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Ripe by Ben Lee [2007] [album editions]

Ripe (Ben Lee)

Track listing

1Love Me Like the World Is Ending (ft. Rachael Yamagata)
2American Television (ft. Rooney)
3Birds and Bees (ft. Mandy Moore)
4Is This How Love's Supposed to Feel? (ft. Charlotte Martin)
7What Would Jay-Z Do?
8Sex Without Love (ft. Benji Madden)
11Just Say Yes

Ben Lee albums

1Awake Is the New Sleep[ 2005 ]
2Love Is the Great Rebellion[ 2015 ]
3Ripe[ 2007 ]
4The Rebirth of Venus[ 2009 ]
1Awake Is the New Sleep (Ben Lee)
2Love Is the Great Rebellion (Ben Lee)
3Ripe (Ben Lee)
4The Rebirth of Venus (Ben Lee)

Ben Lee songs

1Ache for You [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]04:05
2American Television (ft. Rooney) [from the "Ripe"]03:41
3Apple Candy [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]03:22
4Bad Poetry [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:41
5Begin [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]04:13
6Ben Lee (originally by Ataris) [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]02:20
7Big Love [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]03:13
8Birds and Bees (ft. Mandy Moore) [from the "Ripe"]03:10
9Blue Denim [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]04:02
10Blush [from the "Ripe"]03:56
11Boy With a Barbie [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:27
12Catch My Disease [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]04:14
13Close Ive Come [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]03:23
14Don't Let the Fire Die [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]05:03
15Everybody Dies [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]03:53
16Everything Is OK [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]03:57
17Families Cheating at Boardgame [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]05:42
18Forgiveness [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]03:25
19Gamble Everything for Love [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]03:21
20Get Gotten [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]03:07
21Giving Up On Miracles [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]04:38
22God Is a Fire [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]04:07
23Goodbye to Yesterday [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]04:14
24Happiness [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]03:13
25Home [from the "Ripe"]02:40
26Hungry [from the "Ripe"]03:35
27I Love Pop Music [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:35
28I'm A Woman Too [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:21
29I'm Changing My Mind [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]05:07
30Im Willing [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]04:01
31Into the Dark [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]02:46
32Is This How Love's Supposed to Feel? (ft. Charlotte Martin) [from the "Ripe"]04:19
33Just Say Yes [from the "Ripe"]05:23
34Kids (originally by MGMT) [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]02:55
35Light [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]09:48
36Love Me Like the World Is Ending (ft. Rachael Yamagata) [from the "Ripe"]03:46
37New Wave (originally by Agains [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:28
38No Right Angles [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]03:34
39Numb [from the "Ripe"]02:58
40Ripe [from the "Ripe"]03:11
41Rise Up [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]04:25
42Rock Boys (originally by The Grates) [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]02:20
43Sex Without Love (ft. Benji Madden) [from the "Ripe"]03:31
44Sing [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:15
45Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:38
46Surrender [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:16
47The Body of Love [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]04:29
48The Debt Collectors [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]02:50
49The Universe Inside [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]04:47
50Throw Your Arms Around Me (originally by Hunters and Collectors) [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]04:34
51Victory [from the "Love Is the Great Rebellion"]03:11
52Were All in this Together [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]04:39
53What Would Jay-Z Do? [from the "Ripe"]02:55
54Whatever it is [from the "Awake Is the New Sleep"]03:18
55What's So Bad (About Feeling Good) [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]04:39
56Woman Is the Nigger of the World (originally by John Lennon) [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]04:11
57Yoko Ono [from the "The Rebirth of Venus"]03:42

Ben Lee

Ben Lee

Benjamin Michael "Ben" Lee is an Australian ARIA Award winning musician and actor. []


  • Indie pop
  • Ripe by Ben Lee

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