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Loverboy by Brett Dennen [2011] [album editions]

Loverboy (Brett Dennen)

Track listing

1Surprise, Surprise
2Dancing at a Funeral
3Comeback Kid (That's My Dog)
4Frozen in Slow Motion
5Sydney (I'll Come Running)
6Make You Fall In Love with me
7Only Rain
8Can't Stop Thinking
9Must Be Losing My Mind
10Song For Leaving
11Queen of the Westside
12Little Cosmic Girl
13Walk Away, Watch Me Burn

Brett Dennen albums

1Brett Dennen[ 2004 ]
2Hope for the Hopeless[ 2008 ]
3Loverboy[ 2011 ]
4So Much More[ 2006 ]
1Brett Dennen (Brett Dennen)
2Hope for the Hopeless (Brett Dennen)
3Loverboy (Brett Dennen)
4So Much More (Brett Dennen)

Brett Dennen songs

1Ain't Gonna Lose You [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]04:51
2Ain't No Reason [from the "So Much More"]03:41
3All We Have [from the "Brett Dennen"]06:53
4Because You Are A Woman [from the "So Much More"]04:14
5Blessed [from the "Brett Dennen"]03:22
6By & By [from the "Brett Dennen"]03:54
7Can't Slow Down [from the "So Much More"]05:43
8Can't Stop Thinking [from the "Loverboy"]04:07
9Closer to You [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]03:38
10Comeback Kid (That's My Dog) [from the "Loverboy"]03:25
11Dancing at a Funeral [from the "Loverboy"]03:38
12Darlin' Do Not Fear [from the "So Much More"]05:14
13Day By Day [from the "Brett Dennen"]01:17
14Desert Sunrise [from the "Brett Dennen"]05:11
15Don't Forget [from the "Brett Dennen"]03:57
16Fig Tree [from the "So Much More"]05:24
17Follow Your Heart [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]03:11
18Frozen in Slow Motion [from the "Loverboy"]03:55
19Heaven [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]04:03
20I Asked When [from the "So Much More"]06:21
21Just Like the Moon [from the "Brett Dennen"]04:58
22Little Cosmic Girl [from the "Loverboy"]03:49
23Make the Most [from the "Brett Dennen"]03:45
24Make You Crazy [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]03:39
25Make You Fall In Love with me [from the "Loverboy"]04:07
26Must Be Losing My Mind [from the "Loverboy"]04:28
27Nothing Lasts Forever [from the "Brett Dennen"]04:19
28Oh the Glorious [from the "Brett Dennen"]04:39
29Only Rain [from the "Loverboy"]05:14
30Queen of the Westside [from the "Loverboy"]06:19
31San Francisco [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]03:52
32She's Mine [from the "So Much More"]04:35
33So Far from Me [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]04:08
34So Long Sweet Misery [from the "So Much More"]06:00
35Someday [from the "So Much More"]03:52
36Song For Leaving [from the "Loverboy"]05:06
37Surprise, Surprise [from the "Loverboy"]04:06
38Sydney (I'll Come Running) [from the "Loverboy"]03:54
39The One Who Loves You The Most [from the "So Much More"]05:03
40There Is So Much More [from the "So Much More"]05:09
41Walk Away, Watch Me Burn [from the "Loverboy"]04:08
42When I Go [from the "Brett Dennen"]06:49
43When She's Gone [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]03:40
44When You Feel It [from the "So Much More"]04:51
45Who Do You Think You Are? [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]04:07
46World Keeps Turning [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]03:01
47Wrong About Me [from the "Hope for the Hopeless"]04:31

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Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen is a folk/pop singer and songwriter from Northern California.

Dennen was named by Rolling Stone magazine as an “Artist to Watch” and, in 2008, Entertainment Weekly called him one of its eight "Guys on the Rise".

He has attended festivals such as the Rothbury Music Festival in Michigan, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Lyons Folk Festival, and the Mile High Music Festival in Colorado. []


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  • Pop
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