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The Unraveling by Rise Against [2005] [album editions]

The Unraveling (Rise Against)

Track listing

1Alive and Well
2My Life Inside Your Heart
3Great Awakening
4Six Ways 'Til Sunday
5401 Kill
6The Art of Losing
7Remains of Summer Memories
8The Unraveling
9Reception Fades
10Stained Glass and Marble
12Sometimes Selling Out is Giving Up
133 Day Weekend
141000 Good Intentions
15Weight of Time
16Faint Resemblance
17Join the Ranks

Rise Against albums

1Appeal To Reason[ 2008 ]
2Endgame[ 2011 ]
3Revolutions Per Minute[ 2003 ]
4Siren Song of the Counter Culture[ 2004 ]
5The Black Market[ 2014 ]
6The Sufferer and the Witness[ 2006 ]
7The Unraveling[ 2005 ]
8This Is Noise[ 2008 ]
1Appeal To Reason (Rise Against)
2Endgame (Rise Against)
3Revolutions Per Minute (Rise Against)
4Siren Song of the Counter Culture (Rise Against)
5The Black Market (Rise Against)
6The Sufferer and the Witness (Rise Against)
7The Unraveling (Rise Against)
8This Is Noise (Rise Against)

Rise Against songs

11000 Good Intentions [from the "The Unraveling"]03:07
23 Day Weekend [from the "The Unraveling"]01:03
3401 Kill [from the "The Unraveling"]03:19
4A Beautiful Indifference [from the "The Black Market"]03:24
5A Gentlemen's Coup [from the "Endgame"]03:46
6Alive and Well [from the "The Unraveling"]02:06
7Amber Changing [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]03:38
8Any Way You Want It [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]02:57
9Anywhere But Here [from the "Siren Song of the Counter Culture"]03:38
10Architects [from the "Endgame"]03:42
11Audience Of One [from the "Appeal To Reason"]04:05
12Awake Too Long [from the "The Black Market"]03:12
13Behind Closed Doors [from the "The Sufferer and the Witness"]03:15
14Black Masks & Gasoline [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]02:59
15Blood Red, White, & Blue [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]03:39
16Blood To Bleed [from the "Siren Song of the Counter Culture"]03:48
17Bricks [from the "The Sufferer and the Witness"]01:30
18Bridges [from the "The Black Market"]04:06
19Broken English [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]03:25
20Broken Mirrors [from the "Endgame"]03:54
21But Tonight We Dance [from the "This Is Noise"]02:48
22Chamber The Cartridge [from the "The Sufferer and the Witness"]03:34
23Collapse (Post-Amerika) [from the "Appeal To Reason"]03:19
24Dancing For Rain [from the "Siren Song of the Counter Culture"]04:01
25Dead Ringer [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]01:31
26Disparity By Design [from the "Endgame"]03:48
27Drones [from the "The Sufferer and the Witness"]03:01
28Elective Amnesia [from the "Appeal To Reason"]03:54
29Endgame [from the "Endgame"]03:24
30Entertainment [from the "Appeal To Reason"]03:34
31Everchanging [from the "The Unraveling"]03:47
32Everchanging (Acoustic) [from the "This Is Noise"]04:21
33Faint Resemblance [from the "The Unraveling"]02:51
34From Heads Unworthy [from the "Appeal To Reason"]03:42
35Gethsemane [from the "The Unraveling"]02:30
36Give It All [from the "Siren Song of the Counter Culture"]02:50
37Great Awakening [from the "The Unraveling"]01:35
38Hairline Fracture [from the "Appeal To Reason"]04:02
39Halfway There [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]03:41
40Heaven Knows [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]03:23
41Help Is on the Way [from the "Endgame"]03:57
42Hero of War [from the "Appeal To Reason"]04:13
43Historia Calamitatum [from the "Appeal To Reason"]03:23
44I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore [from the "The Black Market"]04:00
45Injection [from the "The Sufferer and the Witness"]03:19
46Join the Ranks [from the "The Unraveling"]01:26
47Kotov Syndrome [from the "Appeal To Reason"]03:04
48Lanterns [from the "Endgame"]03:49
49Last Chance Blueprint [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]02:14
50Life Less Frightening [from the "Siren Song of the Counter Culture"]03:44
51Like The Angel [from the "Revolutions Per Minute"]02:46
52Like The Angel (Warped Tour Live In Portland 2006) [from the "This Is Noise"]03:08
53Long Forgotten Sons [from the "Appeal To Reason"]04:01
54Make It Stop (September's Children) [from the "Endgame"]03:54
55Methadone [from the "The Black Market"]03:48
56Midnight Hands [from the "Endgame"]04:17
57Minor Threat [from the "This Is Noise"]01:41
58Minor Threat (Minor Threat cover) [from the "Appeal To Reason"]02:28
59My Life Inside Your Heart [from the "The Unraveling"]03:02
60Nervous Breakdown [from the "This Is Noise"]02:07

Rise Against

Rise Against

Rise Against is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1999. []


  • Melodic hardcore,
  • Punk rock,
  • Hardcore punk
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