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Grand Collection by Scorpions [album editions]

Grand Collection (Scorpions)

Track listing

1Still LovingYou
2Born to Touch Your Feelings
4Fly, People, Fly
5No One Like You
6Rythm of Love
7Believe in Love
8When the Smoke Is Going Down
9Rock you Like a Hurricane
10In Trance
11Always Somewhere
12Living and Dying
13Life's Like a River
14Yellow Raven
15In Your Park

Scorpions albums

1Acoustica[ 2001 ]
2Blackout[ 2001 ]
3Crazy World[ 1990 ]
4Eye II Eye[ 1999 ]
5Grand Collection[   ]
6In Trance[ 1991 ]
7Live Bites 1988-1995[ 1995 ]
8Lovedrive[ 1990 ]
9Pure Instinct[ 1996 ]
1Acoustica (Scorpions)
2Blackout (Scorpions)
3Crazy World (Scorpions)
4Eye II Eye (Scorpions)
5Grand Collection (Scorpions)
6In Trance (Scorpions)
7Live Bites 1988-1995 (Scorpions)
8Lovedrive (Scorpions)
9Pure Instinct (Scorpions)

Scorpions songs

61Mysterious [from the "Eye II Eye"] 
62Night Lights [from the "In Trance"]03:15
63No One Like You [from the "Blackout"] 
64No One Like You [from the "Grand Collection"]03:57
65No Pain No Gain [from the "Live Bites 1988-1995"]03:55
66Now! [from the "Blackout"] 
67Obsession [from the "Eye II Eye"]03:57
68Oh Girl (I Wanna Be With You) [from the "Pure Instinct"] 
69Priscilla [from the "Eye II Eye"] 
70Restless Nights [from the "Crazy World"] 
71Rhythm Of Love [from the "Live Bites 1988-1995"] 
72Robot Man [from the "In Trance"] 
73Rock you Like a Hurricane [from the "Grand Collection"]04:13
74Rythm of Love [from the "Grand Collection"]03:50
75Send Me An Angel [from the "Crazy World"]04:32
76Send Me An Angel [from the "Acoustica"]05:24
77Skywriter [from the "Eye II Eye"] 
78Soul Behind The Face [from the "Pure Instinct"] 
79Still Loving You [from the "Acoustica"]05:45
80Still LovingYou [from the "Grand Collection"]06:27
81Stone In My Shoe [from the "Pure Instinct"] 
82Sun In My Hand [from the "In Trance"] 
83Tease Me Please Me [from the "Live Bites 1988-1995"] 
84Tease Me Please Me [from the "Crazy World"] 
85The Zoo [from the "Acoustica"]05:49
86Time Will Call Your Name [from the "Pure Instinct"] 
87To Be No.1 [from the "Eye II Eye"] 
88To Be With You In Heaven [from the "Crazy World"] 
89Top Of The Bill [from the "In Trance"] 
90What You Give You Get Back [from the "Eye II Eye"]05:02
91When Love Kills Love [from the "Acoustica"]04:53
92When The Smoke is Going Down [from the "Blackout"]03:46
93When the Smoke Is Going Down [from the "Grand Collection"]03:50
94When The Smoke Is Going Down [from the "Live Bites 1988-1995"]03:48
95When You Came Into My Life [from the "Pure Instinct"]04:28
96Where The River Flows [from the "Pure Instinct"] 
97White Dove [from the "Live Bites 1988-1995"]04:22
98Wild Child [from the "Pure Instinct"] 
99Wind Of Change [from the "Crazy World"]05:08
100Wind Of Change [from the "Live Bites 1988-1995"]05:13
101Wind Of Change [from the "Acoustica"]05:34
102Yellow Butterfly [from the "Eye II Eye"] 
103Yellow Raven [from the "Grand Collection"]05:01
104You & I [from the "Acoustica"]05:19
105You And I [from the "Pure Instinct"]06:15
106You Give Me All I Need [from the "Blackout"] 



Scorpions are a German heavy metal/hard rock band from Hannover, Germany, known for their 1980s rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and their singles "No One Like You", "Send Me an Angel, "Still Loving You", and "Wind of Change". []


  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal
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