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In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia by Tiesto [2008] [album editions]

In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia (Tiesto)

Track listing

1Feel The Sun Rise - Banyan Tree
2Wasted - Andy Duguid featuring Leah
3Yohkoh (King Unique Original Mix) - King Unique
4Space Katzle (Jerome Sydenham Remix) - Motorcitysoul
5Feel The Rythmn (Ton TB Dub Mix) - Three DrivesThree Drives
6To Forever (Moonbeam Remix) - Rachael Starr
7The Storm (Inpetto Remix) - Jerry Ropero featuring Cozi
8Get Lifted - Kamui
9Ride (Tiesto Remix) - Cary Brothers
10Denial - Airbase featuring Floria Ambra
11Reason To Believe - Dokmai
126AM (Kyau & Albert Remix) - Cressida
13Power Of You - Allure featuring Christian BurnsAllure featuring Christian Burns
14Hua-Hin - Clouded Leopard
15Blossom (Lounge Mix) - Steve Forte Rio featuring JES
16Crossroads - Zoo Brazil
17Kenta - Beltek
18Rush - Sied van Riel
19Driving To Heaven (Mat Zo Remix) - Tiesto
20Just A Thought - Carl B.
21Melkweg - Kimito Lopez
22Whenever I May Find Her (Joni Remix) - JPL
23Casa Grande - Estiva vs. MarninxEstiva vs. Marninx
24Wounded Soul - Existone
25Something For Your Mind (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix) - Andre Visior & Kay Stone
26The Curtain - Hensha
27Tanz Der Seele (YOMC Remix) - DJ Eremit
28Beyond The Stars - Manilla Rising

Tiesto albums

1Elements of Life[ 2007 ]
2In My Memory[ 2001 ]
3In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia[ 2008 ]
4Just be[ 2004 ]
5Kaleidoscope[ 2009 ]
6Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)[ 2010 ]
7Parade of the Athletes[ 2004 ]
1Elements of Life (Tiesto)
2In My Memory (Tiesto)
3In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia (Tiesto)
4Just be (Tiesto)
5Kaleidoscope (Tiesto)
6Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008) (Tiesto)
7Parade of the Athletes (Tiesto)

Tiesto songs

1643 (Love's On Fire) (ft. Suzanne Palmer) [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]02:48
2643 (Love's on Fire) (Oliver Klein Vox Mix) [from the "In My Memory"]08:59
3643 (Love's on Fire) (Oliver Lieb Instrumental) [from the "In My Memory"]07:04
4643 (Love's on Fire) (Quivver Dub) [from the "In My Memory"]07:40
56AM (Kyau & Albert Remix) - Cressida [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]05:05
6A Tear In The Open [from the "Just be"]09:26
7Adagio For Strings [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]03:25
8Adagio For Strings [from the "Parade of the Athletes"]07:23
9Adagio For Strings [from the "Just be"]07:26
10Always Near [from the "Kaleidoscope"]01:33
11Ancient History [from the "Parade of the Athletes"]08:44
12Athena [from the "Parade of the Athletes"]08:04
13Battleship Grey [from the "In My Memory"]05:11
14Bend it Like You Dont Care [from the "Kaleidoscope"]03:22
15Beyond The Stars - Manilla Rising [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]01:32
16Blossom (Lounge Mix) - Steve Forte Rio featuring JES [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]02:00
17Break My Fall [from the "Elements of Life"]07:14
18Break My Fall (ft. BT) [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]03:24
19Breda 8pm (DJ Montana Edit) [from the "Parade of the Athletes"]08:48
20Bright Morningstar [from the "Elements of Life"]08:21
21Carpe Noctum [from the "Elements of Life"]07:02
22Carpe Noctum (Spencer & Hill Dub) [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]04:34
23Casa Grande - Estiva vs. MarninxEstiva vs. Marninx [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]05:12
24Century (ft. Calvin Harris) [from the "Kaleidoscope"]04:42
25Close To You [from the "In My Memory"]05:01
26Coming Home [from the "Parade of the Athletes"]09:42
27Crossroads - Zoo Brazil [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]04:47
28Dallas 4 PM [from the "In My Memory"]06:45
29Dance 4 Life [from the "Elements of Life"]05:21
30Dance4Life (ft. Maxi Jazz) [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]03:31
31Denial - Airbase featuring Floria Ambra [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]06:03
32Do You Feel Me [from the "Elements of Life"]06:02
33Driving To Heaven [from the "Elements of Life"]04:42
34Driving To Heaven (Mat Zo Remix) - Tiesto [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]05:49
35Elements Of Life [from the "Elements of Life"]08:07
36Elements Of Life (Airbase Remix) [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]06:20
37Elements Of Life (Radio Edit Live From Copenhagen) [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]03:34
38Escape Me (ft. Cc Sheffield) [from the "Kaleidoscope"]04:17
39Euphoria [from the "Parade of the Athletes"]07:38
40Everything [from the "Elements of Life"]07:00
41Everything (ft. JES) [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]06:01
42Feel it in My Bones (ft. Tegan and Sara) [from the "Kaleidoscope"]04:52
43Feel The Rythmn (Ton TB Dub Mix) - Three DrivesThree Drives [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]05:53
44Feel The Sun Rise - Banyan Tree [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]02:09
45Flight 643 [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]02:52
46Flight 643 [from the "In My Memory"]09:05
47Flight 643 (Laidback Luke 2010 Rework) [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]06:00
48Forever Today [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]11:58
49Forever Today [from the "Parade of the Athletes"]11:59
50Forever Today [from the "Just be"]12:06
51Fresh Fruit [from the "Kaleidoscope"]05:23
52Get Lifted - Kamui [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]05:21
53Goldrush [from the "Magikal Journey (The Hits Collection 1998-2008)"]03:30
54Here on Earth (ft. Cary Brothers) [from the "Kaleidoscope"]04:55
55Heroes [from the "Parade of the Athletes"]09:29
56He's a Pirate (Tiesto Remix) [from the "Elements of Life"]07:00
57Hua-Hin - Clouded Leopard [from the "In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia"]02:01
58I Am Strong (ft. Priscilla Ahn) [from the "Kaleidoscope"]05:39
59I Will Be Here (ft. Sneaky Sound System) [from the "Kaleidoscope"]03:26
60In My Memory [from the "In My Memory"]06:07



Tijs Michiel Verwest, known as Tiësto, is a Dutch musician, DJ and record producer of electronic dance music.

Although he has used many aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Tiësto []


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  • Trance,
  • Progressive trance,
  • House
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