Go [from the "Octane"]04:53
48I'm Dying [from the "Snow"]05:09
49I'm The Guy [from the "Snow"]04:48
50In The Mouth Of Madness [from the "The Kindness of Strangers"]04:45
51Intro [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]01:20
52Is This Love [from the "Spock's Beard"]02:51
53June [from the "The Kindness of Strangers"]05:29
54June [from the "Don't Try This at Home: Live"]07:11
55Ladies And Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto On The Keyboards [from the "Snow"]02:40
56Lay It Down [from the "Day for Night"]03:18
57Letting Go [from the "Gluttons for Punishment"]01:20
58Letting Go [from the "Octane"]01:52
59Listening To The Sky [from the "Octane"]03:08
60Long Time Suffering [from the "Snow"]06:03

Spock's Beard

Spock's Beard

Spock's Beard is a progressive rock band formed in 1992 in Los Angeles by brothers Neal and Alan Morse.

The band plays a brand of progressive rock with pop music leanings (drawing much influence from Genesis). The band is also well known for their intricate multi-part vocal harmonies []


  • Progressive rock
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