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Balance of the Force by Waldeck [1998] [album editions]

Balance of the Force (Waldeck)

Track listing

2Spy Like An Angel
3Children Of The Ghetto
6Northern Lights
7Wake Up
9Death Of A Piano Salesman

Waldeck albums

1Balance of the Force[ 1998 ]
2Balance of the Force (Remixed)[ 1999 ]
3Ballroom Stories[ 2007 ]
4Make My Day[ 2006 ]
5Northern Lights[ 1996 ]
6Reflowered[ 2002 ]
7The Night Garden[ 2002 ]
1Balance of the Force (Waldeck)
2Balance of the Force (Remixed) (Waldeck)
3Ballroom Stories (Waldeck)
4Make My Day (Waldeck)
5Northern Lights (Waldeck)
6Reflowered (Waldeck)
7The Night Garden (Waldeck)

Waldeck songs

1Addicted [from the "Make My Day"]03:50
2Addicted [from the "Ballroom Stories"]03:56
3Aquarius [from the "Balance of the Force"]04:54
4Aquarius (Mushroom Dive rmx) [from the "Balance of the Force (Remixed)"]05:26
5Aquarius (Straight) [from the "Northern Lights"]04:57
6Aquarius (Underwater) [from the "Northern Lights"]05:11
7Bei Mir Bist Du Schцn (Dub) [from the "Ballroom Stories"]04:09
8Cat People Dub [from the "The Night Garden"]04:32
9Cat People Dub (Jung Collective rehash) [from the "Reflowered"]06:02
10Children Of The Ghetto [from the "Balance of the Force"]04:09
11Children Of The Ghetto (Blackwing rmx) [from the "Balance of the Force (Remixed)"]08:18
12Cut More Cheese (Supercheese) [from the "Reflowered"]04:02
13Death Of A Piano Salesman [from the "Balance of the Force"]05:13
14Defenceless [from the "Balance of the Force"]04:29
15Defenceless (Fauna Flash rmx) [from the "Balance of the Force (Remixed)"]06:42
16Defenceless (Solar Moon System rmx) [from the "Balance of the Force (Remixed)"]05:01
17Defenceless (Thievery Corporation rmx) [from the "Balance of the Force (Remixed)"]04:50
18Dope Noir [from the "Ballroom Stories"]04:14
19Dreaming [from the "Northern Lights"]06:30
20Fallen Angel [from the "The Night Garden"]05:01
21Fallen Angel (URBS mix) [from the "Reflowered"]04:33
22Floater [from the "The Night Garden"]04:51
23Floater (Dubblestandart mix) [from the "Reflowered"]06:28
24Get Up Carmen [from the "Ballroom Stories"]04:01
25I Talk To The Wind [from the "The Night Garden"]05:02
26I Talk to the Wind (Kid Loco Meets Orpheus Uptown mix) [from the "Reflowered"]05:34
27It Comes From You [from the "The Night Garden"]05:56
28Jerry Weintraub [from the "Ballroom Stories"]03:08
29Make My Day [from the "Make My Day"]03:02
30Make My Day [from the "Ballroom Stories"]02:49
31Make My Day (Parov Stelar Mix) [from the "Make My Day"]04:39
32Mask (Dub) [from the "Northern Lights"]04:50
33Mask (Original) [from the "Northern Lights"]06:21
34Memories [from the "Ballroom Stories"]03:53
35Midsummer Night Blues [from the "Ballroom Stories"]04:37
36Moon [from the "Northern Lights"]04:12
37Moon [from the "Balance of the Force"]04:10
38Morning Light [from the "The Night Garden"]03:22
39No One Here... [from the "Make My Day"]03:55
40Northern Lights [from the "Balance of the Force"]04:01
41Northern Lights (Mushroom Dive rmx) [from the "Balance of the Force (Remixed)"]05:08
42Our Day Will Come [from the "Ballroom Stories"]04:48
43Out of Trumpets (Supercheese) [from the "Reflowered"]04:03
44Slaapwagen [from the "Balance of the Force"]05:22
45Slaapwagen (Uptight Productions rmx) [from the "Balance of the Force (Remixed)"]06:43
46Slowly [from the "The Night Garden"]04:49
47Slowly (Mushroom Dive's Frantic Ballroom Blitz) [from the "Reflowered"]04:52
48So Black & Blue [from the "Ballroom Stories"]03:28
49Spy Like An Angel [from the "Balance of the Force"]05:19
50Spy Like an Angel (Mushroom Dive rmx) [from the "Balance of the Force (Remixed)"]05:36
51Superpopstar [from the "Balance of the Force"]04:34
52Tears Running Dry [from the "The Night Garden"]04:04
53Tears Running Dry Part I (Mushroom Dive's Jazz cut) [from the "Reflowered"]05:23
54Tears Running Dry Part II (Herbert's Level dub) [from the "Reflowered"]05:42
55The Night Garden [from the "The Night Garden"]05:36
56This Isn't Maybe [from the "The Night Garden"]03:58
57This Isn't Maybe (Mark's Underlevel dub) [from the "Reflowered"]05:40
58This Isn't Maybe (Mushroom Dive's Lo Fly Push Up 2002) [from the "Reflowered"]06:17
59Waiting [from the "The Night Garden"]05:10
60Wake Up [from the "Balance of the Force"]05:37



Klaus Waldeck, usually known by his stage name of Waldeck, is a Viennese former copyright lawyer and electronica musician. []


  • Electronica,
  • Trip-hop
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