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Alas I Cannot Swim by Laura Marling [2008] [album editions]

Alas I Cannot Swim (Laura Marling)

Track listing

2Old Stone
3Tap At My Window
5You're No God
6Cross Your Fingers
7Crawled Out Of The Sea (Interlude)
8My Manic and I
9Night Terror
10The Captain And Hourglass
12Your Only Doll (Dora)

Laura Marling albums

1A Creature I Don't Know[ 2011 ]
2Alas I Cannot Swim[ 2008 ]
1A Creature I Don't Know (Laura Marling)
2Alas I Cannot Swim (Laura Marling)

Laura Marling songs

1All My Rage [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]02:47
2Crawled Out Of The Sea (Interlude) [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]01:16
3Cross Your Fingers [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]02:23
4Don't Ask Me Why [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]03:58
5Failure [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]03:21
6Ghosts [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]03:01
7I Was Just a Card [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]03:30
8My Friends [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]03:58
9My Manic and I [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]03:56
10Night After Night [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]05:08
11Night Terror [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]03:09
12Old Stone [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]02:59
13Rest in the Bed [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]03:08
14Salinas [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]04:37
15Shine [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]02:39
16Sophia [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]04:51
17Tap At My Window [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]02:47
18The Beast [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]05:45
19The Captain And Hourglass [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]03:09
20The Muse [from the "A Creature I Don't Know"]03:40
21Your Only Doll (Dora) [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]07:18
22You're No God [from the "Alas I Cannot Swim"]02:27

Laura Marling

Laura Marling

Laura Beatrice Marling is an English folk singer-songwriter and musician from Eversley. []


  • Alternative,
  • Folk rock
  • My Manic and I by Laura Marling

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