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Janet Jackson by Janet Jackson [1982] [album editions]

Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson)

Track listing

1Say You Do
2You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)
3Young Love
4Love and My Best Friend
5Don't Mess Up This Good Thing
6Forever Yours
7The Magic Is Working
8Come Give Your Love to Me

Janet Jackson albums

120 Y.O.[ 2006 ]
2All For You[ 2001 ]
3Control[ 1986 ]
4Damita Jo[ 2004 ]
5Discipline[ 2008 ]
6Dream Street[ 1984 ]
7Janet[ 1993 ]
8Janet Jackson[ 1982 ]
9Just a Little While (Single)[ 2004 ]
10Rhythm Nation 1814[ 1989 ]
11The Velvet Rope[ 1997 ]
12Unbreakable[ 2015 ]
120 Y.O. (Janet Jackson)
2All For You (Janet Jackson)
3Control (Janet Jackson)
4Damita Jo (Janet Jackson)
5Discipline (Janet Jackson)
6Dream Street (Janet Jackson)
7Janet (Janet Jackson)
8Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson)
9Just a Little While (Single) (Janet Jackson)
10Rhythm Nation 1814 (Janet Jackson)
11The Velvet Rope (Janet Jackson)
12Unbreakable (Janet Jackson)

Janet Jackson songs

121My Baby (feat. Kanye West) [from the "Damita Jo"]04:17
122My Need [from the "The Velvet Rope"]03:44
123Nasty [from the "Control"]04:03
124Never Letchu Go [from the "Discipline"]04:07
125New Agenda [from the "Janet"]04:00
126Night [from the "Unbreakable"]04:14
127No Sleeep (ft. J. Cole) [from the "Unbreakable"]04:20
128No Sleeep (PKCZ Remix) [from the "Unbreakable"]03:23
129Outro [from the "All For You"]00:08
130Play Selection [from the "Discipline"]00:17
131Pretty Boy [from the "Dream Street"]06:34
132Promise (Interlude) [from the "Unbreakable"]00:57
133Promise Of You [from the "Unbreakable"]04:30
134Put Your Hands On [from the "Damita Jo"]03:56
135R&B Junkie [from the "Damita Jo"]03:11
136Racism [from the "Janet"]00:08
137Rain [from the "Janet"]00:18
138Rhythm Nation [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]05:30
139Rock with U [from the "Discipline"]03:51
140Roll Witchu [from the "20 Y.O."]04:30
141Rollercoaster [from the "Discipline"]03:50
142Rope Burn [from the "The Velvet Rope"]04:15
143Say You Do [from the "Janet Jackson"]06:50
144Sexhibition [from the "Damita Jo"]02:29
145Shoulda Known Better [from the "Unbreakable"]04:45
146Show Me [from the "20 Y.O."]03:38
147SloLove [from the "Damita Jo"]03:44
148So Excited (ft. Khia) [from the "20 Y.O."]03:14
149So Much Betta [from the "Discipline"]02:52
150Someday Is Tonight [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]05:59
151Someone to call my lover [from the "All For You"]04:32
152Son Of A Gun [from the "All For You"]05:56
153Special [from the "The Velvet Rope"]07:54
154Spending Time With You [from the "Damita Jo"]04:14
155Spinnin [from the "Discipline"]00:07
156State of the World [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]04:47
157Strawberry Bounce [from the "Damita Jo"]03:11
158Sweet Dreams [from the "Janet"]05:34
159Take Care [from the "20 Y.O."]05:43
160Take Me Away [from the "Unbreakable"]04:18
161Thats The Way Love Goes [from the "Janet"]04:24
162The 1(ft. Missy Elliott) [from the "Discipline"]03:40
163The Body That Loves You [from the "Janet"]05:33
164The Great Forever [from the "Unbreakable"]04:18
165The Islands [from the "Damita Jo"]00:39
166The Knowledge [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]03:53
167The Lounge [from the "Janet"]00:15
168The Magic Is Working [from the "Janet Jackson"]04:09
169The Meaning [from the "Discipline"]01:16
170The One [from the "Damita Jo"]01:01
171The Pleasure Principle [from the "Control"]04:57
172Theory (interlude) [from the "All For You"]00:26
173Thinkin' Bout My Ex [from the "Damita Jo"]04:35
174This Body [from the "20 Y.O."]04:10
175This Time [from the "Janet"]06:58
176Throb [from the "Janet"]04:34
177Together Again [from the "The Velvet Rope"]05:01
178Tonight's The Night [from the "The Velvet Rope"]05:07
179Truly [from the "Damita Jo"]03:58
180Trust A Try [from the "All For You"]05:16

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Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American Grammy-Award winning recording artist, dancer, producer, songwriter, actress, and entertainer.


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Funk
  • Say You Do by Janet Jackson

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