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Greatest Hits by Womack & Womack [2000] [album editions]

Greatest Hits (Womack & Womack)

Track listing

1Teardrops [Remix]
2Celebrate the World [Radio Edit]
3Slave (Just for Love)
4Conscious Of My Conscience
5Good Man Monologue
6MPB (Missing Person Bureau) [Remix]
7Life's Just a Ball Game [Radio Remix]
8Friends (So Called)
9I Am Love
10Love Wars [Live]
11Take Me Home Country Roads [Live]
12Family [Live]
13Rejoice [Live]

Womack & Womack albums

1Conscience[ 1988 ]
2Family Spirit[ 1991 ]
3Greatest Hits[ 2000 ]
4Love Wars[ 1983 ]
5Radio M.U.S.C. Man[ 1985 ]
6Starbright[ 1986 ]
7Transformation to the House of Zekkariyas[ 1993 ]
1Conscience (Womack & Womack)
2Family Spirit (Womack & Womack)
3Greatest Hits (Womack & Womack)
4Love Wars (Womack & Womack)
5Radio M.U.S.C. Man (Womack & Womack)
6Starbright (Womack & Womack)
7Transformation to the House of Zekkariyas (Womack & Womack)

Womack & Womack songs

61T.K.O. [from the "Love Wars"]04:13
62Take Me [from the "Starbright"]04:30
63Take Me Home Country Roads [Live] [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:45
64Teardrops [from the "Conscience"]05:03
65Teardrops [Remix] [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:54
66The Reason (Must Be Love) [from the "Starbright"]03:44
67Understanding [from the "Transformation to the House of Zekkariyas"]04:21
68United (In Paradise) [from the "Family Spirit"]03:29
69Uptown [from the "Family Spirit"]07:04
70Woman [from the "Love Wars"]04:17

Womack & Womack

Womack & Womack

Cecil D. Womack (born September 25, 1947), is one of the famous musical Womack brothers.

Although lesser known than his elder brother Bobby, he has had some success both as a songwriter and recording artist, latterly with his wife Linda, as Womack and Womack.


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