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Suavemente by Scooter [2005] [album editions]

Suavemente (Scooter)

Track listing

1Suavemente (Radio Edit)
2Suavemente (Extended)
3Suavemente (Club Mix)
4Suavemente (Original Club)
5Trance-Atlantic (Club Mix)
6Suavemente [Multimedia Track]

Scooter albums

1...And the Beat Goes On![ 2004 ]
224 Carat Gold[ 2002 ]
3Age of Love[ 1997 ]
4Back to the Heavyweight Jam[ 2004 ]
5Encore: Live and Direct[ 2002 ]
6Excess All Areas[ 2006 ]
7Jumping All Over the World[ 2007 ]
8Mind the Gap[ 2005 ]
9No Time to Chill[ 1998 ]
10Our Happy Hardcore[ 1996 ]
11Rough & Tough & Dangerous: Singles 1994-1998[   ]
12Sheffield[ 2000 ]
13Suavemente[ 2005 ]
14The Stadium Techno Experience[ 2003 ]
15The Ultimate Aural Orgasm[ 2007 ]
16Under the Radar Over the Top[ 2009 ]
17We Bring the Noise[ 2001 ]
18Who's Got the Last Laugh Now?[ 2005 ]
19Wicked[ 1996 ]
1...And the Beat Goes On! (Scooter)
224 Carat Gold (Scooter)
3Age of Love (Scooter)
4Back to the Heavyweight Jam (Scooter)
5Encore: Live and Direct (Scooter)
6Excess All Areas (Scooter)
7Jumping All Over the World (Scooter)
8Mind the Gap (Scooter)
9No Time to Chill (Scooter)
10Our Happy Hardcore (Scooter)
11Rough & Tough & Dangerous: Singles 1994-1998 (Scooter)
12Sheffield (Scooter)
13Suavemente (Scooter)
14The Stadium Techno Experience (Scooter)
15The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (Scooter)
16Under the Radar Over the Top (Scooter)
17We Bring the Noise (Scooter)
18Who's Got the Last Laugh Now? (Scooter)
19Wicked (Scooter)

Scooter songs

181Seven Bridges [from the "Who's Got the Last Laugh Now?"]04:55
182Sex Dwarf [from the "Sheffield"]04:19
183Sex Dwarf [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]04:21
184Shake That [from the "Mind the Gap"]03:19
185Shake That (Video Version) [from the "Mind the Gap"]03:23
186Shake that! [from the "Excess All Areas"]04:13
187She Said [from the "Age of Love"]05:19
188She's the Sun [from the "Sheffield"]04:53
189She's the Sun [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]03:48
190She's The Sun [from the "24 Carat Gold"]03:11
191So What' Cha Want [from the "We Bring the Noise"]04:05
192Soultrain [from the "The Stadium Techno Experience"]05:08
193Space Cowboy [from the "Sheffield"]05:54
194State of Mind [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]03:31
195Stealth [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]01:14
196Stripped [from the "Excess All Areas"]04:21
197Stripped [from the "Mind the Gap"]03:29
198Stripped (Live) [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]04:23
199Stuck on Replay [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]03:12
200Stuttgart [from the "Our Happy Hardcore"]04:53
201Suavemente [from the "Mind the Gap"]03:38
202Suavemente (Club Mix) [from the "Suavemente"]06:48
203Suavemente (Extended) [from the "Suavemente"]05:40
204Suavemente (Original Club) [from the "Suavemente"]03:30
205Suavemente (Radio Edit) [from the "Suavemente"]03:35
206Suavemente [Multimedia Track] [from the "Suavemente"] 
207Summer Wine [from the "Sheffield"]03:47
208Take a Break [from the "The Stadium Techno Experience"]04:15
209Take Me Baby [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]04:15
210Take Me Baby [from the "Who's Got the Last Laugh Now?"]04:15
211The Age of Love [from the "Encore: Live and Direct"]02:39
212The Age of Love [from the "Age of Love"]03:49
213The Age Of Love [from the "24 Carat Gold"]02:37
214The Avengers Back [from the "Mind the Gap"]02:59
215The Chaser [from the "Mind the Gap"]04:10
216The Chaser / Jigga Jigga! [from the "Excess All Areas"]06:39
217The Definition [from the "Jumping All Over the World"]01:25
218The First Time [from the "Wicked"]05:25
219The Greatest Difficulty [from the "Jumping All Over the World"]00:20
220The Hardcore Massive [from the "Jumping All Over the World"]04:25
221The Leading Horse [from the "Excess All Areas"]03:20
222The Leading Horse [from the "Who's Got the Last Laugh Now?"]03:25
223The Logical Song [from the "Encore: Live and Direct"]03:57
224The Logical Song [from the "24 Carat Gold"]03:55
225The Night [from the "The Stadium Techno Experience"]03:21
226The Question Is What Is The Question? [from the "Jumping All Over the World"]03:46
227The Shit that Killed Elvis [from the "The Ultimate Aural Orgasm"]03:55
228The Sound Above My Hair [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]04:38
229The United Vibe [from the "The Ultimate Aural Orgasm"]03:49
230This Is a Monstertune [from the "Our Happy Hardcore"]04:23
231Ti Sento [from the "Under the Radar Over the Top"]03:56
232Time and Space [from the "No Time to Chill"]04:48
233Tonight [from the "Age of Love"]04:59
234Trance Atlantic [from the "Mind the Gap"]07:53
235Trance-Atlantic (Club Mix) [from the "Suavemente"]04:05
236Transcendental [from the "We Bring the Noise"]06:01
237Trip to Nowhere (Bonus) [from the "Mind the Gap"]05:00
238U.F.O. Phenomena [from the "The Ultimate Aural Orgasm"]05:04
239Unity Without Words pt.3 [from the "Who's Got the Last Laugh Now?"]06:02
240Valee de Larmes (Re-Incarnation by Loop!Version) [from the "Rough & Tough & Dangerous: Singles 1994-1998"] 



Scooter is a German hard dance band founded in Hamburg, who have sold over 25 million records and earned 80 gold and platinum awards. []


  • Hard dance,
  • Eurodance,
  • Hard Trance,
  • Happy Hardcore,
  • Jumpstyle,
  • Hardstyle
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