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The 2nd Law by Muse [2012] [album editions]

The 2nd Law (Muse)

Track listing

3Panic Station
6Follow Me
9Big Freeze
10Save Me
11Liquid State
12The 2nd Law - Unsustainable
13The 2nd Law - Isolated System

Muse albums

1Absolution[ 2003 ]
2Black Holes and Revelations[ 2006 ]
3Deadstar / In Your World Ep[ 2003 ]
4Drones[ 2015 ]
5HAARP[ 2008 ]
6Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
7Origin of Symmetry[ 2001 ]
8Random 1-8[ 2000 ]
9Showbiz[ 1999 ]
10The 2nd Law[ 2012 ]
11The Resistance[ 2009 ]
1Absolution (Muse)
2Black Holes and Revelations (Muse)
3Deadstar / In Your World Ep (Muse)
4Drones (Muse)
5HAARP (Muse)
6Hullabaloo (Soundtrack) (Muse)
7Origin of Symmetry (Muse)
8Random 1-8 (Muse)
9Showbiz (Muse)
10The 2nd Law (Muse)
11The Resistance (Muse)

Muse songs

1[Drill Sergeant] [from the "Drones"]00:21
2[JFK] [from the "Drones"]00:54
3Aftermath [from the "Drones"]05:48
4Agitated [from the "Random 1-8"]03:31
5Agitated [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]04:11
6Animals [from the "The 2nd Law"]04:22
7Apocalypse Please [from the "Absolution"]04:12
8Apocalypse Please [from the "HAARP"]04:44
9Ashamed [from the "Showbiz"]03:49
10Ashamed [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]03:47
11Assassin [from the "Black Holes and Revelations"]03:31
12Big Freeze [from the "The 2nd Law"]04:40
13Blackout [from the "Absolution"]04:22
14Blackout [from the "HAARP"]03:00
15Bliss [from the "Origin of Symmetry"]04:14
16Butterflies & Hurricanes [from the "Absolution"]05:01
17Butterflies & Hurricanes [from the "HAARP"]06:13
18Cant Take My Eyes Off You [from the "Deadstar / In Your World Ep"]03:31
19Cave [from the "Showbiz"]04:47
20Citizen Erased [from the "Origin of Symmetry"]07:21
21Citizen Erased [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]07:21
22City of Delusion [from the "Black Holes and Revelations"]04:48
23Coma [from the "Random 1-8"]03:35
24Dark Shines [from the "Origin of Symmetry"]04:49
25Dark Shines [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]04:36
26Dead Inside [from the "Drones"]04:22
27Dead Star [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]04:10
28Dead Star [from the "Deadstar / In Your World Ep"]03:35
29Dead Star (Live) [from the "Deadstar / In Your World Ep"]03:59
30Defector [from the "Drones"]04:33
31Do We Need This (Live) [from the "Random 1-8"]03:31
32Drones [from the "Drones"]02:49
33Endlessly [from the "Absolution"]03:49
34Escape [from the "Showbiz"]03:33
35Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) [from the "The Resistance"]04:18
36Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination) [from the "The Resistance"]03:56
37Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption) [from the "The Resistance"]04:37
38Exo-Politics [from the "Black Holes and Revelations"]03:53
39Explorers [from the "The 2nd Law"]05:46
40Falling Away With You [from the "Absolution"]04:40
41Falling Down [from the "Showbiz"]04:35
42Feeling Good [from the "Origin of Symmetry"]03:19
43Feeling Good [from the "HAARP"]03:40
44Fillip [from the "Showbiz"]04:02
45Fillip (Live) [from the "Random 1-8"]03:31
46Follow Me [from the "The 2nd Law"]03:51
47Forced In [from the "Random 1-8"]04:18
48Guiding Light [from the "The Resistance"]04:13
49Hate This & I'll Love You [from the "Showbiz"]05:11
50Hoodoo [from the "Black Holes and Revelations"]03:43
51Hoodoo [from the "HAARP"]03:31
52Host [from the "Random 1-8"]03:31
53Hyper Chondriac Music [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]05:29
54Hyper Music [from the "Origin of Symmetry"]03:23
55Hysteria [from the "Absolution"]03:47
56Hysteria [from the "HAARP"]04:12
57I Belong to You (+ Mon Coeur s'Ouvre a Ta Voix) [from the "The Resistance"]05:38
58Improv [from the "HAARP"]00:54
59In Your World [from the "Deadstar / In Your World Ep"]03:31
60In Your World (Live) [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]03:10

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Muse are a British alternative rock band from Devon, England, formed in 1994.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Progressive rock,
  • Hard rock
  • Big Freeze by Muse

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