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The State by Nickelback [2000] [album editions]

The State (Nickelback)

Track listing

2Cowboy Hat
3Leader Of Men
4Old Enough
5Worthy To Say
6Diggin' This
8One Last Run
9Not Leavin' Yet
10Hold Out Your Hand
11Leader of Men (Acoustic)

Nickelback albums

1All the Right Reasons[ 2005 ]
2Curb[ 2002 ]
3Daredevil: The Album[ 2003 ]
4Dark Horse[ 2008 ]
5Here and Now[ 2011 ]
6Hesher[ 1996 ]
7Silver Side Up[ 2001 ]
8The Long Road[ 2003 ]
9The Scorpion King (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
10The State[ 2000 ]
1All the Right Reasons (Nickelback)
2Curb (Nickelback)
3Daredevil: The Album (Various artists)
4Dark Horse (Nickelback)
5Here and Now (Nickelback)
6Hesher (Nickelback)
7Silver Side Up (Nickelback)
8The Long Road (Nickelback)
9The Scorpion King (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
10The State (Nickelback)

Nickelback songs

1Animals [from the "All the Right Reasons"]03:06
2Another Hole In The Head [from the "The Long Road"]03:35
3Because Of You [from the "The Long Road"]03:30
4Believe It Or Not [from the "The Long Road"]04:08
5Bottoms Up [from the "Here and Now"]03:37
6Breathe [from the "The State"]03:58
7Burn it to the Ground [from the "Dark Horse"]03:31
8Cowboy Hat [from the "The State"]03:56
9Curb [from the "Curb"]04:51
10D.C. [from the "Hesher"]04:46
11Deep [from the "The State"]02:48
12Detangler [from the "Curb"]03:41
13Diggin' This [from the "The State"]03:01
14Do This Anymore [from the "The Long Road"]04:03
15Don't Ever Let It End [from the "Here and Now"]03:49
16Everything I Wanna Do [from the "Here and Now"]03:27
17Falls Back On [from the "Curb"]02:57
18Far Away [from the "All the Right Reasons"]03:58
19Feelin' Way Too Damn Good [from the "The Long Road"]04:16
20Fight For All The Wrong Reasons [from the "All the Right Reasons"]03:44
21Figured You Out [from the "The Long Road"]03:48
22Flat On The Floor [from the "The Long Road"]02:02
23Fly [from the "Hesher"]02:53
24Fly (Nickelback, Boyd) [from the "Curb"]02:53
25Follow You Home [from the "All the Right Reasons"]04:20
26Good Times Gone [from the "Silver Side Up"]05:18
27Gotta Be Somebody [from the "Dark Horse"]04:13
28Gotta Get Me Some [from the "Here and Now"]03:41
29Hangnail [from the "Silver Side Up"]03:56
30Hold Out Your Hand [from the "The State"]04:08
31Holding On to Heaven [from the "Here and Now"]03:51
32Hollywood [from the "Silver Side Up"]03:07
33How You Remind Me [from the "Silver Side Up"]03:45
34I Don't Have [from the "Curb"]04:08
35I'd Come For You [from the "Dark Horse"]04:22
36If Everyone Cared [from the "All the Right Reasons"]03:38
37If Today Was Your Last Day [from the "Dark Horse"]04:08
38In Front Of Me [from the "Hesher"]05:34
39Just For [from the "Silver Side Up"]04:05
40Just Four [from the "Curb"]03:54
41Just To Get High [from the "Dark Horse"]04:02
42Kiss It Goodbye [from the "Here and Now"]03:35
43Leader Of Men [from the "The State"]03:31
44Leader of Men (Acoustic) [from the "The State"]03:23
45Learn the Hard Way - Nickelback [from the "Daredevil: The Album"] 
46Learn The Hard Way (Bonus Track) [from the "The Long Road"]02:54
47Left [from the "Hesher"]04:00
48Left (Nickelback, Boyd) [from the "Curb"]04:03
49Little Friend [from the "Curb"]03:49
50Lullaby [from the "Here and Now"]03:48
51Midnight Queen [from the "Here and Now"]03:14
52Money Bought [from the "Silver Side Up"]03:27
53Never Again [from the "Silver Side Up"]04:22
54Never Gonna Be Alone [from the "Dark Horse"]03:47
55Next Contestant [from the "All the Right Reasons"]03:34
56Next Go Round [from the "Dark Horse"]03:45
57Not Leavin' Yet [from the "The State"]03:44
58Old Enough [from the "The State"]02:45
59One Last Run [from the "The State"]03:30
60Photograph [from the "All the Right Reasons"]04:19

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Nickelback is a post-grunge rock band founded in Hanah, Alberta in 1995. Canada. The band is signed to EMI at home and Roadrunner Records for the rest of the world. []


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