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Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia) by Andre Rieu [2008] [album editions]

Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia) (Andre Rieu)

Track listing

1Wierner Melange
2Scarborough Fair
3Waltzing Matilda
4Treasure Waltz
5La Vergine Degli Angeli
6Wine Women And Song
7Botany Bay
8Du And Du
9Thorn Birds Theme
10I Still Call Australia Home
11Viennese Citizen
14Wishing You Were Somehow Here
15Fledermaus Quadrille
16Tie Me Kangaroo Down
17Home Among The Gumtrees
18Waltzing Matilda Miruisa

Andre Rieu albums

1Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)[ 2008 ]
2You'll Never Walk Alone[ 2009 ]
1Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia) (Andre Rieu)
2You'll Never Walk Alone (Andre Rieu)

Andre Rieu songs

1All I Ask Of You [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]04:29
2Annie's Song [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]03:25
3Benedictus [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]03:54
4Botany Bay [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]04:05
5Con te partir [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]04:16
6Du And Du [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]06:17
7E Lucevan Le Stele [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]04:10
8Ebben... Ne AndrŅ‚ Lontana [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]04:26
9Elizabethan Serenade [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]03:06
10Fledermaus Quadrille [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]04:08
11Get Me To The Church On Time [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]02:08
12Harmaine [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]04:02
13Home Among The Gumtrees [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]02:31
14I Still Call Australia Home [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]04:35
15La Danza [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]03:00
16La Vergine Degli Angeli [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]03:23
17Moonlight Sonata [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]05:24
18Nearer, My God To Thee [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]03:21
19Oh, What A Beautiful Morning [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]03:27
20On The Street Where You Live [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]03:04
21Pomp And Circumstance March N1 [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]05:27
22Scarborough Fair [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]03:42
23The Exodus Song [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]03:24
24Thorn Birds Theme [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]03:58
25Tie Me Kangaroo Down [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]02:27
26Treasure Waltz [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]06:24
27Viennese Citizen [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]06:17
28Waltzing Matilda [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]03:19
29Waltzing Matilda Miruisa [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]03:54
30Wierner Melange [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]06:37
31Wine Women And Song [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]06:18
32Wishing You Were Somehow Here [from the "Waltzing Matilda (Andre Rieu & Mirusia)"]03:54
33You'll Never Walk Alone [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]05:01
34Yours Forever [from the "You'll Never Walk Alone"]02:32
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