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Daylight by T.G. Sheppard [1979] [album editions]

Daylight (T.G. Sheppard)

Track listing

1Let's Keep It That Way
2She Believes In Me
3Never Ending Crowded Circle
4I'd Like To See Jesus On The Midnight Special
6Happy Together
7That's All She Wrote
8When Can We Do This Again
9Lovin' You, Lovin' Me
10What Would I Do Without My Music

T.G. Sheppard albums

13/4 Lonely[ 1979 ]
2Biggest Hits of T.G. Sheppard[ 1988 ]
3Crossroads[ 1988 ]
4Daylight[ 1979 ]
5Finally![ 1982 ]
6I Love 'Em All[ 1981 ]
7It Still Rains In Memphis[ 1986 ]
8Livin' On The Edge[ 1985 ]
9Motels & Memories[ 1976 ]
10Nothin' on But the Radio[ 1997 ]
11One for the Money[ 1987 ]
12One Owner Heart[ 1984 ]
13Slow Burn[ 1983 ]
14Smooth Sailin'[ 1980 ]
15Solitary Man[ 1976 ]
16T.G.[ 1985 ]
17T.G. Sheppard[ 1975 ]
18Timeless[ 2004 ]
13/4 Lonely (T.G. Sheppard)
2Biggest Hits of T.G. Sheppard (T.G. Sheppard)
3Crossroads (T.G. Sheppard)
4Daylight (T.G. Sheppard)
5Finally! (T.G. Sheppard)
6I Love 'Em All (T.G. Sheppard)
7It Still Rains In Memphis (T.G. Sheppard)
8Livin' On The Edge (T.G. Sheppard)
9Motels & Memories (T.G. Sheppard)
10Nothin' on But the Radio (T.G. Sheppard)
11One for the Money (T.G. Sheppard)
12One Owner Heart (T.G. Sheppard)
13Slow Burn (T.G. Sheppard)
14Smooth Sailin' (T.G. Sheppard)
15Solitary Man (T.G. Sheppard)
16T.G. (T.G. Sheppard)
17T.G. Sheppard (T.G. Sheppard)
18Timeless (T.G. Sheppard)

T.G. Sheppard songs

61I Can't Help Myself [from the "T.G. Sheppard"]02:21
62I Could Get Used To This [from the "T.G."]02:55
63I Could Get Used To This [from the "One Owner Heart"]02:54
64I Could Never Dream The Way You Feel [from the "Smooth Sailin'"]02:58
65I Feel Like Loving You Again [from the "Smooth Sailin'"]03:06
66I Know All About Her [from the "Crossroads"]03:14
67I Left My Heart In San Francisco [from the "Timeless"]02:58
68I Lived It Up [from the "T.G. Sheppard"]02:56
69I Loved 'em Everyone [from the "I Love 'Em All"]03:35
70I Wanna Be Around [from the "Timeless"]02:24
71I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again [from the "3/4 Lonely"]03:10
72I Wish You Could Of Turned By Head ( And Left My Heart Alone) [from the "Finally!"]03:34
73I'd Like To See Jesus On The Midnight Special [from the "Daylight"]02:35
74If I Never Saw The Light Of Day Again [from the "Smooth Sailin'"]03:29
75I'll Always Remember That Song [from the "Solitary Man"]02:39
76I'll Be Coming Back For More [from the "3/4 Lonely"]02:53
77I'll Be Satisfied [from the "T.G. Sheppard"]02:21
78In Another Minute [from the "Finally!"]02:41
79In My Dreams [from the "One Owner Heart"]03:19
80In Over My Heart [from the "Biggest Hits of T.G. Sheppard"]03:17
81In Over My Heart [from the "Livin' On The Edge"]03:14
82It Could've Been Nashville [from the "Motels & Memories"]02:32
83It Still Rains In Memphis [from the "Nothin' on But the Radio"]03:29
84It Still Rains In Memphis [from the "It Still Rains In Memphis"]03:38
85It's A Bad Night For Good Girls [from the "Slow Burn"]02:42
86It's All Over Now [from the "Nothin' on But the Radio"]04:44
87It's Impossible [from the "Timeless"]03:19
88It's Only Love [from the "3/4 Lonely"]02:58
89Just As Long [from the "Crossroads"]03:13
90Just The Way You Look Tonight [from the "Timeless"]03:22
91Last Cheaters Waltz [from the "3/4 Lonely"]03:43
92Later On [from the "One Owner Heart"]04:26
93Let The Little Bird Fly [from the "Smooth Sailin'"]03:55
94Let's Do It Again [from the "One for the Money"]03:32
95Let's Keep It That Way [from the "Daylight"]03:07
96Like A Time Bomb [from the "Livin' On The Edge"]03:28
97Little Brown Paper Bag Blues [from the "Motels & Memories"]02:18
98Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) [from the "Nothin' on But the Radio"]04:16
99Looking Out For Number One [from the "One Owner Heart"]03:18
100Love Burning Down [from the "One Owner Heart"]04:15
101Love Is On The Fade [from the "It Still Rains In Memphis"]04:07
102Love It Out On Me [from the "Livin' On The Edge"]03:41
103Love Made A Liar Out Of Me [from the "T.G."]03:02
104Love, Ten Feet Away [from the "T.G."]03:43
105Lovin' You, Lovin' Me [from the "Daylight"]02:55
106Misty Blue [from the "Timeless"]02:56
107Motels and Memories [from the "Solitary Man"]03:07
108Motels and Memories [from the "Motels & Memories"]03:10
109Movin' & Shakin' On Business Street [from the "It Still Rains In Memphis"]03:30
110My Mind's Already Home [from the "Smooth Sailin'"]02:48
111My Ship's Coming In [from the "3/4 Lonely"]03:18
112Never Ending Crowded Circle [from the "Daylight"]02:51
113Nothin' On But The Radio [from the "Nothin' on But the Radio"]03:29
114Nothing To It [from the "Crossroads"]03:16
115Oh Pretty Woman [from the "Solitary Man"]02:35
116One for the Money [from the "Biggest Hits of T.G. Sheppard"]04:16
117One for the Money [from the "One for the Money"]04:17
118One of Those Days [from the "One for the Money"]03:24
119One Owner Heart [from the "One Owner Heart"]02:49
120Only One You [from the "Finally!"]03:24

T.G. Sheppard

T.G. Sheppard

William Neal Browderis an American country music singer-songwriter, known professionally as T. G. Sheppard. []


  • Country
  • I'd Like To See Jesus On The Midnight Special by T.G. Sheppard

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