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Le Parc by Tangerine Dream [1985] [album editions]

Le Parc (Tangerine Dream)

Track listing

1Bois de Boulogne (Paris)
2Central Park (New York)
3Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barcelona)
4Tiergarten (Berlin)
5Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto)
6Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk)
7Hyde Park (London)
8The Cliffs of Sydney (Sydney)
9Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains)

Tangerine Dream albums

1Le Parc[ 1985 ]
2Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)[ 1986 ]
3Mars Polaris[ 1999 ]
4Phaedra[ 1992 ]
5Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)[ 2013 ]
6The Island of the Fay[ 2011 ]
1Le Parc (Tangerine Dream)
2Legend (Music from the Motion Picture) (Tangerine Dream)
3Mars Polaris (Tangerine Dream)
4Phaedra (Tangerine Dream)
5Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May) (Tangerine Dream)
6The Island of the Fay (Tangerine Dream)

Tangerine Dream songs

1Astrophobia [from the "Mars Polaris"]09:58
2Beauty of Magic Antagonism [from the "The Island of the Fay"]05:58
3Beauty of Magic Antagonism [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]06:26
4Blue Room [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]03:24
5Bois de Boulogne (Paris) [from the "Le Parc"]05:25
6Breath Kissing Matter’s Mouth [from the "The Island of the Fay"]08:59
7Central Park (New York) [from the "Le Parc"]03:41
8Comet's Figure Head [from the "Mars Polaris"]10:02
9Cottage [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]03:21
10Cycle of Eternity [from the "The Island of the Fay"]06:46
11Darkness [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]03:05
12Darkness Veiling the Night [from the "The Island of the Fay"]08:44
13Death in the Shadow [from the "The Island of the Fay"]09:08
14Deep Space Cruiser [from the "Mars Polaris"]04:42
15Dies Martis (TransMercury) [from the "Mars Polaris"]04:01
16Fairies [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]02:57
17Fay Bewitching The Moon [from the "The Island of the Fay"]11:01
18Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barcelona) [from the "Le Parc"]05:14
19Goblins [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]03:01
20Hyde Park (London) [from the "Le Parc"]04:00
21Is Your Love Strong Enough? [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]05:12
22Last Horizon [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]05:57
23Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk) [from the "Le Parc"]03:21
24Loved by the Sun [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]05:56
25Marmontel Riding on a Clef [from the "The Island of the Fay"]07:46
26Marmontel Riding on a Clef [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]08:13
27Mars Mission Counter [from the "Mars Polaris"]05:45
28Moment of Floating Into the Light [from the "The Island of the Fay"]09:27
29Movements Of A Visionary [from the "Phaedra"]08:01
30Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares [from the "Phaedra"]09:54
31Nothing and All [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]02:12
32Novice [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]05:06
33Nutshell Awakening [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]07:19
34One Night In Space [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]07:32
35Opening [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]02:54
36Outland (The Colony) [from the "Mars Polaris"]09:16
37Phaedra [from the "Phaedra"]17:45
38Pilots of the Ether Belt [from the "Mars Polaris"]10:15
39Rim of Schiaparelli [from the "Mars Polaris"]06:15
40Sequent C [from the "Phaedra"]02:18
41Shinning Ray [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]05:35
42Spiral Star Date (Level Pluto) [from the "Mars Polaris"]06:13
43Supernova (Real Star Sounds) [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]10:40
44Tharsis Maneuver [from the "Mars Polaris"]04:31
45The Cliffs of Sydney (Sydney) [from the "Le Parc"]05:45
46The Dance [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]02:24
47The Kitchen (The Unicorn Theme Reprise) [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]04:53
48Tiergarten (Berlin) [from the "Le Parc"]03:10
49Trauma [from the "Starmus - Sonic Universe (with Brian May)"]09:31
50Unicorn Theme [from the "Legend (Music from the Motion Picture)"]03:23
51Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains) [from the "Le Parc"]06:12
52Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto) [from the "Le Parc"]04:52

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream are a German electronic music group founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese. []


  • Electronic music,
  • Ambient,
  • new-age,
  • Drum and bass,
  • Psychedelic
  • Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk) by Tangerine Dream

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