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Too Young by Donny Osmond [1972] [album editions]

Too Young (Donny Osmond)

Track listing

2Too Young
3Pretty Blue Eyes
4To Run Away
5A Teenager In Love
6Lonely Boy
8Run To Him
9Take Good Care of My Baby
10Last Of The Red Hot Lovers

Donny Osmond albums

1A Time For Us[ 0 ]
2Alone Together[ 0 ]
3Christmas At Home[ 0 ]
4Disco Train[ 0 ]
5Donald Clark Osmond[ 0 ]
6Donny[ 0 ]
7Donny Osmond[ 0 ]
8Eyes Don't Lie[ 1990 ]
9Four[ 0 ]
10Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat[ 0 ]
11Love Songs of the 70s[ 2007 ]
12My Best To You[ 0 ]
13Portrait Of Donny[ 0 ]
14The Donny Osmond Album[ 0 ]
15This Is The Moment[ 0 ]
16To You With Love[ 0 ]
17Too Young[ 1972 ]
1A Time For Us (Donny Osmond)
2Alone Together (Donny Osmond)
3Christmas At Home (Donny Osmond)
4Disco Train (Donny Osmond)
5Donald Clark Osmond (Donny Osmond)
6Donny (Donny Osmond)
7Donny Osmond (Donny Osmond)
8Eyes Don't Lie (Donny Osmond)
9Four (Donny Osmond)
10Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Donny Osmond)
11Love Songs of the 70s (Donny Osmond)
12My Best To You (Donny Osmond)
13Portrait Of Donny (Donny Osmond)
14The Donny Osmond Album (Donny Osmond)
15This Is The Moment (Donny Osmond)
16To You With Love (Donny Osmond)
17Too Young (Donny Osmond)

Donny Osmond songs

1A Boy Is Waiting [from the "A Time For Us"]02:34
2A Little Bit Me, A Little it You [from the "To You With Love"]02:53
3A Million To One [from the "A Time For Us"]03:01
4A Teenager In Love [from the "Too Young"]02:21
5A Time For Us [from the "A Time For Us"]03:46
6After December Slips Away [from the "Christmas At Home"]04:23
7All I Have To Do Is Dream [from the "Portrait Of Donny"]03:04
8Alone Again Naturally - Gilbert O'Sullivan [from the "Love Songs of the 70s"]03:38
9And Still Run Out Of Time [from the "Four"]04:17
10Angels We Have Heard On High [from the "Christmas At Home"]05:03
11Any Dream Will Do [from the "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"]03:32
12Are You Lonesome Tonight [from the "A Time For Us"]03:08
13At The Edge Of The World [from the "This Is The Moment"]03:49
14Baby, What You Goin' To Be [from the "Christmas At Home"]02:54
15Before It's Too Late [from the "Eyes Don't Lie"]05:17
16Benjamin Calypso [from the "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"]02:56
17Big Man [from the "Portrait Of Donny"]02:32
18Burning Bridges [from the "The Donny Osmond Album"]02:24
19Bye Bye Love [from the "To You With Love"]02:17
20Can't Put My Finger On It [from the "Disco Train"]03:16
21Close Every Door [from the "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"]03:47
22C'mon Marianne [from the "Disco Train"]02:11
23Come To The Manger [from the "Christmas At Home"]03:21
24Deck The Halls / Hark The Herald Angels Sing [from the "Christmas At Home"]03:12
25Disco Dancin [from the "Disco Train"]02:45
26Disco Train [from the "Disco Train"]03:36
27Do You Want Me [from the "To You With Love"]02:35
28Do You Want Me [from the "Alone Together"]02:35
29Donna [from the "Too Young"]02:38
30Don't Need No Money [from the "Disco Train"]02:54
31Don't Say No [from the "The Donny Osmond Album"]02:56
32Eyes Don't Lie [from the "Eyes Don't Lie"]04:23
33Faces In The Mirror [from the "Donny Osmond"]05:20
34Finale: Any Dream Will Do / Give Me My Colored Coat [from the "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"]03:32
35Flirtin' [from the "The Donny Osmond Album"]02:48
36Fly Into The Wind [from the "Donald Clark Osmond"]03:03
37Give My Regards to Broadway [from the "This Is The Moment"]05:08
38Go Away Little Girl [from the "To You With Love"]02:32
39Go Away Little Girl [from the "My Best To You"]02:32
40Go, Go, Go Joseph [from the "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"]04:51
41God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [from the "Christmas At Home"]00:43
42Going going Gone (To Somebody Else) [from the "Portrait Of Donny"]02:02
43Groove [from the "Donny Osmond"]04:56
44Guess Who [from the "A Time For Us"]03:01
45Hawaiian Wedding Song [from the "A Time For Us"]02:28
46Hey Girl [from the "Portrait Of Donny"]03:12
47Hey Girl [from the "My Best To You"]03:12
48Hey Little Girl [from the "The Donny Osmond Album"]02:26
49Hey Little Johnny [from the "To You With Love"]02:27
50Hey There Lonely Girl [from the "Portrait Of Donny"]03:05
51Hold On [from the "Donny Osmond"]04:01
52How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees [from the "Love Songs of the 70s"]04:02
53How Long - Ace [from the "Love Songs of the 70s"]03:25
54I Believe [from the "A Time For Us"]02:16
55I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash [from the "Love Songs of the 70s"]03:09
56I Can't Stand It [from the "Donald Clark Osmond"]03:01
57I Discovered You , You Discovered Me [from the "Donald Clark Osmond"]04:26
58I Follow The Music [from the "Disco Train"]03:20
59I Got Your Lovin' [from the "Disco Train"]02:44
60I Have A Dream [from the "Donny"]03:14

Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond

Donald Clark 'Donny' Osmond (born December 9, 1957) is an American singer, musician and actor. []


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