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Taxi by Bryan Ferry [2004] [album editions]

Taxi (Bryan Ferry)

Track listing

1I Put A Spell On You
2Will You Love Me Tomorrow
3Answer Me
4Just One Look
5Rescue Me
6All Tomorrow's Parties
7Girl Of My Best Friend
8Amazing Grace
10Because You're Mine

Bryan Ferry albums

1Another Time, Another Place[ 2000 ]
2As Time Goes By[ 1999 ]
3Boys And Girls[ 1990 ]
4Frantic[ 2002 ]
5In Your Mind[ 2000 ]
6Mamouna[ 2000 ]
7Taxi[ 2004 ]
1Another Time, Another Place (Bryan Ferry)
2As Time Goes By (Bryan Ferry)
3Boys And Girls (Bryan Ferry)
4Frantic (Bryan Ferry)
5In Your Mind (Bryan Ferry)
6Mamouna (Bryan Ferry)
7Taxi (Bryan Ferry)

Bryan Ferry songs

1(What A) Wonderful World [from the "Another Time, Another Place"]02:54
2A Wasted Land [from the "Boys And Girls"]01:00
3All Night Operator [from the "In Your Mind"]03:08
4All Tomorrow's Parties [from the "Taxi"]05:31
5Amazing Grace [from the "Taxi"]04:01
6Another Time, Another Place [from the "Another Time, Another Place"]04:43
7Answer Me [from the "Taxi"]02:46
8As Time Goes By [from the "As Time Goes By"]02:34
9Because You're Mine [from the "Taxi"]01:44
10Boys And Girls [from the "Boys And Girls"]05:25
11Chain Reaction [from the "Mamouna"]05:10
12Cruel [from the "Frantic"]03:55
13Don't Stop The Dance [from the "Boys And Girls"]04:19
14Don'T Think Twice It's Alright [from the "Frantic"]04:06
15Don't Want To Know [from the "Mamouna"]04:08
16Easy Living [from the "As Time Goes By"]02:16
17Falling In Love Again [from the "As Time Goes By"]02:26
18Fingerpoppin' [from the "Another Time, Another Place"]03:32
19Fool For Love [from the "Frantic"]04:44
20Funny How Time Slips Away [from the "Another Time, Another Place"]03:29
21Gemini Moon [from the "Mamouna"]03:46
22Girl Of My Best Friend [from the "Taxi"]03:26
23Godess of Love [from the "Frantic"]03:32
24Goin' Down [from the "Frantic"]03:08
25Goodnight Irene [from the "Frantic"]03:20
26Help Me Make It Through The Night [from the "Another Time, Another Place"]04:15
27Hiroshima [from the "Frantic"]03:14
28I Put A Spell On You [from the "Taxi"]05:27
29I Thought [from the "Frantic"]05:40
30I'm In The Mood For Love [from the "As Time Goes By"]04:17
31In Your Mind [from the "In Your Mind"]05:18
32It Ain't Me Babe [from the "Another Time, Another Place"]03:56
33It's All Over Now Baby Blue [from the "Frantic"]04:05
34Ja Hun Hons Pris [from the "Frantic"]00:35
35Just One Look [from the "Taxi"]03:33
36Just One Of Those Things [from the "As Time Goes By"]02:46
37Love Me Madly Again [from the "In Your Mind"]07:26
38Love Me Or Leave Me [from the "As Time Goes By"]02:44
39Lover Come Back To Me [from the "As Time Goes By"]02:54
40Mamouna [from the "Mamouna"]05:07
41Miss Otis Regrets [from the "As Time Goes By"]02:39
42N.Y.C. [from the "Mamouna"]04:11
43Nobody Loves Me [from the "Frantic"]03:22
44One Kiss [from the "In Your Mind"]03:35
45One Way Love [from the "Frantic"]03:05
46Party Doll [from the "In Your Mind"]04:32
47Rescue Me [from the "Taxi"]03:40
48Rock Of Ages [from the "In Your Mind"]04:31
49San Simeon [from the "Frantic"]04:34
50Sensation [from the "Boys And Girls"]05:06
51September Song [from the "As Time Goes By"]03:03
52Slave To Love [from the "Boys And Girls"]04:26
53Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [from the "Another Time, Another Place"]02:50
54Stone Woman [from the "Boys And Girls"]04:56
55Sweet And Lovely [from the "As Time Goes By"]03:10
56Taxi [from the "Taxi"]05:30
57The 39 Steps [from the "Mamouna"]05:03
58The Chosen One [from the "Boys And Girls"]04:51
59The 'In' Crowd [from the "Another Time, Another Place"]04:33
60The Only Face [from the "Mamouna"]04:46

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry (born 26 September 1945, Washington) is an English singer, musician, songwriter and occasional actor. []


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