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Stronger Than Pride by Sade [2000] [album editions]

Stronger Than Pride (Sade)

Track listing

1Love Is Stronger Than Pride
3Nothing Can Come Between Us
4Haunt Me
5Turn My Back On You
6Keep Looking
7Clean Heart
8Give It Up
9I Never Thought I'd See The Day
10Siempre Hay Esperanza

Sade albums

1Diamond Life[ 2000 ]
2Love Deluxe[ 2000 ]
3Lovers Live[ 2002 ]
4Lovers Rock[ 2000 ]
5Promise[ 2000 ]
6Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
7Soldier of Love[ 2010 ]
8Stronger Than Pride[ 2000 ]
9The Best of Sade[ 2005 ]
1Diamond Life (Sade)
2Love Deluxe (Sade)
3Lovers Live (Sade)
4Lovers Rock (Sade)
5Promise (Sade)
6Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
7Soldier of Love (Sade)
8Stronger Than Pride (Sade)
9The Best of Sade (Sade)

Sade songs

1All About Our Love [from the "Lovers Rock"]02:37
2Babyfather [from the "Soldier of Love"]04:40
3Be That Easy [from the "Soldier of Love"]03:40
4Bring Me Home [from the "Soldier of Love"]04:08
5Bullet Proof Soul [from the "Love Deluxe"]05:22
6By Your Side [from the "Lovers Live"]04:54
7By Your Side [from the "Lovers Rock"]04:32
8Cherish The Day [from the "Love Deluxe"]05:30
9Cherish The Day [from the "Lovers Live"]06:37
10Cherish The Day [from the "The Best of Sade"]05:26
11Cherry Pie [from the "Diamond Life"]06:20
12Clean Heart [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]04:03
13Every Word [from the "Lovers Rock"]04:00
14Fear [from the "Promise"]04:11
15Feel No Pain [from the "Love Deluxe"]05:05
16Feel No Pain [from the "Romantic Collection Vol. 2"]04:03
17Flow [from the "Lovers Rock"]04:30
18Flow [from the "Lovers Live"]05:01
19Frankies First Affair [from the "Diamond Life"]04:39
20Give It Up [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]03:52
21Hang On To Your Love [from the "Diamond Life"]05:54
22Hang On To Your Love [from the "The Best of Sade"]06:00
23Haunt Me [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]05:53
24I Couldn't Love You More [from the "Love Deluxe"]03:46
25I Never Thought I'd See The Day [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]04:15
26I Will Be Your Friend [from the "Diamond Life"]04:44
27Immigrant [from the "Lovers Rock"]03:46
28In Another Time [from the "Soldier of Love"]05:05
29Is It A Crime [from the "Lovers Live"]08:21
30Is It A Crime [from the "Promise"]06:22
31Is It A Crime [from the "The Best of Sade"]06:18
32It's Only Love That Gets You Through [from the "Lovers Rock"]03:53
33Jezebel [from the "Promise"]05:31
34Jezebel [from the "Lovers Live"]06:44
35Jezebel [from the "The Best of Sade"] 
36Keep Looking [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]05:23
37King Of Sorrow [from the "Lovers Rock"]04:49
38Kiss Of Life [from the "Love Deluxe"]05:47
39Kiss Of Life [from the "Lovers Live"]04:58
40Kiss Of Life [from the "The Best of Sade"] 
41Like A Tattoo [from the "Love Deluxe"]03:34
42Like A Tattoo [from the "The Best of Sade"] 
43Long Hard Road [from the "Soldier of Love"]03:02
44Love Is Stronger Than Pride [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]04:19
45Love Is Stronger Than Pride [from the "The Best of Sade"]04:19
46Lovers Rock [from the "Lovers Rock"]04:10
47Maureen [from the "Promise"]04:19
48Mermaid [from the "Love Deluxe"]04:17
49Morning Bird [from the "Soldier of Love"]03:55
50Mr.Wrong [from the "Promise"]02:52
51Never As Good As The First Time [from the "Promise"]05:01
52Never As Good As The First Time [from the "The Best of Sade"]05:01
53No Ordinary Love [from the "Love Deluxe"]07:16
54No Ordinary Love [from the "Lovers Live"]06:09
55No Ordinary Love [from the "The Best of Sade"]07:20
56Nothing Can Come Between Us [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]04:25
57Nothing Can Come Between Us [from the "The Best of Sade"]04:19
58Paradise [from the "Lovers Live"]04:31
59Paradise [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]04:04
60Paradise [from the "The Best of Sade"]04:00

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Sade are an English R&B band that formed in 1983. []


  • R&B,
  • Sophisti-pop,
  • Soul,
  • Jazz,
  • Soft rock,
  • Funk,
  • Quiet storm
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