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Chic-ism by Chic [1992] [album editions]

Chic-ism (Chic)

Track listing

1Chic Mystique
2Your Love
4Something You Can Feel
5One And Only One
6Doin' That Thing To Me
8In It To Win It
9My Love's For Real
10Take My Love
12M.M.F.T.C.F. (Make My Funk The Chic Funk)
13Chic Mystique (Reprise)

Chic albums

1Believer[ 1984 ]
2C'est Chic[ 1978 ]
3Chic[ 1977 ]
4Chic-ism[ 1992 ]
5Real People[ 1980 ]
6Risque[ 1979 ]
7Soup for One (Soundtrack)[ 1982 ]
8Take It Off[ 1981 ]
9Tongue in Chic[ 1982 ]
1Believer (Chic)
2C'est Chic (Chic)
3Chic (Chic)
4Chic-ism (Chic)
5Real People (Chic)
6Risque (Chic)
7Soup for One (Soundtrack) (Chic)
8Take It Off (Chic)
9Tongue in Chic (Chic)

Chic songs

1(Funny) Bone [from the "C'est Chic"]03:42
226 (Album & Single Version) [from the "Real People"]04:00
3A Warm Summer Night [from the "Risque"]06:10
4At Last I Am Free [from the "C'est Chic"]07:11
5Baby Doll [from the "Take It Off"]03:07
6Believer [from the "Believer"]05:06
7Burn Hard [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]05:14
8Burn Hard (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Take It Off"]05:13
9Burn Hard (7'' Version) [from the "Take It Off"]03:34
10Can't Stand to Love You [from the "Risque"]02:56
11Chic (Everybody Say) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]04:46
12Chic Cheer [from the "C'est Chic"]04:44
13Chic Mystique [from the "Chic-ism"]06:39
14Chic Mystique (Reprise) [from the "Chic-ism"]04:05
15Chicism [from the "Chic-ism"]04:06
16Chip Off The Old Block [from the "Real People"]05:00
17City Lights [from the "Tongue in Chic"]04:27
18Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) [from the "Chic"]08:22
19Doin' That Thing To Me [from the "Chic-ism"]04:07
20Dream Girl - Teddy Pendergrass [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]04:09
21Est-Ce Que C'est Chic [from the "Chic"]03:53
22Everybody Dance [from the "Chic"]06:41
23Falling In Love With You [from the "Chic"]04:29
24Flash Back [from the "Take It Off"]04:25
25Give Me The Lovin' (7'' Version) [from the "Believer"]03:32
26Give Me The Lovin' (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Believer"]04:40
27Good Times [from the "Risque"]08:08
28Hangin' (7'' Version) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]03:38
29Hangin' (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]05:11
30Happy Man [from the "C'est Chic"]04:26
31Hey Fool [from the "Tongue in Chic"]02:58
32High [from the "Chic-ism"]04:29
33I Feel Your Love Comin' On (7'' Version) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]03:42
34I Feel Your Love Comin' On (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Tongue in Chic"]06:52
35I Got Protection [from the "Real People"]06:26
36I Loved You More [from the "Real People"]03:08
37I Want Your Love [from the "C'est Chic"]06:57
38I Want Your Love [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]06:56
39I Work For A Livin' - Fonzi Thornton [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]03:28
40In It To Win It [from the "Chic-ism"]05:30
41In Love With Music [from the "Believer"]03:50
42Jump Jump - Debbie Harry [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]04:02
43Jusagroove [from the "Chic-ism"]03:42
44Just Out Of Reach [from the "Take It Off"]03:45
45Le Freak [from the "C'est Chic"]05:31
46Let's Go On Vacation - Sister Sledge [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]05:09
47M.M.F.T.C.F. (Make My Funk The Chic Funk) [from the "Chic-ism"]04:37
48My Feet Keep Dancing [from the "Risque"]06:38
49My Forbidden Lover [from the "Risque"]04:39
50My Love's For Real [from the "Chic-ism"]04:52
51One And Only One [from the "Chic-ism"]04:29
52Open Up [from the "Soup for One (Soundtrack)"]03:53
53Open Up [from the "Real People"]03:53
54Party Everybody (7'' Version) [from the "Believer"]03:28
55Party Everybody (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Believer"]04:57
56Real People (7'' Version) [from the "Real People"]03:45
57Real People (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Real People"]05:23
58Rebels Are We (Album & 12'' Version) [from the "Real People"]04:54
59Rebels We Are (7'' Version) [from the "Real People"]03:21
60Sao Paulo [from the "Chic"]05:01

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Chic was an African American disco and R&B band that was organized during 1976.

The group regarded themselves as a rock band for the disco movement "that made good on hippie peace, love and freedom".


  • Disco,
  • Soul,
  • R&B,
  • Funk
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