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When I Fall In Love by Chris Botti [2004] [album editions]

When I Fall In Love (Chris Botti)

Track listing

1When I Fall In Love
2What'll I Do? (ft. Paula Cole)
3No Ordinary Love
4My Romance
5Let's Fall In Love
6Cinema Paradiso (ft. Billy Childs)
7Someone To Watch Over Me
8La Belle Dame Sans Regrets (ft. Dominic Miller and Sting)
9Nearness Of You
10How Love Should Be (ft. Paula Cole)
11Make Someone Happy
12One For My Baby
13Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)

Chris Botti albums

1A Thousand Kisses Deep[ 2003 ]
2Caught (Soundtrack)[ 1996 ]
3First Wish[ 1995 ]
4In Boston[ 2009 ]
5Italia[ 2007 ]
6Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
7Midnight Without You[ 1997 ]
8Night Sessions[ 2001 ]
9Playing By Heart (Chet Baker, Chris Botti, John Barry)[ 2000 ]
10Slowing Down The World[ 1999 ]
11The Very Best Of Chris Botti[   ]
12To Love Again[ 2005 ]
13When I Fall In Love[ 2004 ]
1A Thousand Kisses Deep (Chris Botti)
2Caught (Soundtrack) (Chris Botti)
3First Wish (Chris Botti)
4In Boston (Chris Botti)
5Italia (Chris Botti)
6Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
7Midnight Without You (Chris Botti)
8Night Sessions (Chris Botti)
9Playing By Heart (Chet Baker, Chris Botti, John Barry) (Chris Botti)
10Slowing Down The World (Chris Botti)
11The Very Best Of Chris Botti (Chris Botti)
12To Love Again (Chris Botti)
13When I Fall In Love (Chris Botti)

Chris Botti songs

121Tenderly (Chet Baker) [from the "Playing By Heart (Chet Baker, Chris Botti, John Barry)"]06:38
122The Last Three Minutes [from the "A Thousand Kisses Deep"]03:31
123The Look [from the "Slowing Down The World"]04:21
124The Look [from the "A Thousand Kisses Deep"]04:21
125The Look Of Love [from the "A Thousand Kisses Deep"]05:16
126The Open Touch [from the "Slowing Down The World"]05:59
127The Open Touch [from the "A Thousand Kisses Deep"]05:59
128The Place Between Us [from the "Slowing Down The World"]04:38
129The Steps Of Positano [from the "Midnight Without You"]03:40
130The Very Thought Of You [from the "Italia"]04:53
131The Way Home [from the "Midnight Without You"]04:52
132The Way Home [from the "The Very Best Of Chris Botti"]04:51
133The Way You Look Tonight [from the "Italia"]04:16
134These Foolish Things (Chet Baker) [from the "Playing By Heart (Chet Baker, Chris Botti, John Barry)"]04:43
135Through An Open Windoow [from the "Night Sessions"]04:19
136Through Tin Hearts [from the "First Wish"]04:26
137Time To Say Goodbye [from the "In Boston"]05:12
138Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) [from the "When I Fall In Love"]04:44
139To Love Again [from the "To Love Again"]04:38
140Under A Painted Sky [from the "Slowing Down The World"]04:13
141Under A Painted Sky [from the "A Thousand Kisses Deep"]04:13
142Until Now [from the "Midnight Without You"]03:57
143Venice [from the "Italia"]04:31
144What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (ft. Sting) [from the "To Love Again"]05:05
145What'll I Do? (ft. Paula Cole) [from the "When I Fall In Love"]05:09
146What's New [from the "To Love Again"]03:59
147When I Fall In Love [from the "When I Fall In Love"]04:22
148When I Fall In Love [from the "In Boston"]08:34
149When I See You [from the "Night Sessions"]04:16
150When Rain Falls [from the "Midnight Without You"]04:25
151Where I'm Calling From [from the "Slowing Down The World"]05:50
152Why Not [from the "Slowing Down The World"]03:39
153Why Not [from the "The Very Best Of Chris Botti"]03:41
154Why Not [from the "A Thousand Kisses Deep"]03:39
155Worlds Outside [from the "First Wish"]04:38
156Worlds Outside [from the "The Very Best Of Chris Botti"]04:37
157You Go To My Head (Chet Baker) [from the "Playing By Heart (Chet Baker, Chris Botti, John Barry)"]05:53
158You Move Me [from the "Night Sessions"]05:10
159You Were Good to Me [from the "Caught (Soundtrack)"]01:45

Chris Botti

Chris Botti

Chris Botti is an American trumpeter and composer. Born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Corvallis, Oregon, he spent two years of his childhood growing up in Italy. His earliest musical influence was his mother, a classically trained pianist and part-time piano teacher. []


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