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Planet Earth by Prince [2007] [album editions]

Planet Earth (Prince)

Track listing

1Planet Earth
3Somewhere Here On Earth
4The One U Wanna C
5Future Baby Mama
6Mr. Goodnight
7All The Midnights In The World
8Chelsea Rodgers
9Lion Of Judah

Prince albums

120Ten[ 2010 ]
23121[ 2006 ]
3Around The World In A Day[ 1985 ]
4Art Official Age[ 2014 ]
5Crystal Ball[ 1998 ]
6Diamonds And Pearls[ 1991 ]
7LOtUSFLOW3R[ 2009 ]
8MplSound[ 2009 ]
9N.E.W.S.[ 2003 ]
10Parade[ 1986 ]
11Planet Earth[ 2007 ]
12PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)[ 2014 ]
13Sign 'O' The Times[ 1987 ]
120Ten (Prince)
23121 (Prince)
3Around The World In A Day (Prince)
4Art Official Age (Prince)
5Crystal Ball (Prince)
6Diamonds And Pearls (Prince)
7LOtUSFLOW3R (Prince)
8MplSound (Prince)
9N.E.W.S. (Prince)
10Parade (Prince)
11Planet Earth (Prince)
12PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl) (Prince)
13Sign 'O' The Times (Prince)

Prince songs

61Future Soul Song [from the "20Ten"]05:08
62Get Loose [from the "Crystal Ball"]03:31
63Get On The Boat [from the "3121"]06:19
64Gett Off [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]04:31
65Girls & Boys [from the "Parade"]05:29
66Good Love [from the "Crystal Ball"]04:55
67Goodbye [from the "Crystal Ball"]04:34
68Guitar [from the "Planet Earth"]03:45
69Here [from the "MplSound"]05:15
70Hide the Bone [from the "Crystal Ball"]05:03
71Hot Thing [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]05:39
72Housequake [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]04:42
73I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]06:29
74I Wonder U [from the "Parade"]01:40
75If I Was Your Girlfriend [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]05:02
76Incense And Candles [from the "3121"]04:04
77Insatiable [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]06:39
78Interactive [from the "Crystal Ball"]03:03
79It [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]05:09
80It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]09:01
81Jughead [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]04:57
82Kiss [from the "Parade"]03:37
83Last Heart [from the "Crystal Ball"]03:01
84Lavaux [from the "20Ten"]03:03
85Life Can Be So Nice [from the "Parade"]03:13
86Lion Of Judah [from the "Planet Earth"]04:10
87Live 4 Love [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]06:59
88Lolita [from the "3121"]04:06
89Love [from the "3121"]05:45
90Love Like Jazz [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]03:49
91Love Sign [from the "Crystal Ball"]03:52
92Make Your Mama Happy [from the "Crystal Ball"]04:00
93Marz [from the "PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)"]01:48
94Money Don't Matter 2 Night [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]04:46
95Mountains [from the "Parade"]03:57
96Movie Star [from the "Crystal Ball"]04:25
97Mr. Goodnight [from the "Planet Earth"]04:26
98New Position [from the "Parade"]02:20
99No More Candy 4 U [from the "MplSound"]04:14
100North [from the "N.E.W.S."]14:00
101Ol' Skool Company [from the "MplSound"]07:30
102P. Control [from the "Crystal Ball"]05:59
103Paisley Park [from the "Around The World In A Day"]04:42
104Planet Earth [from the "Planet Earth"]05:51
105Play In The Sunshine [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]05:05
106Plectrumelectrum (instrumental) [from the "PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)"]04:51
107Poom Poom [from the "Crystal Ball"]04:32
108Pop Life [from the "Around The World In A Day"]03:43
109Pretzelbodylogic [from the "PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)"]03:26
110Push [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]05:53
111Raspberry Beret [from the "Around The World In A Day"]03:33
112Resolution [from the "Planet Earth"]03:40
113Ripopgodazippa [from the "Crystal Ball"]04:39
114Satisfied [from the "3121"]02:50
115Sea Of Everything [from the "20Ten"]03:49
116Sexual Suicide [from the "Crystal Ball"]03:39
117She Gave Her Angels [from the "Crystal Ball"]03:52
118Sign O The Times [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]04:56
119Slow Love [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]04:22
120So Dark [from the "Crystal Ball"]05:14



Prince Rogers Nelson is an American musician. Prince is prolific, having released several hundred songs both under his own name and with other artists. He has won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the first year he was eligible in 2004. []


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