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Five Live Yardbirds by The Yardbirds [1964] [album editions]

Five Live Yardbirds (The Yardbirds)

Track listing

1Too Much Monkey Business
2Got Love If You Want It
3Smokestack Lightinin'
4Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
6Five Long Years
7Pretty Girl
9I'm a Man
10Here 'Tis
11You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover
12Let It Rock
13I Wish You Would
14Who Do You Love?
15Honey In Your Hips
16A Certain Girl
17Got To Hurry
18Boom Boom
19I Ain't Got You
20Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Studio

The Yardbirds albums

1Birdland[ 2003 ]
2Five Live Yardbirds[ 1964 ]
3For Your Love[ 1965 ]
4Having a Rave Up[ 1965 ]
5Little Games[ 1967 ]
6Live! Blueswailing July '64[ 1964 ]
7London The First Recordings[ 1963 ]
8Roger the Engineer[ 1966 ]
9Yardbirds With Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton[ 1992 ]
1Birdland (The Yardbirds)
2Five Live Yardbirds (The Yardbirds)
3For Your Love (The Yardbirds)
4Having a Rave Up (The Yardbirds)
5Little Games (The Yardbirds)
6Live! Blueswailing July '64 (The Yardbirds)
7London The First Recordings (The Yardbirds)
8Roger the Engineer (The Yardbirds)
9Yardbirds With Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton (The Yardbirds)

The Yardbirds songs

61I'm a Man [from the "Yardbirds With Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton"]02:38
62I'm a Man [from the "Five Live Yardbirds"]04:29
63I'm a Man [from the "Having a Rave Up"]02:38
64I'm a Man II [from the "Having a Rave Up"]04:31
65I'm Not Talking [from the "For Your Love"]02:33
66I'm Not Talking [from the "Birdland"]02:44
67Jeff's Blues [from the "Having a Rave Up"]03:04
68Jeff's Boogie [from the "Roger the Engineer"]02:25
69Let It Rock [from the "London The First Recordings"]02:21
70Let It Rock [from the "Five Live Yardbirds"]02:16
71Like Jimmy Reed Again [from the "Having a Rave Up"]03:04
72Little Games [from the "Little Games"]02:26
73Little Soldier Boy [from the "Little Games"]02:34
74Lost Woman [from the "Roger the Engineer"]03:17
75Louise [from the "Five Live Yardbirds"]03:41
76Mr. Saboteur [from the "Birdland"]04:55
77Mr. You're a Better Man Than I [from the "Birdland"]03:22
78My Blind Life [from the "Birdland"]03:33
79My Girl Sloopy [from the "For Your Love"]05:38
80Mystery of Being [from the "Birdland"]04:08
81New York City Blues [from the "Having a Rave Up"]04:19
82No Excess Baggage [from the "Little Games"]02:31
83Only The Black Rose [from the "Little Games"]02:51
84Over Under Sideways Down [from the "Birdland"]03:16
85Over, Under, Sideways, Down [from the "Roger the Engineer"]02:24
86Paff Bumm (German Issue) [from the "For Your Love"]02:27
87Paff Bumm (Italian Issue) [from the "For Your Love"]02:37
88Please Don't Tell Me 'Bout the News [from the "Birdland"]04:00
89Pretty Girl [from the "Five Live Yardbirds"]03:02
90Psycho Daises [from the "Roger the Engineer"]01:50
91Putty [from the "For Your Love"]02:18
92Puzzles [from the "Little Games"]02:02
93Questa Volta [from the "For Your Love"]02:33
94Rack My Mind [from the "Roger the Engineer"]03:15
95Respectable [from the "Five Live Yardbirds"]05:29
96Respectable [from the "Having a Rave Up"]05:35
97Shapes of Things [from the "Yardbirds With Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton"]02:29
98Shapes of Things [from the "Having a Rave Up"]02:26
99Shapes of Things [from the "Birdland"]02:38
100She Is So Respectable/Humpty Dumpty [from the "Live! Blueswailing July '64"]06:15
101Smile On Me [from the "Little Games"]03:15
102Smokestack Lightinin' [from the "London The First Recordings"]06:51
103Smokestack Lightinin' [from the "Five Live Yardbirds"]05:34
104Smokestack Lightinin' [from the "Live! Blueswailing July '64"]07:08
105Smokestack Lightinin' [from the "Having a Rave Up"]05:40
106Someone to Love I [from the "Having a Rave Up"]02:24
107Someone to Love II [from the "Having a Rave Up"]04:18
108Someone to Love Me [from the "Live! Blueswailing July '64"]01:41
109Stealing Stealing [from the "Little Games"]02:22
110Steeled Blues [from the "Yardbirds With Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton"]02:39
111Steeled Blues [from the "For Your Love"]02:38
112Still I'm Sad [from the "Yardbirds With Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton"]03:02
113Still I'm Sad [from the "Having a Rave Up"]02:59
114Stroll On [from the "Having a Rave Up"]02:44
115Sweet Music [from the "For Your Love"]02:30
116Sweet Music (Take 4) [from the "For Your Love"]02:28
117Take It Easy, Baby [from the "London The First Recordings"]04:15
118Talkin' About You [from the "London The First Recordings"]01:58
119Talkin' Bout You [from the "For Your Love"]01:38
120Ten Little Indians [from the "Little Games"]02:17

The Yardbirds

The Yardbirds

The Yardbirds are an English rock band formed in London in 1963.

The group launched the careers of guitarists Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.


  • Blues rock,
  • Psychedelic rock
  • I'm a Man by The Yardbirds

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