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Singles by Travis [2004] [album editions]

Singles (Travis)

Track listing

3Writing To Reach You
4Why Does It Always Rain On Me
6Walking in the Sun
7Tied To The 90's
8Coming Around
9Flowers In The Window
10Love Will Come Through
11More Than Us
13U16 Girls
15All I Want to Do is Rock
16The Beautiful Occupation
18The Distance

Travis albums

112 Memories[ 2003 ]
2Good Feeling[ 1997 ]
3Ode to J. Smith[ 2008 ]
4Singles[ 2004 ]
5The Boy With No Name[ 2007 ]
6The Invisible Band[ 2001 ]
7The Man Who[ 1999 ]
112 Memories (Travis)
2Good Feeling (Travis)
3Ode to J. Smith (Travis)
4Singles (Travis)
5The Boy With No Name (Travis)
6The Invisible Band (Travis)
7The Man Who (Travis)

Travis songs

13 Times and You Lose [from the "The Boy With No Name"]04:14
2Afterglow [from the "The Invisible Band"]04:06
3All I Want To Do Is Rock [from the "Good Feeling"]03:55
4All I Want to Do is Rock [from the "Singles"]03:53
5Alternative [from the "12 Memories"]03:34
6As You Are [from the "The Man Who"]04:13
7Battleships [from the "The Boy With No Name"]04:11
8Before You Were Young [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]03:18
9Big Chair [from the "The Boy With No Name"]04:07
10Broken Mirror [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]03:09
11Chinese Blues [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]03:44
12Closer [from the "The Boy With No Name"]04:00
13Colder [from the "The Boy With No Name"]04:07
14Coming Around [from the "Singles"]03:07
15Dear Diary [from the "The Invisible Band"]02:57
16Driftwood [from the "The Man Who"]03:33
17Driftwood [from the "Singles"]03:33
18Eyes Wide Open [from the "The Boy With No Name"]02:59
19Falling Down [from the "Good Feeling"]04:19
20Flowers In The Window [from the "The Invisible Band"]03:41
21Flowers In The Window [from the "Singles"]03:43
22Follow The Light [from the "The Invisible Band"]03:09
23Friends [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]03:21
24Funny Thing [from the "Good Feeling"]05:22
25Get Up [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]03:10
26Good Day To Die [from the "Good Feeling"]03:19
27Good Feeling [from the "Good Feeling"]03:26
28Happy [from the "Good Feeling"]04:18
29Happy [from the "Singles"]04:16
30Happy To Hang Around [from the "12 Memories"]03:34
31How Many Hearts [from the "12 Memories"]04:46
32I Love You Always [from the "Good Feeling"]05:32
33Indefinitely [from the "The Invisible Band"]03:52
34J. Smith [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]03:07
35Last Train [from the "The Invisible Band"]03:16
36Last Words [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]04:09
37Life Krysis [from the "12 Memories"]03:37
38Long Way Down [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]02:36
39Love Will Come Through [from the "12 Memories"]03:37
40Love Will Come Through [from the "Singles"]03:37
41Luv [from the "The Man Who"]04:55
42Midsummer Nights Dreamin' [from the "Good Feeling"]03:57
43More Than Us [from the "Good Feeling"]03:58
44More Than Us [from the "Singles"]03:58
45My Eyes [from the "The Boy With No Name"]04:08
46New Amsterdam [from the "The Boy With No Name"]09:26
47Offender [from the "12 Memories"]03:46
48One Night [from the "The Boy With No Name"]04:00
49Out In Space [from the "The Boy With No Name"]03:35
50Peace The Fuck Out [from the "12 Memories"]02:54
51Pipe Dreams [from the "The Invisible Band"]04:05
52Quicksand [from the "12 Memories"]02:39
53Quite Free [from the "Ode to J. Smith"]03:58
54Re-Offender [from the "Singles"]03:46
55Safe [from the "The Invisible Band"]04:23
56Selfish Jean [from the "The Boy With No Name"]04:00
57She's So Strange [from the "The Man Who"]03:15
58Side [from the "The Invisible Band"]03:59
59Side [from the "Singles"]04:01
60Sing [from the "The Invisible Band"]03:48



Travis are an alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. []


  • Britpop,
  • Soft rock
  • Side by Travis

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