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Cowboys From Hell by Pantera [1990] [album editions]

Cowboys From Hell (Pantera)

Track listing

1Cowboys From Hell
2Primal Concrete Sledge
3Psycho Holiday
5Cemetary Gates
8Clash With Reality
9Medicine Man
10Message In Blood
11The Sleep
12The Art Of Shredding

Pantera albums

1Cowboys From Hell[ 1990 ]
2Far Beyond Driven[ 1994 ]
3Heavy Metal 2000 (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
4I Am The Night[ 1985 ]
5Metal Magic[ 1983 ]
6Official Live - 101 Proof[ 1997 ]
7Power Metal[ 1988 ]
8Projects in the Jungle[ 1984 ]
9Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)[ 2003 ]
10Reinventing The Steel[ 2000 ]
11Strangeland (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
12The Great Southern Trendkill[ 1996 ]
13Vulgar Display Of Power[ 1992 ]
1Cowboys From Hell (Pantera)
2Far Beyond Driven (Pantera)
3Heavy Metal 2000 (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4I Am The Night (Pantera)
5Metal Magic (Pantera)
6Official Live - 101 Proof (Pantera)
7Power Metal (Pantera)
8Projects in the Jungle (Pantera)
9Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera) (Pantera)
10Reinventing The Steel (Pantera)
11Strangeland (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
12The Great Southern Trendkill (Pantera)
13Vulgar Display Of Power (Pantera)

Pantera songs

110's [from the "The Great Southern Trendkill"]04:50
213 Steps To Nowhere [from the "The Great Southern Trendkill"]03:37
325 Years [from the "Far Beyond Driven"]06:05
45 Minutes Alone [from the "Far Beyond Driven"]05:47
55 Minutes Alone [from the "Official Live - 101 Proof"]05:36
65 Minutes Alone [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]05:51
7A New Level [from the "Vulgar Display Of Power"]03:57
8All Over Tonight [from the "Projects in the Jungle"]03:35
9Becoming [from the "Far Beyond Driven"]03:05
10Becoming [from the "Official Live - 101 Proof"]03:59
11Becoming [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]03:07
12Biggest Part of Me [from the "Metal Magic"]04:45
13Blue Light Turnin' Red [from the "Projects in the Jungle"]01:37
14Burnnn! [from the "Power Metal"]03:37
15By Demons Be Driven [from the "Vulgar Display Of Power"]04:40
16Cemetary Gates [from the "Cowboys From Hell"]07:02
17Cemetery Gates [from the "Official Live - 101 Proof"]07:53
18Cemetery Gates [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]07:03
19Clash With Reality [from the "Cowboys From Hell"]05:16
20Come-On Eyes [from the "I Am The Night"]04:12
21Cowboys From Hell [from the "Cowboys From Hell"]04:07
22Cowboys From Hell [from the "Official Live - 101 Proof"]04:35
23Cowboys From Hell [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]04:06
24D*G*T*T*M [from the "I Am The Night"]01:44
25Daughters Of The Queen [from the "I Am The Night"]04:15
26Death Rattle [from the "Reinventing The Steel"]03:17
27Death Trap [from the "Power Metal"]04:09
28Dom/Hollow [from the "Official Live - 101 Proof"]03:44
29Domination [from the "Cowboys From Hell"]05:04
30Domination [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]05:05
31Down Below [from the "I Am The Night"]02:41
32Down Below [from the "Power Metal"]02:51
33Drag The Waters [from the "The Great Southern Trendkill"]04:55
34Drag The Waters [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]04:57
35F**king Hostile [from the "Vulgar Display Of Power"]02:48
36Floods [from the "The Great Southern Trendkill"]07:00
37Forever Tonight [from the "I Am The Night"]04:08
38Fucking Hostile [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]02:49
39Goddamn Electric [from the "Reinventing The Steel"]04:56
40Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills [from the "Far Beyond Driven"]02:53
41Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks [from the "Far Beyond Driven"]07:01
42Hard Ride [from the "Power Metal"]04:18
43Heavy Metal Rules [from the "Projects in the Jungle"]04:20
44Hellbound [from the "Reinventing The Steel"]02:41
45Heresy [from the "Cowboys From Hell"]04:47
46Hollow [from the "Vulgar Display Of Power"]05:45
47Hostile [from the "Official Live - 101 Proof"]03:56
48Hot And Heavy [from the "I Am The Night"]04:05
49I Am The Night [from the "I Am The Night"]04:26
50I Can't Hide [from the "Official Live - 101 Proof"]02:16
51I'll Be Allright [from the "Metal Magic"]03:11
52I'll Cast A Shadow [from the "Reinventing The Steel"]05:22
53I'm Broken [from the "Far Beyond Driven"]04:24
54I'm Broken [from the "Official Live - 101 Proof"]04:26
55I'm Broken [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]04:26
56Immortally Insane - Pantera [from the "Heavy Metal 2000 (Soundtrack)"] 
57Immortally Insaneal [from the "Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)"]05:13
58In Over My Head [from the "Projects in the Jungle"]03:57
59It Makes Them Disappear [from the "Reinventing The Steel"]06:22
60Killers [from the "Projects in the Jungle"]03:30

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Pantera was an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas, formed by the Abbott brothers, Vinnie Paul (drums) and 'Dimebag' Darrell (guitar) in 1981. []


  • Groove metal,
  • Heavy metal,
  • Glam metal (early)
  • Cowboys From Hell by Pantera

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