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What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong [1970] [album editions]

What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Track listing

1What a Wonderful World
2Evrybody's Talkin'
3Boy From New Orleans
4We Shall Overcome
5The Creator Has A Master Plan
6Moon Indigo
7This Black Cat Has 9 Lives
8My One And Only Love
9His father Wore Long Hair
10Give Peace a Chance

Louis Armstrong albums

1Ambassador Satch[ 1955 ]
2Country & Vestern[ 1970 ]
3Disney Songs The Satchmo Way[ 1968 ]
4Hello, Dolly![ 1964 ]
5Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)[ 1990 ]
6I Will Wait For You[ 1968 ]
7Louis and the Angels[ 1957 ]
8Louis and the Good Book[ 1958 ]
9Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947)[ 1996 ]
10Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson[ 1957 ]
11Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy[ 1954 ]
12Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939)[ 2007 ]
13Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940)[ 1996 ]
14Now You Has Jazz[ 1997 ]
15Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)[ 1958 ]
16Satch Plays Fats[ 1955 ]
17Satchmo at Pasadena[ 1951 ]
18Satchmo at Symphony Hall[ 1951 ]
19Satchmo In Style[ 1959 ]
20Satchmo Serenades[ 1952 ]
21Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)[ 1990 ]
22Singin' N' Playin'[ 1985 ]
23The Hot Fives, Vol. I[ 1988 ]
24Town Hall Concert Plus[ 1993 ]
25What a Wonderful World[ 1970 ]
1Ambassador Satch (Louis Armstrong)
2Country & Vestern (Louis Armstrong)
3Disney Songs The Satchmo Way (Louis Armstrong)
4Hello, Dolly! (Louis Armstrong)
5Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928) (Louis Armstrong)
6I Will Wait For You (Louis Armstrong)
7Louis and the Angels (Louis Armstrong)
8Louis and the Good Book (Louis Armstrong)
9Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947) (Louis Armstrong)
10Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson (Louis Armstrong)
11Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy (Louis Armstrong)
12Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939) (Louis Armstrong)
13Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940) (Louis Armstrong)
14Now You Has Jazz (Louis Armstrong)
15Porgy & Bess  (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong) (Louis Armstrong)
16Satch Plays Fats (Louis Armstrong)
17Satchmo at Pasadena (Louis Armstrong)
18Satchmo at Symphony Hall (Louis Armstrong)
19Satchmo In Style (Louis Armstrong)
20Satchmo Serenades (Louis Armstrong)
21Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947) (Louis Armstrong)
22Singin' N' Playin' (Louis Armstrong)
23The Hot Fives, Vol. I (Louis Armstrong)
24Town Hall Concert Plus (Louis Armstrong)
25What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong songs

301That's A Plenty [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]02:16
302That's My Desire [from the "Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947)"]04:48
303That's My Desire [from the "I Will Wait For You"]02:57
304That's My Desire [from the "Singin' N' Playin'"]05:32
305That's My Home [from the "Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)"]03:15
306That's What The Man Said [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]03:28
307The Ballad Of Davey Crockett [from the "Disney Songs The Satchmo Way"]03:15
308The Bare Necessities [from the "Disney Songs The Satchmo Way"]02:27
309The Creator Has A Master Plan [from the "What a Wonderful World"]04:11
310The Easy Part's Over [from the "Country & Vestern"]02:26
311The Faithful Hussar [from the "Ambassador Satch"]06:11
312The Flat Foot Floogie [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939)"]02:13
313The Gypsy In My Soul [from the "I Will Wait For You"]02:50
314The Happy Time [from the "I Will Wait For You"]02:24
315The Hucklebuck [from the "Satchmo at Pasadena"]03:34
316The Memphis Blues (or Mister Crump) [from the "Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy"]03:00
317The Prisoner's Song [from the "Louis and the Angels"]03:12
318The Whiffenpoof Song [from the "Satchmo In Style"]02:58
319There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York [from the "Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)"]04:54
320There's No You / Oscar (Emmanuel) Peterson [from the "Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson"] 
321This Black Cat Has 9 Lives [from the "What a Wonderful World"]02:40
322This Train [from the "Louis and the Good Book"]02:25
323Throw It Out of Your Mind [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]02:13
324Tiger Rag [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939)"] 
325Tiger Rag [from the "Ambassador Satch"]03:37
326Tin Roof Blues [from the "Ambassador Satch"]04:31
327Trees [from the "Satchmo In Style"]03:08
328Twelfth Street Rag [from the "Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)"]03:08
329Twelfth Street Rag [from the "Ambassador Satch"]04:59
330Undecided [from the "Ambassador Satch"]03:41
331'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans [from the "Satchmo at Pasadena"]05:42
332We Shall Overcome [from the "What a Wonderful World"]05:44
333Weary Blues [from the "Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)"]03:05
334West End Blues [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940)"]03:14
335West End Blues [from the "Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)"]03:17
336West End Blues [from the "Ambassador Satch"]04:16
337What a Wonderful World [from the "What a Wonderful World"]03:21
338What Is This Thing Called Swing [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940)"]05:09
339What Is This Thing Called Swing [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939)"]03:08
340What You Want Wild Bess? [from the "Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)"]01:58
341What's New? / Oscar (Emmanuel) Peterson [from the "Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson"] 
342When Did You Leave Heaven? [from the "Louis and the Angels"]03:42
343When It's Sleepy Time Down South [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940)"]03:30
344When It's Sleepy Time Down South [from the "Satchmo In Style"]03:23
345When It's Sleepy Time Down South [from the "Singin' N' Playin'"]01:19
346When It's Sleepy Time Down South - Harlem Stomp [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940)"]03:25
347When It's Sleepy Time Down South (alternative lyrics) [from the "Satchmo In Style"]03:14
348When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along [from the "Ambassador Satch"]02:06
349When You Wish Upon A Star [from the "Disney Songs The Satchmo Way"]04:27
350Where The Blues Were Born In New Orleans [from the "Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)"]03:09
351Whistle While You Work [from the "Disney Songs The Satchmo Way"]01:56
352Who' Sit [from the "The Hot Fives, Vol. I"]02:58
353Why Did Mrs. Marphy Leave Town [from the "Country & Vestern"]02:55
354Wild Man Blues [from the "Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)"]03:16
355Willie The Weeper [from the "Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)"]03:12
356Willkommen [from the "I Will Wait For You"]02:52
357Willow Weep for Me / Oscar (Emmanuel) Peterson [from the "Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson"] 
358Wolverine Blues [from the "Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)"]03:16
359Wolverton Mountain [from the "Country & Vestern"]03:19
360Yellow Dog Blues [from the "Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy"]04:17

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

Louis Daniel Armstrong was one of the most famous jazz musicians of the 20th century.


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  • What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

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