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Music Instructor by Captain Jack [2004] [album editions]

Music Instructor (Captain Jack)

Track listing

1Music Instructor
2Samba Brazil
3Drill Instructor 2
4Hands Up
5Move On Up
6The Captain Is Coming
7My Friend
8Are You Ready For This
9Scotland the Brave
10Who Has Stolen My Horse
11Samba Brazil (Club Mix)
12Ready for Landing

Captain Jack albums

1Cafe Cubar[ 2003 ]
2Music Instructor[ 2004 ]
3Operation Dance[ 1997 ]
4Party Warriors: The Hit Collection[ 2003 ]
5The Captain's Revenge[ 1999 ]
6The Mission[ 1996 ]
7Top Secret[ 2001 ]
1Cafe Cubar (Captain Jack)
2Music Instructor (Captain Jack)
3Operation Dance (Captain Jack)
4Party Warriors: The Hit Collection (Captain Jack)
5The Captain's Revenge (Captain Jack)
6The Mission (Captain Jack)
7Top Secret (Captain Jack)

Captain Jack songs

11-2-3 (Short Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]04:44
22000 [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:52
37 Days (Radio Edit) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:45
4Ahuga (Outro) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]01:15
5Are You Ready For This [from the "Music Instructor"]03:16
6Back Home (Captain's Return) [from the "The Mission"]05:14
7Blame It on the Boogie [Sunshine Mix] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:27
8Boyfriend (Short Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]03:33
9Captain Jack (Short Mix) [from the "The Mission"]04:08
10Captain Jack Remix (Housy Grovers From U.K. Mix) [from the "The Mission"]06:44
11Captains Dream (Instrumental Mix) [from the "The Mission"]04:04
12Centerfold (Radio Mix) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:01
13Cosmic Evolution [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]04:12
14Don't You Just Know It (feat.DJ Otzi) [from the "Top Secret"]02:27
15Dont You Just Know It (Dont Haha) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]02:43
16Dream a Dream [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:34
17Dream a Dream (Dumonde Shortmix) [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]05:24
18Drill Instructior Remix (All 4 One Mix) [from the "The Mission"]06:13
19Drill Instructor (Short Mix) [from the "The Mission"]04:14
20Drill Instructor 2 [from the "Music Instructor"]03:08
21Escape (Pina Colada Song) [Radio Mix] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:54
22Fly Away (Sunshine Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]04:17
23Follow Me (303 Radio Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:51
24Get Up [The Mix] - Captain Jack, Gipsy Kings [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:03
25Get Up! [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:03
26Get Up! (Radio Dance Mix) [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:34
27Give It Up (Radio Mix) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:27
28Greatest Sunshine Hits (Intro) [from the "Cafe Cubar"]00:33
29Hai Hai Hai (Thanx Japan And Fuyuki) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:35
30Hands Up [from the "Music Instructor"]03:11
31Heyaaah (Intro) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]01:05
32Holiday (New Radio Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:47
33Holiday [Radio Mix] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:24
34Hush (Na Nanana) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:07
35I Feel [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]04:41
36Iko Iko (Hello Africa Clubmix) [from the "Top Secret"]04:38
37Iko Iko (Radio Video Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]03:16
38Iko Iko (140 BPM Trance Mix) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:39
39In The Navy (Mix '99) [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:34
40Introduction [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]01:54
41It's My Generation (Fat Beat Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]04:46
42Jack In Da House (Jack Da House Mix) [from the "The Mission"]04:11
43Jack In Da House (Old School Mix) [from the "The Mission"]06:12
44Last Order To Dance (Outro) [from the "Operation Dance"]01:04
45Little Boy (Boy Oh Boy MIX) [from the "The Mission"]03:45
46Little Love (Be My Baby Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]04:03
47Magic In You [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]04:47
48Miss Ibiza [Gina Wild-Clubmix][*] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]05:05
49Miss Ibiza [Radio Mix] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:18
50Move On Up [from the "Music Instructor"]04:03
51Music Instructor [from the "Music Instructor"]01:52
52My Friend [from the "Music Instructor"]03:50
53Oh Lalala (Radio Video Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]03:52
54Operation Dance [from the "Operation Dance"]01:09
55Outer Space (Trance Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]06:55
56Outroduction [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]00:40
57Party Warriors (Our Fight Is Glorious) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:29
58Ready for Landing [from the "Music Instructor"]01:30
59Robotman At Holiday [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:43
60Samba Brazil [from the "Music Instructor"]03:37

Captain Jack

Captain Jack

Captain Jack was a musical duo, specializing in Eurodance music, originating from Germany. []


  • Eurodance,
  • Dance-pop,
  • Hip hop
  • Samba Brazil by Captain Jack

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