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All My Life by Viper [2007] [album editions]

All My Life (Viper)

Track listing

1All My Life
2Come on Come on
3Miles Away
4Not That Easy
5Love is All
6Cross the Line
7Do it all Again
10Soldier Boy
11Rising Sun

Viper albums

1All My Life[ 2007 ]
2Coma Rage[ 1994 ]
3Evolution[ 1992 ]
4Maniacs in Japan[ 1993 ]
5Rave Massacre 5[ 1997 ]
6Tem Pra Todo Mundo[ 1996 ]
1All My Life (Viper)
2Coma Rage (Viper)
3Evolution (Viper)
4Maniacs in Japan (Viper)
5Rave Massacre 5 (Various artists)
6Tem Pra Todo Mundo (Viper)

Viper songs

12 Live Again [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]03:06
2405 South [from the "Coma Rage"]01:15
38 De Abril [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]04:09
4A Cry From The Edge [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]04:57
5A Face In The Crowd [from the "Coma Rage"]03:51
6Acid Heart [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]03:08
7Agradecimentos [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]07:49
8All My Life [from the "All My Life"]03:46
9Alvo [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]03:10
10Blast! [from the "Coma Rage"]02:21
11Coma Rage [from the "Coma Rage"]02:54
12Come on Come on [from the "All My Life"]04:42
13Coming From The Inside [from the "Evolution"]03:55
14Coming From The Inside [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]04:02
15Crime Na Cidade [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]02:51
16Cross the Line [from the "All My Life"]05:08
17Dance Of Madness [from the "Evolution"]04:30
18Day Before [from the "Coma Rage"]02:43
19Dead Light [from the "Evolution"]04:06
20Dead Light [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]03:53
21Dinheiro [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]02:56
22Do it all Again [from the "All My Life"]03:48
23Dreamer [from the "All My Life"]03:59
24Evolution [from the "Evolution"]05:17
25Evolution [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]07:08
26Far And Near [from the "Coma Rage"]03:16
27God Machine [from the "Coma Rage"]03:04
28I Fought the Law [from the "Coma Rage"]02:16
29I Wanna Be Sedated [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]02:15
30If I Die by Hate [from the "Coma Rage"]03:33
31Keep the Words [from the "Coma Rage"]04:14
32Knights Of Destruction [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]03:06
33Living For The Night [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]05:34
34Love is All [from the "All My Life"]06:55
35Lucinha Bordon [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]02:31
36Mais Do Mesmo [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]02:46
37Makin' Love [from the "Coma Rage"]04:16
38Miles Away [from the "All My Life"]03:33
39Miracle [from the "All My Life"]04:28
40Na Cara Do Gol [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]02:32
41Nao Quero Dinheiro [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]03:04
42Not Ready To Get Up [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]03:44
43Not That Easy [from the "All My Life"]04:21
44Pictures Of Hate [from the "Evolution"]04:40
45Quinze Anos [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]03:56
46Rebel Maniac [from the "Evolution"]03:33
47Rebel Maniac [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]04:01
48Rising Sun [from the "All My Life"]05:25
49Soldier Boy [from the "All My Life"]02:51
50Somebody Told Me You're Dead [from the "Coma Rage"]02:30
51Still The Same [from the "Evolution"]04:31
52Still The Same (Drum Solo) [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]07:14
53Straight Ahead [from the "Coma Rage"]04:11
54Sбbado [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]02:59
55The Last Song [from the "Coma Rage"]04:03
56The One You Need [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]03:37
57The Shelter [from the "Evolution"]04:04
58The Shelter [from the "Maniacs in Japan"]03:38
59The Spreading Soul [from the "Evolution"]04:53
60Um Dia [from the "Tem Pra Todo Mundo"]03:34



Viper is a Brazilian power/speed metal band formed in 1985 initially highly influenced by Iron Maiden and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, later developing a very particular sound. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Power metal,
  • Speed metal
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