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Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004) by Placebo [2004] [album editions]

Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004) (Placebo)

Track listing

136 Degrees
2Teenage Angst
3Nancy Boy
4Bruise Pristine
5Pure Morning
6You Don't Care About Us
7Every You Every Me
8Without You I'm Nothing
9Taste In Men
10Slave To The Wage
11Special K
13The Bitter End
14This Picture
15Special Needs
16English Summer Rain
17Protиge Moi
18I Do
19Twenty Years

Placebo albums

1Black Market Music[ 2000 ]
2Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
3Meds[ 2006 ]
4Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)[ 2004 ]
5Placebo[ 1996 ]
6Sleeping With Ghosts[ 2003 ]
7Without You I'm Nothing[ 1998 ]
1Black Market Music (Placebo)
2Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Meds (Placebo)
4Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004) (Placebo)
5Placebo (Placebo)
6Sleeping With Ghosts (Placebo)
7Without You I'm Nothing (Placebo)

Placebo songs

136 Degrees [from the "Placebo"]03:06
236 Degrees [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:07
3Allergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth) [from the "Without You I'm Nothing"]03:49
4Ask For Answers [from the "Without You I'm Nothing"]05:19
5Because I Want You [from the "Meds"]03:21
6Bionic [from the "Placebo"]05:02
7Black Market Blood [from the "Black Market Music"]03:52
8Black-Eyed [from the "Black Market Music"]03:48
9Black-Eyed [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:44
10Blind [from the "Meds"]04:00
11Blue American [from the "Black Market Music"]03:31
12Brick Shithouse [from the "Without You I'm Nothing"]03:18
13Broken Promise ((ft. Michael Stipe) [from the "Meds"]04:11
14Bruise Pristine [from the "Placebo"]03:36
15Bruise Pristine [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:36
16Bulletproof Cupid [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]02:22
17Burger Queen [from the "Without You I'm Nothing"]22:39
18Centrefolds [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]05:01
19Come Home [from the "Placebo"]05:10
20Commercial For Levi [from the "Black Market Music"]02:20
21Days Before You Came [from the "Black Market Music"]02:33
22Drag [from the "Meds"]03:19
23English Summer Rain [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]04:01
24English Summer Rain [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:10
25Every You Every Me [from the "Without You I'm Nothing"]03:34
26Every You Every Me [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:34
27Every You Every Me (Single Mix) - Placebo [from the "Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack)"]03:35
28Follow The Cops Back Home [from the "Meds"]04:38
29Haemoglobin [from the "Black Market Music"]03:46
30Hang On To Your IQ [from the "Placebo"]05:14
31HK Farewell (Bonus Track) [from the "Placebo"]07:32
32I Do [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]02:27
33I Know [from the "Placebo"]04:45
34I'll Be Yours [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]03:32
35In The Cold Light Of The Mornihg [from the "Meds"]03:51
36Infra - Red [from the "Meds"]03:14
37Lady Of The Flowers [from the "Placebo"]04:48
38Meds (ft. VV Of The Kills) [from the "Meds"]02:54
39My Sweet Prince [from the "Without You I'm Nothing"]05:46
40Nancy Boy [from the "Placebo"]03:47
41Nancy Boy [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:19
42Narcoleptic [from the "Black Market Music"]04:22
43One Of A Kind [from the "Meds"]03:19
44Passive Aggressive [from the "Black Market Music"]05:23
45Peeping Tom [from the "Black Market Music"]05:15
46Pierrot The Clown [from the "Meds"]04:21
47Plasticine [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]03:26
48Post Blue [from the "Meds"]03:11
49Protect Me From What I Want [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]03:13
50Protиge Moi [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:14
51Pure Morning [from the "Without You I'm Nothing"]04:14
52Pure Morning [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:59
53Scared Of Girls [from the "Without You I'm Nothing"]03:01
54Second Sight [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]02:49
55Slave To The Wage [from the "Black Market Music"]04:06
56Slave To The Wage [from the "Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004)"]03:46
57Sleeping With Ghosts [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]04:39
58Something Rotten [from the "Sleeping With Ghosts"]05:28
59Song To Say Goodbye [from the "Meds"]03:35
60Space Monkey [from the "Meds"]03:50



Placebo are an alternative rock band formed in London in 1994. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-punk revival
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