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Best Of UGK by UGK [2003] [album editions]

Best Of UGK (UGK)

Track listing

1I Left It Wet for You
2Something Good
4It's Supposed to Bubble
5Pocket Full of Stones
6Diamonds & Wood
7Short Texas
8Let Me See It
9Front, Back, & Side to Side
10Ain't that a Bitch (Ask Yourself) (feat. Devin the Dude)
11Protect & Serve
12Choppin' Blades
13Good Stuff
14Pocket Full of Stones (Pimp C remix)
15One Day

UGK albums

1Best Of UGK[ 2003 ]
2Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)[ 2007 ]
3Ridin' Dirty[ 1996 ]
4Super Tight[ 1994 ]
5The Bigtyme Way[ 2011 ]
6Too Hard To Swallow[ 1992 ]
7UGK 4 Life[ 2009 ]
8Underground Kingz[ 2007 ]
1Best Of UGK (UGK)
2Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (UGK)
3Ridin' Dirty (UGK)
4Super Tight (UGK)
5The Bigtyme Way (UGK)
6Too Hard To Swallow (UGK)
7UGK 4 Life (UGK)
8Underground Kingz (UGK)

UGK songs

13 in the Mornin' [from the "Ridin' Dirty"]05:41
27 Executioners (Bun B ft. Big Born 2Wice) [from the "The Bigtyme Way"]05:11
37th Street (Interlude) [from the "UGK 4 Life"]01:26
4976-Bun B [from the "Too Hard To Swallow"]02:48
5Ain't that a Bitch (Ask Yourself) (feat. Devin the Dude) [from the "Best Of UGK"]04:44
6Candy [from the "Underground Kingz"]03:30
7Choppin' Blades [from the "Best Of UGK"]04:47
8Chrome Plated Woman [from the "Underground Kingz"]04:18
9Cocaine (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "Underground Kingz"]04:50
10Cocaine in the Back of the Ride [from the "Too Hard To Swallow"]03:44
11Cramping My Style [from the "Too Hard To Swallow"]04:45
12Cut U N 1/2 (ft. Point Blank) [from the "The Bigtyme Way"]03:18
13Da Game Been Good To Me [from the "UGK 4 Life"]04:20
14Diamonds & Wood [from the "Best Of UGK"]05:14
15Diamonds & Wood [from the "Ridin' Dirty"]05:13
16Everybody Wanna Ball [from the "UGK 4 Life"]03:57
17Feds In Town [from the "Super Tight"]05:32
18Feel Like I'm the One Who's Doin' Dope [from the "Too Hard To Swallow"]06:17
19Feelin' You [from the "UGK 4 Life"]03:54
20Front, Back & Side to Side [from the "Super Tight"]05:13
21Front, Back, & Side to Side [from the "Best Of UGK"]05:14
22Fuck My Car [from the "Ridin' Dirty"]03:59
23Good Stuff [from the "Best Of UGK"]03:51
24Good Stuff [from the "Ridin' Dirty"]03:48
25Gravy [from the "Underground Kingz"]04:57
26Grind Hard (ft. Young T.O.E. & DJ B-Do) [from the "Underground Kingz"]04:03
27Hard As Hell (ft. Akon) [from the "UGK 4 Life"]03:55
28Harry Asshole (ft. Lil Boosie And Webbie) [from the "UGK 4 Life"]04:14
29Heaven [from the "Underground Kingz"]04:20
30Hi-Life [from the "Ridin' Dirty"]05:25
31Hit The Block (ft. T.I.) [from the "Underground Kingz"]03:58
32How Long Can It Last (ft. Charlie Wilson) [from the "Underground Kingz"]06:47
33I Left It Wet for You [from the "Best Of UGK"]04:44
34I Left It Wet For You [from the "Super Tight"]04:45
35I'm So Bad [from the "Too Hard To Swallow"]03:34
36International Players Anthem (fFt. Three 6 Mafia) (Chopped & Screwed) (Bonus Track) [from the "Underground Kingz"]05:31
37International Players Anthem (ft. Three 6 Mafia) (Bonus Track) [from the "Underground Kingz"]03:20
38International Players Anthem (I Choose You) (ft. Outkast) [from the "Underground Kingz"]04:19
39Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Clean Version) (ft. Outkast) [from the "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)"]04:17
40Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Explicit Acappella) (ft. Outkast) [from the "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)"]03:56
41Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Explicit Version) (ft. Outkast) [from the "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)"]04:17
42Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Instrumental) (ft. Outkast) [from the "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)"]04:17
43Intro [from the "Ridin' Dirty"]01:06
44Intro [from the "UGK 4 Life"]01:45
45Intro (Banned) [from the "The Bigtyme Way"]02:24
46It's Supposed to Bubble [from the "Best Of UGK"]04:30
47It's Supposed to Bubble [from the "Super Tight"]04:30
48It's Too Hard Too Swallow [from the "Too Hard To Swallow"]05:19
49Let Me See It [from the "Best Of UGK"]04:13
50Life Is 2009 (ft. Too $hort) [from the "Underground Kingz"]04:08
51Like That [from the "Underground Kingz"]02:47
52Like That (Remix) [from the "Underground Kingz"]03:51
53Like Yesterday (DJ Screw Mix) [from the "The Bigtyme Way"]07:40
54Like Yesterday (ft. PSK-13) [from the "The Bigtyme Way"]04:55
55Living This Life [from the "Underground Kingz"]05:07
56Mr. Playa (ft. Point Blank & Bun B) [from the "The Bigtyme Way"]06:11
57Murder [from the "Best Of UGK"]03:52
58Murder [from the "Ridin' Dirty"]03:52
59Mutha Ain't Mine (Banned) [from the "The Bigtyme Way"]05:57
60Mutha Ain't Mine (Instrumental) [from the "The Bigtyme Way"]05:59



UGK (Underground Kingz) was formed in 1987 by the late Chad "Pimp C" Butler. He then joined with Bernard "Bun B" Freeman who became his longtime partner. They released their first major label album, Too Hard to Swallow in 1992. The group has also been featured on hit singles by other artists, such as on "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z and "Sippin' on Some Syrup" by Three 6 Mafia. []


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