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Hey Stoopid by Alice Cooper [1991] [album editions]

Hey Stoopid (Alice Cooper)

Track listing

1Hey Stoopid
2Love's A Loaded Gun
4Burning Our Bed
5Dangerous Tonight
6Might As Well Be On Mars
7Feed My Frankenstein
8Hurrican Years
9Little By Little
10Die For You
11Dirty Dreams
12Wind-Up Toy

Alice Cooper albums

1Along Came a Spider[ 2008 ]
2Billion Dollar Babies[ 2001 ]
3Brutal Planet[ 2000 ]
4Constrictor[ 1995 ]
5Dirty Diamonds[ 2005 ]
6Dragontown[ 2001 ]
7From The Inside[ 1999 ]
8Hey Stoopid[ 1991 ]
9Raise Your Fist and Yell[ 1990 ]
10School's Out[ 1972 ]
11Special Forces[ 1981 ]
12The Eyes of Alice Cooper[ 2003 ]
13The Last Temptation[ 1994 ]
14Trash[ 1989 ]
15Welcome 2 My Nightmare[ 2011 ]
1Along Came a Spider (Alice Cooper)
2Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)
3Brutal Planet (Alice Cooper)
4Constrictor (Alice Cooper)
5Dirty Diamonds (Alice Cooper)
6Dragontown (Alice Cooper)
7From The Inside (Alice Cooper)
8Hey Stoopid (Alice Cooper)
9Raise Your Fist and Yell (Alice Cooper)
10School's Out (Alice Cooper)
11Special Forces (Alice Cooper)
12The Eyes of Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper)
13The Last Temptation (Alice Cooper)
14Trash (Alice Cooper)
15Welcome 2 My Nightmare (Alice Cooper)

Alice Cooper songs

1(In Touch with) Your Feminine Side [from the "Along Came a Spider"]03:16
2A Runaway Train [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]03:51
3Alma Mater [from the "School's Out"]04:27
4Backyard Brawl [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]02:36
5Bad Place Alone [from the "The Last Temptation"]05:04
6Be With You Awhile [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]04:17
7Bed Of Nails [from the "Trash"]04:20
8Between High School And Old School [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:02
9Billion Dollar Babies [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]03:43
10Blow Me A Kiss [from the "Brutal Planet"]03:18
11Blue Turk [from the "School's Out"]05:33
12Brutal Planet [from the "Brutal Planet"]04:40
13Burning Our Bed [from the "Hey Stoopid"]04:34
14Bye-Bye, Baby [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:27
15Caffeine [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]03:23
16Catch Me If You Can [from the "Along Came a Spider"]03:15
17Chop, Chop, Chop [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]03:07
18Cleansed By Fire [from the "The Last Temptation"]06:13
19Cold Machines [from the "Brutal Planet"]04:14
20Crawlin [from the "Constrictor"]03:18
21Dangerous Tonight [from the "Hey Stoopid"]04:41
22Deeper [from the "Dragontown"]04:34
23Detroit City [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:59
24Die For You [from the "Hey Stoopid"]04:16
25Dirty Diamonds [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]04:15
26Dirty Dreams [from the "Hey Stoopid"]03:29
27Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]03:35
28Disgraceland [from the "Dragontown"]03:32
29Don't Talk Old To Me [from the "Special Forces"]02:55
30Dragontown [from the "Dragontown"]05:04
31Eat Some More [from the "Brutal Planet"]04:37
32Elected [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]04:05
33Every Woman Has A Name [from the "Dragontown"]03:43
34Fantasy Man [from the "Dragontown"]04:05
35Feed My Frankenstein [from the "Hey Stoopid"]04:44
36For Veronica's Sake [from the "From The Inside"]03:37
37Freedom [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]04:09
38From The Inside [from the "From The Inside"]03:55
39Gail [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]02:29
40Generation Landslide [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]04:31
41Generation Landslide '81 (live) [from the "Special Forces"]03:50
42Ghouls Gone Wild [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]02:33
43Gimme [from the "Brutal Planet"]04:46
44Give It Up [from the "Constrictor"]04:12
45Give The Radio Back (To The Maniac) [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]03:34
46Grand Finale [from the "School's Out"]04:25
47Gutter Cat vs. The Jets [from the "School's Out"]04:40
48Hell Is Living Without You [from the "Trash"]04:11
49Hello Hooray [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]04:16
50He's Back(The Man Behind The Mask) [from the "Constrictor"]03:44
51Hey Stoopid [from the "Hey Stoopid"]04:34
52House Of Fire [from the "Trash"]03:47
53How You Gonna See Me Now [from the "From The Inside"]03:57
54Hurrican Years [from the "Hey Stoopid"]03:58
55I Am Made Of You [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]05:32
56I Am the Spider / Epilogue [from the "Along Came a Spider"]05:21
57I Gotta Get Outta Here [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]04:20
58I Just Wanna Be God [from the "Dragontown"]03:51
59I Love The Dead [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]05:08
60I'll Bite Your Face Off [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]04:25

Alice Cooper - top artists list [#609]

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is a hard rock singer and musician.

"Alice Cooper" was originally the name of Furnier's band; he legally changed his own name to Alice Cooper for a successful solo career.

He is often referred to as the founder of shock rock due to his gory, theatrical performances. []


  • Havy metal
  • Feed My Frankenstein - one of the best Alice Cooper songs, top songs list [#1521]

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