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Here I Stand by Usher [2008] [album editions]

Here I Stand (Usher)

Track listing

2Love In This Club (ft. Young Jeezy)
3This Ain't Sex
4Trading Places
5Moving Mountains
6What's Your Name (Feat. Will.I.Am)
7Prayer For You (Interlude)
8Something Special
9Love You Gently
10Best Thing (Feat. Jay Z)
11Before I Met You
12His Mistakes
14What's A Man To Do
16Love In This Club Part II (Feat. Beyonce And Lil Wayne)
17Here I Stand
18Will Work For Love

Usher albums

18701[ 2005 ]
2Confessions[ 2004 ]
3Here I Stand[ 2008 ]
4I Need a Girl (Single)[ 2002 ]
5Looking 4 Myself[ 2012 ]
6My Way[ 1997 ]
7Raymond v. Raymond[ 2010 ]
8Versus[ 2010 ]
9Yeah[ 2004 ]
18701 (Usher)
2Confessions (Usher)
3Here I Stand (Usher)
4I Need a Girl (Single) (Various artists)
5Looking 4 Myself (Usher)
6My Way (Usher)
7Raymond v. Raymond (Usher)
8Versus (Usher)
9Yeah (Usher)

Usher songs

12nd Round [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:21
2Appetite [from the "Here I Stand"]03:58
3Bad Girl [from the "Confessions"]01:36
4Bedtime [from the "My Way"] 
5Before I Met You [from the "Here I Stand"]04:56
6Best Thing (Feat. Jay Z) [from the "Here I Stand"]03:54
7Burn [from the "Confessions"]01:59
8Can U Handle It? [from the "Confessions"]02:54
9Can U Help Me [from the "8701"] 
10Can't Stop Won't Stop [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:51
11Caught Up [from the "Confessions"]03:44
12Climax [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:52
13Come Back [from the "My Way"] 
14Confessions (Interlude) [from the "Confessions"]01:15
15Confessions Part II [from the "Confessions"]03:49
16Confessions Part II Remix Featuring Shyne, Kanye West & Twista [from the "Confessions"] 
17Dive [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:46
18DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love (ft. Pitbull) [from the "Versus"]03:42
19Do It To Me [from the "Confessions"]02:09
20Euphoria [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]04:20
21Follow Me [from the "Confessions"]01:16
22Foolin' Around [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]04:11
23Get in My Car (ft. Bun B) [from the "Versus"]04:09
24Good Ol' Ghetto Listen Listen Listen [from the "8701"] 
25Guilty (ft. T.I.) [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]03:44
26Here I Stand [from the "Here I Stand"]04:11
27Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]03:44
28His Mistakes [from the "Here I Stand"]04:59
29Hot Thing (ft. A$AP Rocky) [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:27
30Hot Tottie (ft. Jay-Z) [from the "Versus"]05:01
31Hottest Thing [from the "8701"] 
32How Do I Say [from the "8701"] 
33I Can't Let U Go [from the "8701"] 
34I Care for U [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]04:07
35I Don't Know (ft. P. Diddy) [from the "8701"] 
36I Will [from the "My Way"] 
37I.F.U. [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]04:02
38If I Want To [from the "8701"] 
39Intro [from the "Here I Stand"]01:28
40Intro [from the "Confessions"]00:24
41Intro-lude 8701 [from the "8701"] 
42Just Like Me [from the "My Way"] 
43Lay You Down [from the "Versus"]04:04
44Lemme See (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]04:12
45Lessons for the Lover [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]05:07
46Lifetime [from the "Here I Stand"]04:36
47Lil' Freak (ft. Nicki Minaj) [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]03:54
48Lingerie [from the "Versus"]04:15
49Looking 4 Myself (ft. Luke Steele) [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]04:11
50Love 'Em All [from the "Versus"]03:40
51Love In This Club (ft. Young Jeezy) [from the "Here I Stand"]04:19
52Love In This Club Part II (Feat. Beyonce And Lil Wayne) [from the "Here I Stand"]05:09
53Love You Gently [from the "Here I Stand"]03:39
54Making Love (Into The Night) [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]03:36
55Mars Vs. Venus [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]04:22
56Monstar [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]05:01
57Moving Mountains [from the "Here I Stand"]04:58
58My Boo – Duet With Alicia Keys [from the "Confessions"]03:45
59My Way [from the "My Way"]03:34
60Nice And Slow [from the "My Way"]03:47

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Usher Raymond IV is an American R&B/pop singer and actor who rose to fame in the mid-late 1990s.

To date, he has sold approximately over 35 million albums worldwide and has won five Grammy Awards. Usher is also a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers National Basketball Association franchise. []


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Crunk & B,
  • Dance
  • Love In This Club (ft. Young Jeezy) - one of the best Usher songs, top songs list [#1757]

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