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Spirit by Leona Lewis [2008] [album editions]

Spirit (Leona Lewis)

Track listing

1Bleeding Love
2Whatever It Takes
4Better In Time
6Take A Bow
7I Will Be
9Here I Am
10I'm You
11The Best You Never Had
12The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
13Footprints In The Sand
14A Moment Like This
15Forgive Me
16Misses Glass
17You Bring Me Down
19Bleeding Love (Jason Nevins ext. mix)

Leona Lewis albums

1Best Kept Secret[ 2008 ]
2Echo[ 2009 ]
3Spirit[ 2008 ]
4Twilight[ 2008 ]
1Best Kept Secret (Leona Lewis)
2Echo (Leona Lewis)
3Spirit (Leona Lewis)
4Twilight (Leona Lewis)

Leona Lewis songs

1A Moment Like This [from the "Spirit"]04:17
2Alive [from the "Echo"]03:29
3Angel [from the "Spirit"]04:14
4Baby Girl [from the "Twilight"]04:33
5Bad Boy ft K2 Family [from the "Best Kept Secret"]04:06
6Better In Time [from the "Spirit"]03:54
7Bleeding Love [from the "Spirit"]04:23
8Bleeding Love (Jason Nevins ext. mix) [from the "Spirit"]05:56
9Brave [from the "Echo"]03:38
10Broken [from the "Echo"]04:04
11Can't Breathe [from the "Echo"]04:15
12Could You Be The One [from the "Twilight"]04:10
13Dip Down (Troy Taylor Remix) [from the "Best Kept Secret"]03:41
14Dip Down ft. Loot [from the "Best Kept Secret"]04:06
15Don't Let Me Down [from the "Echo"]04:36
16Fascinated [from the "Twilight"]04:00
17Footprints In The Sand [from the "Spirit"]04:08
18Forgive Me [from the "Spirit"]03:41
19Forgiveness [from the "Spirit"]04:19
20Happy [from the "Echo"]04:02
21Here I Am [from the "Spirit"]04:52
22Homeless [from the "Spirit"]03:50
23How Many Times * [from the "Twilight"]04:56
24I Can’t Help It ** [from the "Twilight"]04:13
25I Can’t Say Hello [from the "Best Kept Secret"]04:16
26I Got You [from the "Echo"]03:46
27I Wanna Be That Girl [from the "Best Kept Secret"]04:17
28I Will Be [from the "Spirit"]03:59
29I’m So Into You [from the "Best Kept Secret"]04:36
30I'm You [from the "Spirit"]03:48
31Joy [from the "Best Kept Secret"]04:50
32L.O.V.E U [from the "Best Kept Secret"]04:09
33Learn To Love You [from the "Twilight"]03:51
34Lost Then Found (ft. One republic) [from the "Echo"]11:09
35Love Letter [from the "Echo"]04:02
36Misses Glass [from the "Spirit"]03:41
37My Hands [from the "Echo"]04:13
38Naked [from the "Echo"]03:50
39Outta My Head [from the "Echo"]03:40
40Paradise [from the "Twilight"]03:36
41Private Party (Cover Boys Remix) [from the "Best Kept Secret"]08:09
42Private Party (Juan Mendez Remix) [from the "Best Kept Secret"]08:57
43Private Party ft. Robert Allen [from the "Best Kept Secret"]04:15
44Ready to Get Down [from the "Best Kept Secret"]03:44
45Silly Girl [from the "Best Kept Secret"]03:36
46So Deep [from the "Twilight"]04:37
47Stop Crying Your Heart Out [from the "Echo"]04:10
48Take A Bow [from the "Spirit"]03:54
49The Best You Never Had [from the "Spirit"]03:43
50The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [from the "Spirit"]04:26
51Twilight [from the "Twilight"] 
52Whatever It Takes [from the "Spirit"]03:27
53Wings [from the "Twilight"]03:55
54Words [from the "Twilight"]04:05
55Yesterday [from the "Spirit"]03:54
56You Bring Me Down [from the "Spirit"]03:54

Leona Lewis - top artists list [#593]

Leona Lewis

Leona Louise Lewis is a British singer and songwriter.

Lewis first came to prominence in 2006 when she won the third series of the British television series The X Factor.

A multi-platinum selling artist and three time Grammy Award nominee, her most successful single, "Bleeding Love", reached number one in over thirty countries around the world, and was the best-selling single worldwide in 2008. []


  • Pop,
  • R&B
  • Better In Time - one of the best Leona Lewis songs, top songs list [#1457]

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