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Beautiful Things by Anthony Green [2012] [album editions]

Beautiful Things (Anthony Green)

Track listing

1If I Don't Sing
2Do It Right
3Moon Song
4Get Yours While You Can
5When I'm on Pills
6Can't Have It All At Once
7Big Mistake
8Love You No Matter What
9How It Goes (ft. Colin Frangicetto)
10Just to Feel Alive (ft. Lights)
11James' Song
12Blood Song
14Right Outside (ft. Chino Moreno)
15Only Love (ft. Nate Ruess)
16Soul 4 My Soul
17Can't Be Satisfied (ft. Ida Maria)
18Can't Be Satisfied (Demo)
19Can't Have It All At Once (Demo)
20Get Yours While You Can (Demo)
21Moon Song (Demo)

Anthony Green albums

1Avalon[ 2008 ]
2Beautiful Things[ 2012 ]
1Avalon (Anthony Green)
2Beautiful Things (Anthony Green)

Anthony Green songs

1Babygirl [from the "Avalon"]03:29
2Babygirl (High & Driving EP Version) [from the "Avalon"]02:32
3Big Mistake [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:25
4Blood Song [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:21
5Califone [from the "Avalon"]03:31
6Can't Be Satisfied (Demo) [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:05
7Can't Be Satisfied (ft. Ida Maria) [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:18
8Can't Have It All At Once [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:45
9Can't Have It All At Once (Demo) [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:32
10Dear Child (I've Been Dying to Reach You) [from the "Avalon"]03:23
11Dear Child (I've Been Dying To Reach You) (Good Old War Version) [from the "Avalon"]03:26
12Devils Song (Demo) [from the "Avalon"]02:46
13Devils Song (This Feels Like A Nightmare) [from the "Avalon"]05:25
14Do It Right [from the "Beautiful Things"]02:15
15Drugdealer [from the "Avalon"]02:52
16Get Yours While You Can [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:16
17Get Yours While You Can (Demo) [from the "Beautiful Things"]04:25
18How It Goes (ft. Colin Frangicetto) [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:55
19If I Don't Sing [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:27
20James' Song [from the "Beautiful Things"]01:40
21Just to Feel Alive (ft. Lights) [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:06
22Love You No Matter What [from the "Beautiful Things"]02:04
23Lullaby [from the "Beautiful Things"]02:30
24Miracle Sun [from the "Avalon"]03:42
25Moon Song [from the "Beautiful Things"]04:44
26Moon Song (Demo) [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:08
27Only Love (ft. Nate Ruess) [from the "Beautiful Things"]04:14
28Plays Ugly for Daddy (High & Driving EP Version) [from the "Avalon"]02:47
29Right Outside (ft. Chino Moreno) [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:18
30She Loves Me So [from the "Avalon"]03:53
31She Loves Me So (Demo) [from the "Avalon"]03:33
32Slowing Down (Demo) [from the "Avalon"]01:57
33Slowing Down (Long Time Coming) [from the "Avalon"]01:44
34Soul 4 My Soul [from the "Beautiful Things"]04:10
35Springtime Out The Van Window [from the "Avalon"]04:28
36Stone Hearted Man (Demo) [from the "Avalon"]04:05
37Stonehearted Man [from the "Avalon"]03:24
38The First Day Of Work At The Microscope Store [from the "Avalon"]03:09
39The First Day Of Work At The Microscope Store (High & Driving EP Version) [from the "Avalon"]01:44
40The Fisherman Will Be Bewildered (High & Driving EP Version) [from the "Avalon"]03:32
41When I'm on Pills [from the "Beautiful Things"]03:22

Anthony Green - top artists list [#548]

Anthony Green

Anthony Green is a musician from Holland, PA.

He is currently the lead singer of Circa Survive, previously in the bands Saosin, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Audience of One, Jeer at Rome, High and Driving, and Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Emo,
  • Progressive rock,
  • Post-hardcore,
  • Experimental rock
  • Get Yours While You Can - one of the best Anthony Green songs, top songs list [#1171]

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