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Diamond Life by Sade [2000] [album editions]

Diamond Life (Sade)

Track listing

1Smooth Operator
2Your Love Is King
3Hang On To Your Love
4Frankies First Affair
5When Am I Going To make A Living
6Cherry Pie
8I Will Be Your Friend
9Why Can't We Live Together

Sade albums

1Diamond Life[ 2000 ]
2Love Deluxe[ 2000 ]
3Lovers Live[ 2002 ]
4Lovers Rock[ 2000 ]
5Promise[ 2000 ]
6Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
7Soldier of Love[ 2010 ]
8Stronger Than Pride[ 2000 ]
9The Best of Sade[ 2005 ]
1Diamond Life (Sade)
2Love Deluxe (Sade)
3Lovers Live (Sade)
4Lovers Rock (Sade)
5Promise (Sade)
6Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
7Soldier of Love (Sade)
8Stronger Than Pride (Sade)
9The Best of Sade (Sade)

Sade songs

61Pearls [from the "Love Deluxe"]04:30
62Pearls [from the "The Best of Sade"]04:25
63Please Send Me Someone To Love [from the "The Best of Sade"] 
64Punch Drunk [from the "Promise"]05:26
65Sally [from the "Diamond Life"]05:23
66Siempre Hay Esperanza [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]05:15
67Skin [from the "Soldier of Love"]04:13
68Slave Song [from the "Lovers Rock"]04:10
69Slave Song [from the "Lovers Live"]04:35
70Smooth Operator [from the "Lovers Live"]04:16
71Smooth Operator [from the "Diamond Life"]04:56
72Smooth Operator [from the "The Best of Sade"]05:00
73Soldier Of Love [from the "Soldier of Love"]05:58
74Somebody Already Broke My Heart [from the "Lovers Rock"]05:00
75Somebody Already Broke My Heart [from the "Lovers Live"]05:13
76Sweetest Gift [from the "Lovers Live"]02:32
77Tar Baby [from the "Promise"]04:00
78The Moon And The Sky [from the "Soldier of Love"]04:27
79The Safest Place [from the "Soldier of Love"]02:46
80The Sweetest Gift [from the "Lovers Rock"]02:16
81The Sweetest Taboo [from the "Lovers Live"]06:01
82The Sweetest Taboo [from the "Promise"]04:38
83The Sweetest Taboo [from the "The Best of Sade"]04:36
84Turn My Back On You [from the "Stronger Than Pride"]06:08
85War Of The Hearts [from the "Promise"]06:48
86When Am I Going To make A Living [from the "Diamond Life"]03:27
87Why Can't We Live Together [from the "Diamond Life"]05:27
88Your Love Is King [from the "Diamond Life"]03:41
89Your Love Is King [from the "The Best of Sade"]04:00
90You're Not The Man [from the "Promise"]05:11

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Sade are an English R&B band that formed in 1983. []


  • R&B,
  • Sophisti-pop,
  • Soul,
  • Jazz,
  • Soft rock,
  • Funk,
  • Quiet storm
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