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Beerserk by Barcode [1999] [album editions]

Beerserk (Barcode)

Track listing

2Crossing My Line
3F**k Off or Fight
4The Barcode
5No Cause
6Don Ron
8Rocker Trucker
10Hangover from Hell
11Breaking the Law

Barcode albums

1Ahead Of The Game[ 2006 ]
2Beerserk[ 1999 ]
3Hard Jet Super Flash[ 1997 ]
4Hardcore[ 2003 ]
5Showdown[ 2005 ]
1Ahead Of The Game (Barcode)
2Beerserk (Barcode)
3Hard Jet Super Flash (Barcode)
4Hardcore (Barcode)
5Showdown (Barcode)

Barcode songs

1A Wider Shade Of Pain [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]03:01
2Agressive Grim Filthy [from the "Showdown"]02:06
3Ahead Of The Game [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]01:30
4All Out War [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]01:34
5Amp [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]01:30
6Animoshity [from the "Beerserk"]02:23
7Bad Standing [from the "Showdown"]01:55
8Beat Around The Bush [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]01:38
9Breaking the Law [from the "Beerserk"]02:22
10Built To Destroy [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]04:08
11Course of Action [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]01:39
12Cowsong [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]01:38
13Crossing My Line [from the "Beerserk"]02:29
14Daymare [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]02:00
15Don Ron [from the "Beerserk"]03:18
16Drinkslinger [from the "Showdown"]02:06
17Emo Nation [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]03:08
18End of the Line [from the "Hardcore"]03:04
19End the War [from the "Showdown"]02:21
20F**k Off or Fight [from the "Beerserk"]02:22
21F**k What You Say [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]02:40
22Fanatics [from the "Showdown"]01:40
23For What It's Worth [from the "Showdown"]01:57
24Game of the Lame [from the "Showdown"]02:13
25Gimme Your Money [from the "Hardcore"]01:49
26Glassjaw [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]01:57
27Hangover from Hell [from the "Beerserk"]03:52
28Heartattack [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]04:01
29Hell Ahead for Rock'n'roll [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]02:46
30Henry [from the "Beerserk"]02:54
31Her Last Night [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]06:06
32I'm a Rebel [from the "Showdown"]03:26
33In the Pit [from the "Showdown"]01:49
34Intolerance [from the "Beerserk"]01:49
35Kreuzberg Hustlers [from the "Hardcore"]02:24
36Last Call [from the "Hardcore"]01:15
37Lockdown [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]02:08
38Make My Day [from the "Showdown"]02:55
39Minor Offence [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]02:38
40Monkey Business [from the "Hardcore"]01:55
41No Cause [from the "Beerserk"]01:57
42No Ground [from the "Hardcore"]02:31
43No Lust for Life [from the "Showdown"]02:23
44Padre Siffredi [from the "Showdown"]01:58
45Pussy Galore [from the "Ahead Of The Game"]01:28
46Reaper of White [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]03:01
47Representin [from the "Hardcore"]02:02
48Ride [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]03:54
49Ride Like Hell [from the "Hardcore"]01:38
50Rise to Dignity [from the "Showdown"]02:24
51Rocker Trucker [from the "Beerserk"]01:59
52Selfrespect [from the "Hardcore"]01:39
53Shots Out [from the "Showdown"]00:27
54Showdown [from the "Showdown"]02:03
55Slowdive [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]02:17
56Snowsoaker [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]03:51
57Split [from the "Hardcore"]01:48
58Stressed [from the "Showdown"]02:36
59Sufferfan [from the "Hard Jet Super Flash"]02:39
60Supreme [from the "Hardcore"]01:37
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