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The Divinity of Purpose by Hatebreed [2013] [album editions]

The Divinity of Purpose (Hatebreed)

Track listing

1Put it to the Torch
2Honor Never Dies
3Own Your World
4The Language
5Before The Fight Ends You
7Dead Man Breathing
8The Divinity of Purpose
9Nothing Scars Me
10Bitter Truth
11Boundless (Time To Murder It)
12Idolized and Vilified

Hatebreed albums

1For the Lions[ 2009 ]
2Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
3Hatebreed[ 2009 ]
4Live Dominance (DVD)[ 2008 ]
5Perseverance[ 2002 ]
6Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire[ 1997 ]
7Supremacy[ 2006 ]
8The Divinity of Purpose[ 2013 ]
9The Rise of Brutality[ 2003 ]
10Under the Knife[ 1996 ]
1For the Lions (Hatebreed)
2Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Hatebreed (Hatebreed)
4Live Dominance (DVD) (Hatebreed)
5Perseverance (Hatebreed)
6Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire (Hatebreed)
7Supremacy (Hatebreed)
8The Divinity of Purpose (Hatebreed)
9The Rise of Brutality (Hatebreed)
10Under the Knife (Hatebreed)

Hatebreed songs

61Honor Never Dies [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]03:12
62Horrors of Self [from the "Supremacy"]02:29
63I Will Be Heard [from the "Perseverance"]02:58
64I Will Be Heard (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]03:59
65Idolized and Vilified [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]02:23
66I'm In Pain (Obituary Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]04:11
67Immortal Enemies [from the "Supremacy"]02:29
68In Ashes They Shall Reap [from the "Hatebreed"]03:20
69Indivisible [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]02:56
70It's The Limit (Cro-Mags Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]01:40
71Judgement Strikes (Unbreakable) [from the "Perseverance"]01:26
72Kill an Addict [from the "Under the Knife"]01:02
73Last Breath [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:33
74Last Breath (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]02:46
75Life Is Pain (Merauder Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]03:21
76Live for This [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]02:50
77Live For This (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]02:31
78Mark My Words [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:51
79Merciless Tide [from the "Hatebreed"]02:40
80Mind Over All [from the "Supremacy"]01:59
81Never Let It Die [from the "Supremacy"]03:39
82Never Let It Die (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]04:55
83No Halos For the Heartless [from the "Hatebreed"]02:57
84Not My Master [from the "Hatebreed"]03:14
85Not One Truth [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]02:02
86Not One Truth [from the "Under the Knife"]02:09
87Nothing Scars Me [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]03:08
88Outro [from the "Perseverance"]00:38
89Own Your World [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]03:39
90Perseverance [from the "Perseverance"]02:20
91Perseverance (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]02:35
92Pollution Of The Soul [from the "Hatebreed"]02:45
93Prepare for War [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]02:00
94Proven [from the "Perseverance"]02:36
95Proven (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]03:26
96Puritan [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]02:11
97Puritan [from the "Under the Knife"]03:07
98Put it to the Torch [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]02:12
99Refuse-Resist (Sepultura Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]03:08
100Remain Nameless [from the "Perseverance"]02:50
101Set It Off (Madball Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]02:36
102Severed [from the "Under the Knife"]02:40
103Sheer Terror: I, Spoiler [from the "For the Lions"]02:00
104Shut Me Out (Sick of it All Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]02:14
105Sick Of Talk (Negative Approach Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]00:38
106Smash Your Enemies [from the "Perseverance"]02:09
107Smash Your Enemies [from the "Under the Knife"]02:12
108Smash Your Enemies (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]02:19
109Spitting Venom [from the "Supremacy"]02:49
110Straight to Your Face [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]02:17
111Straight To Your Face (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]02:35
112Suicidal Maniac (Suicidal Tendencies Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]03:05
113Supertouch-Shitfit (Bad Brains Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]02:21
114Supremacy of Self [from the "Supremacy"]02:47
115Tear It Down [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]01:47
116The Divinity of Purpose [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]03:39
117The Language [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]03:14
118The Most Truth [from the "Supremacy"]02:44
119The Most Truth (Live In Dallas) [from the "For the Lions"]02:41
120Thirsty And Miserable (Black Flag Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]02:20

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Hatebreed is an American metalcore band from Connecticut founded in 1994.



  • Metalcore,
  • Hardcore punk
  • Honor Never Dies by Hatebreed

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